ADH-productions #sexist

***Attention, attention... all you pathetic, modern-day feminists... (AKA, poor excuses of mammals)***

If you still believe marriage has any value WHATSOEVER, I assume you realize that your' body BELONGS to your husband, just as HIS' to YOU!
If you're just too arrogant to accept that:
1. Don't get married,
2. Don't expect respect or support for your choices,
3. And don't get mad at your husband.

-I'm not married, but if i had a wife approach me with this selfish, immature "I can do whatever I want with my body" business, for an issue as extreme as the abortion of our child, I'd just leave her then and there. -Assuming the stress wouldn't have given me a heart attack! (Which is possible for me)

This message has been approved by a level-minded man, who is in favor of equality, but is severely allergic to bull$#!%



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