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QAnon Believers Think Trump’s Indictment Will (Somehow) Lead to Mass Arrest of Democrats

FOR MANY OF Donald Trump’s supporters, today is a dark day indeed: The president pleaded not guilty to 34 felony counts today after being formally arrested in a Manhattan courtroom. But for those in the Qanon conspiracist movement, hope springs eternal, and “The Storm” is always just around the corner.


On 8kun’s “qresearch” forum, users quickly latched onto “There is no going back” as significant, with one user pointing to a 2019 post in which the anonymous Q used the same phrase. Another person replied, “that’s a proof if I have ever seen it.” (Qanon communities call anything a “proof” if it seems to confirm their overall conspiracy theory about Trump battling a secret war against nefarious elites.) Some on the 8kun board voiced the sentiment that Trump, by allowing himself to be indicted, was setting those very elites up for arrest themselves. In response to a meme that asked “At what stage in the game do you play the TRUMP card,” a user replied, “After all legal precedents have been opened?”

Prominent Q influencer IntheMatrixx, who had been banned on Twitter for such content before being reinstated under Elon Musk‘s ownership, appeared to jump on the same narrative. He pulled up a different 2019 Q drop that read, “First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.” In Q lore, the “awakening” will occur when people become aware of and rise up against the so-called “cabal” opposing Trump — the Democratic pedophiles and Satanists, et al. Here, IntheMatrixxx is implying that Q not only predicted Trump’s indictment but knew it would see MAGA enemies finally brought to justice.



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