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Lol really?

In the leftist corner you have senile Joe, a incredibly corrupt, traitorous, demented, soulless creature who is certainly going to hell.

In the right corner you have Trump, a man who seriously wants to push American values, including Christian values and like many people has his own faults to deal with.

I don't care if Trump cheated on his wife, or sold crack on a corner somewhere back in the 90s.

The question is; who is better for America?

Under Trump we had low prices on everything, secure borders, no dumb wars, etc, etc.

Under Biden it's been the exact opposite and magnified terribly for all of us, you included, and you have the audacity to question why any one would vote for Trump vs Biden?!

Are you retarded?

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They (atheists) certainly can't understand the Bible, which is strange and more evidence the Bible is the truth.

Many claim a college education and yet cannot comprehend even simple things and concepts in the Bible.

It mixelplixes their brains or something.

That's why you see them say the Bible has thousands of contradictions - except they're not contradictions, they're evidence of the atheists inability to comprehend scripture.

Their whole life is predicated on multiple lies to shield them from the truth.

Abiogenesis, macroevolution, there is no God, etc are the lies they willfully swallow.

The Bible says they are under strong delusion, a consequence of living a lie.

It's incredible.

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I love the evolutionist stories lol, they're so funny because they're so dumb.

The shrinking pond theory, the hooved dog crocodile turning into a whale because it wanted to swim lol, the apes coming down from the trees because they wanted to walk upright, and the flightless birds that grew wings over millions of years rofl.

Great comedy.

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You apparently assume that the Palestinians are somehow innocent in all of this.

They are far from innocent, they teach their children to hate and kill Jews, the women also fully support Hamas.

In earlier times any nation would've just wiped them all out.

That's why they should've thought about all this before attacking Israel, but they're stupid Muslims and as usual, are getting their asses kicked for being stupid.

Israel needs to just carpet bomb the whole area and be done with it.

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You mean Islam.

Hitler admired the fanaticism that Islam provides. These idiots will go kill themselves because they think God told them to.

In theory it is great for warfare, but the muzrats are known for their cowardice and treachery.

They've been getting their ass kicked back and forth for centuries. Greeks, Alexander, Rome, America, whoever.

They make a good fight of it at first but as soon as there's a chance they might lose they break camp and haul ass.

But, with WW2 German soldiers, such fanaticism would've aided the German army very well.

They still wouldn't have won though.

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Math is the language of God and doesn't prove evolution at all.

Math says if evolution is true the whole earth would've been overrun with humans long ago.

Math says that the population we have now, 8 billion, can be rewound to come to 8 people who got off a boat.

Math also says there was a y chromosome bottleneck a few thousand yrs ago or so and that we are all from three individuals, namely the sons of Noah.

Math says our sun is special and very rare, just as our moon and planet are equally rare and unique.

Math says way too much as evidence of a Creator Designer.

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Atheists attack Christianity, and not other religions, because they already know God exists and who He is.

Their irrational anger and hatred is evidence that they know God exists.

Why would anyone be angry at a Being who doesn't exist?

They demand proof when it is literally right in front of them.

The other evidence is that they accept abiogenesis and macroevolution without ever questioning it. Even though there is no evidence for abiogenesis or macroevolution.

Why do they never question abiogenesis and macroevolution?

Because they are the pillars upon which their delusion depends on.

They are already living a lie to begin with, so a few more can't hurt; especially if they support their position, even without evidence.

What a terrible existence for them, is there any wonder they are so angry?

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Because atheists' are by definition learning disabled and dullards.

They can't even think that big to begin with. They think the movies Prometheus and Frankenstein are based on true stories.

Now that science is starting to refute Neverbiogenesis and Neverlution they'll be saying it was aliens that are our creators lol.

Anything but God you know.

They always toot their horn that they're so smart while believing that jello came alive one day from a lightning bolt hitting a mud puddle and then the jello compiled its own DNA from nothing and then populated the world with plants and animals lol.


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You have to realize most people are idiots.

Millions of people will vote for Biden even knowing he has basically destroyed the country in 3 yrs, along with his Democrat lackeys.

That's millions of idiots.

So, evolution is also where most of the atheists hide, because they think it means God doesn't exist.

The problem though is that macroevolution and abiogenesis are shot down pretty easily. They're both complete bullshit and imagination.

So, if macroevolution and abiogenesis don't exist what does that leave? God.

You have to be real stupid to think all this just came about by chance.

Ask a evolutionist how invertebrates became vertebrates - ask them for proof.

Ask a evolutionist to show you the transitional fossils between the last whale ancestor and a whale- they will show you a picture of a four legged creature and a picture of a whale- with nothing in-between

Ask a evolutionist to show you proof that abiogenesis is possible- and they won't be able to.

Ask a evolutionist why, after gazillions of generations of fruit flies they've tried to make evolve, none evolved.

Wake up.