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[Blackpill] Daily femoid hate thread #113

Femoids used to be denied full citizenship of countries where they were located. Unlike some other things, this was not intended to oppress holes for the sake of oppressing them, but had facts behind it that we are now just beginning to re-discover.

The truth is, fuckholes don't have a concept of homeland, tribe, nation or family. These are man-made ideas that are absolutely foreign to creatures as primitive as femoids.

This is why holes so gladly trade their children, connections with a potential or the current husband, nation's borders and integrity and even their own homes for (((modern society's))) brownie points. It's all these "Karens" that have pushed divorce and abortion rates to the Moon, it's Karens that cheer for totalitarian Kung Flu virus police surveillance, it's femoids that cheer for open borders and mud slime rapefugee takeover of the West. Things as strong as the traditions of thousand years old cultures have saved Japan and Korea from some of these things for the time being, but the countries have grown to be cucked, corrupt and degenerate anyway as a result of hole rights.

You don't build a successful nation with femoid rights, you can only sustain these "'rights"' for some time by leeching off a nation that used to be successful.



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