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Then as far as the real MIBs from 4 corners Secret Space War facilities. They were thinner but dressed similar, always wore black suits, usually drove USG type black cars and were equally intimidating. Except they could erase memories, leave those they visited afraid and confused, could walk through walls occasionally and could easily murder anyone they chose with strange, impossible suicides. Back in those days working in any 4 corners program (especially in a DUMB) and leaking (violating one’s signed 50 year security agreement) usually ended in a staged, strange suicide or death.

For some reason both the top controllers of the Secret Space War Program and the top Aliens ETs they have formed a treaty with for joint research and technology development considered “termination with extreme prejudice” necessary to protect their greatest secret of the Alien Presence. Part of the time these were ordered in signed findings (signed by one of the program directors) or taken as a direct action at the Alien ET Partners discretion.
It has been made clear to me by trusted sources that Alien ET/human hybrids are now being slowly integrated into our communities. All the unregulated mass immigrations have made this quite easy. An informed person can identify many of these by holding a conversation with them. They ted to get too close and their speech timing is off. Some cities have many missing people: homeless, single adults. Where have they gone nd what for?

I have been told (but have no way to verify this) that what we have now is a war between the Globalists (run by the Draco Aliens which are notably evil and also run the Globalist/NWO folks, worship Baal and live off Darkside power provided by human sacrifice and human blood rituals), versus the Tall Whites which claim to be good and who apparently have taken charge of the US Patriots. Supposedly the Russian Federation has been working with the Tall Whites and the Chinese have been working with the Dracos.



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