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The royals of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are wealthy tyrants that finance and direct Nazi-Viking organizations, cults, and secret societies in the United States and Europe.Vikings were really Scythians that invaded and subverted the Nordic region and people who were living there peacefully until the Viking invaders settled there and started raiding nations. Vikings were not real Nordic people. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden is the head of the Swedish royal family with his wife Queen Silvia and their children are Princess Victoria, Princess Madeline, and Prince Carl Philip who is a high level militant Viking commander involved in torture, rape, and murder.
The Swedish royals use Stockholm’s Syndrome as a tool for brainwashing people into siding with them.
Although Nazi Germany invaded Denmark and Norway during WWII the war was orchestrated by the royal families as part of their long term takeover plot and for the purpose of depopulation. If anything the Nazi invasion of Denmark and Norway helped the royal families there in maintaining control over the people. All through out history the royal families have caused wars and used their armies in competition for land, titles, and resources with out killing each other and instead they marry each other. There is no reason for monarchies. The royal families operate as an organized crime syndicate and rule nations as dictators either openly or covertly. Royals and nobles need to be outlawed and these current royal criminals need to be executed for their relentless crimes against humanity and this will make future tyrants think twice about thinking they have a right to rule over other people and land that is not theirs.
The House of Bernadotte are owners of the white supremacist secret society and criminal group within law enforcement called the Lynwood Vikings. Corrupt police are heavily involved in drug trafficking, murder, extortion, and organized gang.



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