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Blacks have impacted our society in negative ways. Systemic racism is the current alibi for black failure when there is no evidence of racial discrimination. Whites and Orientals are discriminated against with affirmative action policies.

Blacks are not innocent victims of irrational white hostility. By every objective, measurable criteria blacks tend to be significantly less intelligent than whites. Blacks have an illegitimacy rate that is over twice the white rate, and a murder rate that is nearly eight times the white rate.

Those who blame these facts about the Negro race on white racism cannot explain why black rates of crime and illegitimacy have risen since 1964, when the Civil Rights Act was signed, and when the War on Poverty was declared. They cannot explain why black academic performance has improved very little, despite expensive government spending programs like Head Start and No Child Left Behind.

Speaking of white racism, no one should be surprised that a race that is accurately associated with low intelligence, crime, and sexual irresponsibility arouses feelings of hostility. I have known many Orientals and Hispanics. I have never known one who liked blacks. For economic reasons immigrants often need to live in or near black neighborhoods. They do not like what they see. They do not feel guilty about it.

Intellectual standards are reduced for blacks in order to achieve a student body or a work force that "looks like America."

The average black IQ in the United States is 85. For whites the average is 100. It is not possible to achieve anything close to equity without lowering standards for blacks. Because affirmative does not increase the number of opportunities, lowering standards for blacks means raising them for whites, and for Orientals, whose average IQ is 106.

I have worked with blacks who owed their presence to affirmative action. Their inferiority was noticed and resented by white co workers.



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