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[Hypocrisy] CensorshipPill: Normies/SJWs/Femistazis/Male Femistazis... You will never silence us... Ever... Thread starter

We will rise like the Phoenix & extract one hell of a vengeance upon your sorry arses.

1. We will congregate with loud speakers.
2. We will distribute flyers & postages
3. We will go where we want.
4. We will defend ourselves physically if we're being attacked & legally should you wish to pursue that.
5. We will create balloons with messages to get the word out.
6. We will invade each & every one of YOUR forums using Alts of various abilities. We will take screen shots of our messages, print it & then distribute it in each & every household/shop etc...
7. We will take down your sites & forum boards. We'll learn how to do so & do it well.
8. We will fight on to the most bitterest of ends & we will Win.

An example of a range of "abilities & capabilities" we can & will employ.

Justice is not & will never be on your side. Get that through your thick heads.



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