Sexist of the Year 2023 primary election blog

Continuing the primary election after religious fundie, right-wing wingnut, left-wing moonbat, conspiracy theorist, and racist of the year, here’s the primary ballot for Sexist of the Year:


various commenters (1) -$JK243 - “[Being kind to women] means being unkind to men, rapists and in the very rare minority and some unfortunate souls with CAIS“

Sameera Khan and unnamed Taliban women -$VVVM_F7 - [Taliban members] say westerners need Andrew Tate because we are oppressed by feminists

Jonathan Shelley - - Not asking his wife if she wants kids or not...

OmegaKV -$B - "If I were ever to find myself in the position of an 80 year old man being wed to a 15 year old girl, I would absolutely go through with the wedding, despite the girl's unwillingness."

ChattyGremlin - - "In my silly utopia-dream, all men are castrated at birth!"

Abby Libby - - The female misogynist earns the "leopards eating faces award" for getting mad when the wingnut men turn against women in general.

Dr. Abby Johnson - - "Don’t want to be a mother? Great. Don’t have sex."

Tetsujinmustdie - - "[STEM] jobs typically operate with logic and women don't really like logic."

AsiaCel -$BSFXQLYPG7H - "To add to the [Nazbol] mix, we should also throw in Marxism-rodgerism (sexual communism) of one man-one woman as the best as we can do."

lesbian-king-kai - - Wants to murder all the homeless males.

Heartless -$V3D8YVLLDW8 - Mocking the appearance of a rape-and-murder victim.

Nick Fuentes -$NVWZ72K_98 - "A lot of women want to be raped." ... Not funny, or even angering. Just sad and dumb ...

Andrew Anglin (1) -$BXWF5C_89BW3 - "Women – at least when they are conscious and capable of mobility and speech – create far too many problems for society to sustain their presence long-term."

Prussian Society of America (1) - - "DO NOT RESPECT WOMEN"

Prussian Society of America (2) - - "The Best way to treat Women is to not allow things to escalate with them, but to immediately attack by shock and surprise..."

Andrew Anglin (2) - - "The Taliban is a good model for healthy masculinity that Western men should emulate"

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Sexist of the Year primary election

various commenters (1)
6 votes
Sameera Khan and unnamed Taliban women
5 votes
Jonathan Shelley
6 votes
5 votes
5 votes
Abby Libby
7 votes
Dr. Abby Johnson
4 votes
5 votes
4 votes
5 votes
4 votes
Nick Fuentes
5 votes
Andrew Anglin (1)
5 votes
Prussian Society of America (1)
6 votes
Prussian Society of America (2)
5 votes
Andrew Anglin (2)
9 votes



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