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I couldn't give a flying fuck who was where before who.

We're here NOW.

OUR ancestors, WHITE PEOPLE, fought for this land and won it in blood, sweat, and tears. OUR PEOPLE forged the world's greatest superpower from a hostile wilderness that was previously inhabited by primitive subhuman savages who were still stuck in the stone age.

@Nature_and_Race mexicans were here before us.

@Nature_and_Race - Our ancestors settled this rugged landscape and built America from nothing. We are indigenous to the nation, Mexicans aren't.

@Valhalla_calling @Nature_and_Race I've always hated this entire concept that Americans have that we aren't "native" to our own country.

No matter your belief system, I don't think anyone believes that humans just spontaneously spawned all over the world simultaneously, so we all came from somewhere else at some point in history. Obviously most people use the metric of a "native" being a child of the race that built the nation and established its culture, not tracing genealogy all the back to Adam & Eve or some caveman.

If you are White and were born in America, then you are a native American. Those red people are just aborigines, simply the relic of a conquered race of people, and they did not built this country, they lost it to their superiors who did.

@foreverzer0 @Valhalla_calling @Nature_and_Race I think leaving any of the redskins alive was a mistake. Now they're just a broken shell and miserable reminder of what it looks like to be splintered into a thousand pieces.

@foreverzer0 @Valhalla_calling @Nature_and_Race Right. Ex-Siberian mongoloids that walked across the Bering Landbridge before it flooded out. They got dumber as they moved South, eating the megafauna into extinction. Too dumb to tame the horse that evolved here, they are them all.

@Nature_and_Race It never ceases to amaze me how people don't understand America as an entity did not exist until White people built it.

@Nature_and_Race there were no mexicans when Europeans arrived on the North American continent.
That’s how powerful Europeans are. We created a completely new species of human.
Our power is sometimes a curse



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