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The sad reality is, the socialist Democrats have been very successful in brainwashing at least the last three generations with the socialist mantra in our public schools and colleges and getting them to believe that America is a flawed country and is to be berated and vilified, not celebrated as an exceptional nation. The latest attack on America and Americans using Blacks as victims of alleged White racism, White Privilege, or White Supremacy, has hopelessly divided our nation and elevated a racial falsehood to a national tragedy and an alleged civil rights injustice where none exists.

This is the socialist Democrat’s ultimate propaganda to gain perpetual political power by any means and render conservative thought and ideology and Constitutional protections irrelevant. Once again, they pit us against each other for their own gain and exploit the lives of Blacks to do it. When will the Black race finally realize that Democrats don’t care one whit about Blacks, they only care that Blacks will vote as a block for Democrats. Blacks have been bought off by Democrats, hook, line and sinker, using taxpayer’s money. Free health care, free college tuition and forgiveness of college debt are just more tools in the Democrat play book to buy off more Americans.

Make no mistake, they (socialist Democrats) are coming for your free speech ….. and your guns. They are tearing down the core foundations of our society, the nuclear family, religious freedom and your property rights. They are trying to do away with the single family home and a yard and replace them with high-rise concrete and steel apartments in the name of smart growth and sustainable development, both UN Agenda 21 policies, policies that were never ratified by the U. S. Congress.
There is only one remaining and final solution to preserve the Republic: them’s with the guns, en masse, take control of the government institutions, including public schools and colleges, and lay down the law, constitutional law. We call this solution, the “Bullets of Freedom” and we offer this solution with a heavy .. Millions of Americans know what we say here is true. Half measures will only insure defeat, as the government will move to quash an inferior force. Only a full court press has any chance of success. That means that tens of millions of Americans would have to get involved. That appears unlikely.

But if it could happen, who will lead the “Bullets of Freedom?” How will it be organized and funded? Who will be the soldiers? What strategy or plan of attack will be used to achieve its worthy goals to restore freedom? Could “Encirclement” play a part?

Or, is there no viable solution? Has America come too far to ever turn back? Can our growing society survive without heavy restrictions on its freedom (socialism) so that it doesn’t unravel in chaos and violence, as it seems to be doing right now? Are the divisions too great to heal?

What we do know is this. America is reaching a boiling point in its long life. It is not the first, but seems to be the worst. The tension is very high. The bonds that held us together are coming unglued. Congress could fix it, but they won’t. The news media could quit fanning the racial flames, but they won’t. Trump can only try, but without a unified Congress, he is impotent. As a result of the unpredictable virus and the failing economy, he may lose anyway.

How long can America endure before the boiling point erupts in all out warfare under the “Bullets of Freedom?” Or, will a one someone, or a few someone’s, turn off the burner under the boiling pot? Will, in the end, cooler heads prevail? So far it would seem not, leaving the one and only remaining option left!



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