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Accountability refers to the phase of Ascension in which those who are attempting to control and dominate the planet surrender that control.

We’re right in the midst of that phase at the present time.

I’ve posted Matthew Ward’s discussion of the Illuminati in another recent article. (1) Let me let Matthew say here that “the Illuminati ‘operation,’ you could say, has been responsible for all major wars, divisiveness, impoverishment and rampant deception and corruption for the past 265 years or so.” (2)
How can I say what’s happening without traumatizing you? The Illuminati is into human trafficking, child sex trafficking, adrenochrome production, (3) snuff flicks, the international drug trade, the subversion of politics, the military, medicine, education, etc.

The pandemic represents their plan to cow, contain, and control the Earth’s population. The vaccine was their instrument to poison the population and infect it with microchips. None of it will work.

The attempt to steal the American election traces back to them and national governments who align with them.

After the assassination of President Kennedy, a coalition of military and civilians at one time called the White Hats and Faction 3, (4) now called the Alliance, began studying the Illuminati playbook and planning for their downfall.

What you won’t find discussed in very many places is that a coalition of advanced civilizations in higher dimensions, which includes the Federation of Light and the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, have been helping the Alliance. Or perhaps I should say, more aptly, helping the Divine Plan, the Mother’s Plan.



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