Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene #forced-birth #wingnut

On the abortion issue.

Republicans lose on abortion because they have for decades allowed democrats to lie about abortion on every level.

Republicans refuse to fight hard against the evil lies of the democrats who claim “abortion is women’s healthcare and a right.”

It is NOT!

Abortion is murder.

It kills another human being, the most innocent of all.

Healthcare saves lives.

Abortion kills lives.

A baby in it’s mother’s womb is not a parasite like democrats say, a baby is God’s beautiful creation and God does not make mistakes and has a plan for every single one of us.

Abortion does not solve a woman’s problem, but having an abortion will leave you scarred for life and regretfully questioning “what if?” for the rest of your life.

Motherhood is the most wonderful blessing and most incredible journey of a woman’s life. Being a mother is something to be proud of, delight in, and yearn for.

Abortion is not birth control but democrats have normalized it so much that it has become so.

Over 63 million people have been murdered in the past 50 years from abortions.

Abortion is genocide and none of their screams are heard when each of them are slaughtered in their mother’s wombs.

These precious little ones can not fight, can not defend themselves, can not flee the abortionists’s weapons of choice that they use to brutally murder them.

Calling this ongoing genocide “healthcare” is an abomination and political lie that democrats use in order to manipulate women to vote for them and continue the child sacrifices that enable democrats to maintain power.

There is nothing more evil.

Republicans must stop being afraid to stand up to democrats disgusting lies about abortion.

When Republicans boldly speak the truth and present solutions to help women in crisis into motherhood then we will win on this issue.

Many voters vote for candidates and the party that offers solutions and help to solve the problems people are facing.

Producing ads that graphically show the truth of an abortion as a baby is being ripped apart or dies lying on a cold metal trey gasping for air after being ripped out of its mother’s womb is the truth America needs to see versus the democrat’s never ending ads lying to women that baby murder is their right.

Too offensive? No not for America and definitely not for democrats.




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