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Yup. [Winston Churchill] was an alcoholic psycho that sold away his country's empire and global prestige to make it a whore of Jewish-American power, just to defeat the Germans. He also wanted to drop anthrax spores on Germany in Operation Vegetarian if the D-Day landings weren't successful, rendering huge areas of continental Europe inhospitable to human life for decades. This was even though the Germans refrained from using their much more highly advanced chemical weapons - even on the Eastern Front where the Germans were their most desperate (The Western Front was like the kiddie pool, and yes I know what you're thinking although we aren't allowed to discuss it. Indeed the highly sophisticated chemical weapons Germany had made the slow-killing anti-lice fumigant zyklon-B a complete joke in comparison).

To his credit, he wanted to keep Britain white after the war as they opened the borders to Indians and Blacks and was against mass immigration. Well, Winston, that was off the table after you made the catastrophic decision you did to fight Germany. But I guess he was too stupid to realize what he did? That's what happens when you sold your people to the whore of Babylon to defeat the good guys. Rest in piss you drunk, pathetic manlet.



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