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RE: Student ‘Feared for Life’ After Being Chased by Woke Mob Targeting Allen West

(Darien X)

I have never met a Black person in my life who wasn't Racist.

Almost 100% of even the “nice” ones are two faced, they put on a front when with whites. I’ve known some that act like us when one on one, but then like jive ghetto negroes once around them. Their true selves.

(Karl Ramstrom)
I have no sympathy for this - or any - white person (student or otherwise) attempting to use a "person of color" to shield them from charges of "racism". Neither negroes, border jumpers, or rice-eaters from Southeast Asia are our allies. If they were they'd pack up, sell their belongings, and leave our country on the next flight out. Pandering to some of them is not a good strategy because the end goal (at least from the standpoint of a white advocate like me) is to force even the "benevolent" ones (at gunpoint if necessary) onto the first jet flight out of here. And to do this for all one-hundred-million-plus of them until they are gone. Because when you start incorporating fried-chicken munchers, taco-crunchers, and dog-eaters as "necessary" in order to restore white America then all you're doing is coping. It is for this reason I cut Donald Trump loose for good after he lost in 2020 (legitimately or not) since he engaged in Warp 9 negro pandering toward the end. Because this is a white struggle, not a multiracial one.

(Jeff Coffey)
I agree. Playing the "allies" game is a dead end.

It's time to do away with that tripe once and for all. I have FAR more interest in hearing what fellow Whites have to say on any given matter, and I almost exclusively want to hear what they have to say on matters related to the future of our (that is: White) civilization.

Not to pick on miss Malkin (or mrs? I don't know), she is an intelligent person, but she is no more intelligent than millions of White people out there who are the ones that should be speaking on priority.



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