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Joe. Wants. War. (More accurate title: Joe. Needs. War.)

The more I watch what's happening, the more I hear the rhetoric out of D.C., the more certain I become of my opinion that Russia does not want war but is being backed against a wall by the pseudo-Biden regime.

Joe wants war. Or at least his handlers do. Joe probably just wants an ice cream cone, a long nap, and a fresh adult diaper.

They desperately need a distraction from the fecal feature dumpster fire that this administration is. A couple of decades ago, that might have galvanized the citizenry behind the president. It worked to some degree with W's lame excuse for the invasion of Iraq. I'm not sure it'll wash this time; at least I hope it doesn't.

I'm coming to the point of being convinced that this is the case.

ETA: I also agree with the assessment that the Russian buildup is likely Russia protecting Ukraine and defending its own sovereignty.



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