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The man's smv should be determined by the number and type of women that he raped !!

Back in the old times, the glorious middle ages.
Man's smv was determined by the number and type of the sex slaves that he captured, raped and owned.
Raping a Stacy isn't same valued as raping a Beckie.
If the man can't rape women that means he has low testosterone = low smv.

Men were never a lookist objects.
Men were measured by their IQ, values, skills, their benefits to the society.
Men were never measured by their height or bone structure.
That was the reason that short men like Napoleon were emperors !
The cucked society that we live in try to turn men to lookist objects. It is ridiculous when you see men looksmaxing like faggots to impress toilets! and after all that they still get rejected because they are not her type !! not handsome enough! needs more efforts!!
Look at all that power that toilets have over men ! If someone from the middle ages come to visit us, he will laugh his off at the situation that men have today and he will prefer to live in the darkness of middle ages rather than the modern '' civilized society '' !
Women are lookist objects because they are sexual objects, their bodies are designed to bring attention. The man can walk naked in the streets and nobody will give a fuck about him but a woman just shows her legs and armies of simps will kill for it! that it is the reason that Abrahamic religions told women to cover their bodies and be modest but never told men to do the same! Things like makeup, fashions etc were invented by men for women to help them improving their looks. Turning men to lookist objects caused men to give up on society and live in isolation '' MGTOW'', men became less productive because they realized that their values wouldn't mean shit without looks = the decline of civilization = the end of mankind.



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