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The latest reminder of that was watching the despotic Justin Trudeau regime declare martial law to crush peaceful opposition to vaccine tyranny in Ottawa. Remember Ottawa? Remember vaccine tyranny? The trucker convoy bearing down on D.C.? Hillary’s spy-treason? Election fraud? CRT propaganda? The Second Amendment? “Gay”/transgender grooming of children in our public schools? None of that seems to matter now because of the Ukraine war, and that’s no accident. As I said in a recent WND article, “From time immemorial elitist despots have started wars to deflect attention from domestic political crises.”

Let’s leave aside the question of whether Christian Russia – which has both honored God and protected normal marriage in its new constitution – has any right to use military force to stop the Obama/Biden/Clinton/Soros-created LGBT Woke-ocracy of Ukraine from putting anti-Russian nukes on the Russian border.

Let’s instead ask whether God is using Barack Obama’s avatar, Joe Biden, to punish our own country. I’ll answer with another question: “Politically speaking, what is the last best hope for saving America?”

Isn’t it the MAGA movement?

What MAGA movement? Do you mean that formerly united group of Trump supporters now fighting with each other tooth and nail over whether or not Vladimir Putin is (the globalists’ version of) the Antichrist? Or whether the Ukraine president (a former TV comedian who thought performing a homoerotic dance skit with three other men would be a good message for the children of his nation) is a hero for forcibly conscripting his entire male civilian population to be slaughtered in an unnecessary no-win battle with the overwhelming might of the Russian army, when he could win the peace by simply agreeing to remain neutral and not join NATO?



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