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You have to realize most people are idiots.

Millions of people will vote for Biden even knowing he has basically destroyed the country in 3 yrs, along with his Democrat lackeys.

That's millions of idiots.

So, evolution is also where most of the atheists hide, because they think it means God doesn't exist.

The problem though is that macroevolution and abiogenesis are shot down pretty easily. They're both complete bullshit and imagination.

So, if macroevolution and abiogenesis don't exist what does that leave? God.

You have to be real stupid to think all this just came about by chance.

Ask a evolutionist how invertebrates became vertebrates - ask them for proof.

Ask a evolutionist to show you the transitional fossils between the last whale ancestor and a whale- they will show you a picture of a four legged creature and a picture of a whale- with nothing in-between

Ask a evolutionist to show you proof that abiogenesis is possible- and they won't be able to.

Ask a evolutionist why, after gazillions of generations of fruit flies they've tried to make evolve, none evolved.

Wake up.



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