Forever14 #elitist #moonbat #sexist

So when we are gonna acknowledge that women are the dumbest losers for bonding with men?

Why I never see radical feminists admitting that women just straight up live as sexual servants? We know men aren't good, we know it's all men, we know its a mans world, we know heterosexual relationships aren't equal But what we never see is women seeking to not engaging in their own oppression and not being materialistic and driven by the primitive urges We never see the female superiority besides lack of violence from women. They are more peaceful, they don't want a war but they want to lay under men living in service even tho it's abusive ungrateful traumatic. Why won't women ever live differently? They need to live under dick?

Why won't rf be about women going their own way and not bothering with engaging with men or the patriarchy physically There's no justification for anything heterosexual being done by supposed rfs Women act like they don't have souls, just as the creatures they supposedly hate

I'm convinced women wait for something magical to happen cause they really aren't onto just rejecting all this bullshit. They wait for men to save them, they wait for men to get fixed, Disgusting Didn't you serve enough already? You are as weak as men Stop preaching your disgusting slave life in rf spaces



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