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The same culture that tells me Hitler was bad also mutilates the genitals of children and calls it “gender affirming care”.

I don’t give a shit what these people think. If anything my inclination is to believe the opposite.

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@Trouble_Man Here's the funny part of your comment. "THEY'VE" convinced you that you HAVE ONLY "ONE" OF TWO CHOICES, you can EITHER be a "Zionist Jewish slave" OR a "Nazi Jewish slave", and you fell for it.

However, You COULD be just a plain old AMERICAN National (non-socialist, non-Jewish) OR any number of OTHER types of "WE the People". You DON'T have to choose from just "THEIR" religious/political store.

Yes, I "KNOW", "THEY" don't want you to understand that there ARE OTHER CHOICES, ... BUT THERE "ARE!

American White culture: Don't worry baby: Beach Boys:

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@Trouble_Man You have an excellent point TM.

Dear #Jesus, I hope clarity comes soon.
Those who harm children, deceive, mutilate, terrorize and kill others-->are on evils team and they are worldwide. How do #WeThePeople accomplish #Victory over this widespread evil? I humbly ask in your name #Jesus. 🙏 Thank you. I love you. 🌻



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