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RE: When lesbians are paired romantically with TiMs

( Opals )
It's just trying to normalise the rape of lesbians, same heteronormative bullshit as ever. 'Maybe one day you will meet the right man'. It makes me sick.

( tymps )
One of the most iconic lesbian characters on TV, Shane from The L Word, was paired with a TIM in the recent revival series. It was stomach-churning, and I quit watching the show as soon as I saw what they were setting up. His character was supposedly an actual woman and was never acknowledged as trans on the show (as far as I know anyway), but it was frankly impossible to buy that. It genuinely made me so fucking angry. It's "just" a TV show, sure, but it's still sickening, and it was just maddening to know that something like this was happening and they faced no real backlash for their disgusting lesbophobia.

( kirisheart )
It's always the lesbians. Have they been pairing straight men with trans women? I just really hope one day I'll see posts all over the internet talking about that time everyone became lesbophobic in the names of trans.

( Bubsy3D )
Why should you be open to rape with a deranged man who wears your skin? Gross. It doesn't even matter what media claims lesbians do, you know what you will not accept. Give yourself more credibility than whatever men and their handmaidens say and broadcast.

( befana )
The answer is simple: if you are attracted to a penis you are not lesbian. If a woman living a lesbian life suddenly pairs with a TIM she is clearly not lesbian but bisexual. And if she insists her TIM-partner is a lesbian and puts pressure on others in her lesbian community to accept this she is guilty of erasure of lesbians, lesbian culture, lesbian spaces etc. A woman claiming to be lesbian and partnering with a TIM clearly is my worst nightmare as a lesbian.

( mathlover )
The penis is definitely the worst part. But lesbians don't want anyone who was born with a penis, even if he has it made into a fauxgina. The whole rest of the body is male, no matter what drugs/surgeries do to it. A woman who is fine with a man with gynecomastia and a surgical front-hole is not a lesbian. Cos he is still, always, a man.



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