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On Succubi and their Queens

Lilith, Agrat, Naamah, and Eisheth are technically known as queens of succubi rather than succubus queens. This means the original title of my article on them was incorrect. From what I understand, those are distinct occupations. Succubus queens have a much lower rank, based on all of my conversations with succubi. I’ve heard succubi be completely indifferent to what the succubus queen who technically ruled over her thought or ordered on a matter. They haven’t slipped up on the distinction even once.

Succubus queens aren’t hereditary. The process of picking a successor is extremely convoluted and unpredictable. Succession seems to take of lot of succubi’s collective energy and happens frequently. Each group of succubi seems to be constantly looking for a new one of these lower queens because nobody’s really lining up for the position. The queen is supposed to serve a relatively short term before retiring, sort of like a president without the elections. What happens to the queen after she’s done and anything further on the subject of succubus queens is concealed from outsiders. I’ve been offered the position and if you interact with succubi on the astral plane enough you might well be too. I rejected it because there’s probably a reason nobody who’s already a succubus want to do it.

To make matters worse, one succubus brought up the existence of a nobility beyond that, with no real elaboration on how all of that works. I suspect it’s why so many humans seem to end up in a relationship with a succubus with a fancy title.

To me it seems almost certain that Mahlat was a queen of succubi. However, occultists familiar with her tend to think she isn’t one, nor any sort of sex goddess. That means she would have stopped being a succubus at some point. Since angels can stop being angels it’s not that hard for me to believe. That would prove that that queens of succubi aren’t necessarily there forever. While many occultists believe that the astral and mental planes are unchanging worlds of forms, if true this would prove that the spirit realm is dynamic even without human interference. People would have to give the gods a lot more credit than they do.



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