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( terfology )
“You Can’t Define Woman Because of XYZ”
“You can’t define woman because _____”!

• “Some women don’t get periods!”

• “Some women are infertile!”

• [Insert other willfully ignorant excuses here]

Ignoring the fact that everyone — including the people making these arguments — are indeed aware of what is a woman and what is a man, its also a miracle that they only seem to misunderstand “the exception is not the rule” when it comes to women’s rights.

Let’s try applying that logic to other things as well, shall we?

Mammals are animals where the females breastfeed their young, among some other qualifications. According to TRA logic, women that can’t breastfeed are no longer mammals.

Humans are bipedal. According to TRA logic, people who have lost their legs or cannot use them are no longer humans.

Humans have two kidneys. If you get rid of one, I guess you’re no longer a person!

It’s almost like… TRAs are full of bullshit, and know exactly what a woman — er, sorry, I mean an “AFAB” — is!

Women who don’t have periods know they are women. Women who can’t get pregnant know they are women. The only women who need reassurance that they are women, aren’t women at all. They’re men.

(Feel free to add more examples in the comments if you want.)

( Ava )
Yeah, "TERFs" don't even claim that fertility is what makes you a woman.

Infertile women still have a female reproductive system. We can see that their bodies would produce viable eggs if not for whatever issue is inhibiting the process. Meanwhile TIMs are never considered "infertile" for not producing eggs, because we can see they have a male reproductive system organized around producing sperm.

Topics like menstruation and pregnancy are relevant to women's rights because only women can experience them, but that doesn't mean all women experience them. But as you said, TIMs are willfully ignorant. I'm sure they can understand this logic, they just think that playing word games will force people to accept them as women.

( Wrenn )
For people who claim to be so scientific, they really quickly forgot the basic premise of a subset.

Here are some to refresh the memory of any lurkers :


Not all women have a uterus. But all adults with a uterus are women.

Not all men are pornsick AGPs who cut off their penis. But all pornsick AGPs who cut off their penis are MEN!



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