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Will covid bring us together or drive us apart?

It can bring us together because it has exposed our common enemy -- the satanist Masonic-Jewish world banking cartel.

The covid psy-op has destroyed the matrix in which we have lived for our whole lives.

The banking cartel has bribed everyone promoting this scam to betray the public trust.

All social institutions have been discredited. Especially government, medicine, the mass media, entertainment, the justice system and law enforcement, the church and the military.

The enemy is not racial or sexual minorities or Liberal dupes. The central bankers organize and fund them to undermine society. The enemy is the central banking cartel and its agents - Freemasonry and Organized Jewry, including Communism and Zionism.

The central bankers belong to a satanic cult -- Cabalism -- that has been sabotaging humanity for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Their goal is to destroy civilization so they can rebuild a world that serves their greed and depravity.
The bankers have banished God from public discourse because God is the competition. They taught us God is Dead. They promoted existentialism.
They are liars and deceivers. We believed them.

God is Love. God is Perfection. God is a dimension in which spiritual ideals like beauty, truth and justice are self evident.

Satanists are waging war with God by turning these ideals upside down. Ugly is beautiful; lies are truth; sick is healthy etc.

But God is a lot bigger than the Rothschilds and their cabal of miscreants. God will triumph.

How can we resist?

1. Don't let them divide us.
2. Mortify ourselves to the temptations of this world and serve God with all our Being.
3. Celebrate Christmas this year with a gusto unseen in decades!

Play Christmas carols until the Satanists are running for the exits, holding their ears!



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