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Clif High is back to say that his old ALTA reports had many temporal markers for the time we’re in right now, namely the crash of Western civilization.
All of the central banks on the whole planet are owned by the Rothschilds. So, it’s a crime family, alright?

So these are Khazarians, part of the Khazarian Mafia, very big in the Khazarian Mafia and they own and control the central banking system, throughout the whole Western – throughout the whole planet.

“And that system is crashing now. They don’t have a cover story, like a world war, with nukes flying around – that’s what they’re trying to gin-up as rapidly as they can in the Ukraine.
“So, you can’t just blow the sh*t out of them, right? And also, they have to get rid of all of these Nazis.

“Now, these Nazis are not like German guys. Even, in World War II, the worst of the worst were Ukrainian Nazis. This is because the whole Nazi idea comes from the Khazarian Mafia and it goes way back, into the 1800s. back to the period of time that the Illuminati, in the form of the Freemasons had Albert Pike doing this design for the three world wars and then the pandemic and then the global government and the elimination of white people.
He says this time, the Khazarian Mafia won’t get their way and as the Federal Reserve collapses, the US will go through something similar to what happened in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. He says the same Khazarian Mafia that imposed Communism on the Russians and who then collapsed the Soviet Union are the same Khazarian Mafia who are our enemies, as well.

He says we won’t have the pie-in-the-sky NESARA-GESARA nor the Quantum Finance System being promoted by Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes. He says we will have an irregular economy for some years but the good news is that on the other side of this, we will be free of the inflation from the Babylonian Money Magic.



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