Prussian Society of America #racist #dunning-kruger

[From "Why Immigrant Cultural Contributions are often worthless"]

Some Barbarian Races may cook great food, or have certain traits about them which may seem admirable from time to time, but they can be potentially destructive to the landscape of your country[…]
Very few races are capable of improving and innovating upon another culture[…]
We have a lot of problematic immigrants in America who are not just among Blacks and Hispanics, but there are many problematic people like Albanians, Syrians, even some Romanians and others as well[…]
Many of these Races lower the standards and quality of European Civilization, if even they may also have European or Aryan ancestry or origins of some sort, because they have higher tolerance for corruption[…]
Arabs and Persians for example, many are disgusting two-faced liars, they lack honor and very few Islamic Clerics today will speak the truth of how degenerate their people have become[…]
Many Races love to be people pleasers, ESPECIALLY if they gained an immigration foothold on suspicious terms[…]
The differences and nuances among various races are too great to be ignored

Civilizations which bring in all kinds of immigrants from all parts of the world, even if they do not miscegenation, it still causes dissonance[…]
Societies which bring in immigrants from many parts of the world become less trustworthy and more anti-social[…]
America did bring in better elements from Europe, from countries like even Greece, Italy or Poland[…]these effects were very short-lived[…]
Some Empires throughout history have attempted atomized multi-ethnic enclaves, such as the Ottoman Empire did[…]
Albanians have some of the lowest levels of empathy, shoddy and shallow[…]
The best policy for Caucasians to mitigate claims and cries of Racism from Non-Whites is to unashamedly and brazenly show one’s Racist Attitudes



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