Life is sacred until it’s born, then it’s the law of the jungle.

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Some are saying the pro-life movement needs to moderate our view that children conceived during sexual assault shouldn't be given the death penalty.

However, I know personally from speaking with pro-abortion students that rape is simply the excuse.

When I theoretically concede to their demands to allow 1.5% of abortions, they ALWAYS quickly move to another reasons they support abortion.

Pro-abortion voters say "rape" is the reason they support abortion to gain what they think is the moral high ground.

But they'll never reach it.

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[From “Ohio Pro-abortion Victories Show the Pitfalls of Democracy”]

The results of this week’s off-year elections in various states throughout the country have been fodder for much political analysis in the mainstream media, and the overwhelming consensus among Establishment pundits is that Republicans are losing nationwide primarily because of their defense of the unborn[…]
Is it really logical that only a few years after Republicans achieved a trifecta of federal government control[…]based on the promise that they would appoint Supreme Court justices who would reverse Roe v. Wade, the nation is suddenly overwhelmingly in favor of abortion?[…]
What the recent elections[…]really prove is the problem with democracy[…]
The Founders and the Framers of the U.S. Constitution were distrustful of democracy[…]studied the way in which ancient democracies tended to devolve into tyranny, including the dissolution of property rights and the erosion of public morality[…]
Created a system with so many layers of checks on the popular will. The president was not directly elected by the people; neither were senators or Supreme Court justices. There was no universal suffrage — many states had property requirements and religious tests in order for a man to be able to vote, and the Constitution did not forbid these practices

These ballot initiatives[…]are the main mechanism being used to advance abortion in the post-Roe era. And they have also been used to successfully enact leftist policies even in red states where such programs would never make it through the legislature

In Florida, for example, medical marijuana and the $15 minimum wage would never have been passed by the Republican majorities in the state Legislature or signed by the Republican governor[…]
This unfiltered majoritarianism is precisely what the Framers wanted to prevent. We are now reaping the fruits of democracy in America. A return to a constitutional republic is needed to stem the social decay

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Biden and his radical, treasonous, communist cabal have an obsession with killing babies. Tragically, it now extends to the living variety.

Except, of course, for refugee babies whose parents have illegally invaded our border. Those babies have "Democrat privilege." After all, in only 18 years they'll all be Democrat voters.

And obviously, if doctors could determine if a baby was born transgender, or gender-fluid, or gender binary, or gender neutral or gender expansive, Biden and his communist cabal would spare them too.

Democrats clearly see migrants and transgender people as the future of America.

We are living in insane times. Democrats' attempts to open the borders, kill our energy independence, spread violent crime to every big city and kill the economy are pretty darn insane.

But nothing compares to their bloodlust for hurting or killing innocent children. Democrats clearly don't give a damn about this BLM: "BABIES' LIVES MATTER."

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On the abortion issue.

Republicans lose on abortion because they have for decades allowed democrats to lie about abortion on every level.

Republicans refuse to fight hard against the evil lies of the democrats who claim “abortion is women’s healthcare and a right.”

It is NOT!

Abortion is murder.

It kills another human being, the most innocent of all.

Healthcare saves lives.

Abortion kills lives.

A baby in it’s mother’s womb is not a parasite like democrats say, a baby is God’s beautiful creation and God does not make mistakes and has a plan for every single one of us.

Abortion does not solve a woman’s problem, but having an abortion will leave you scarred for life and regretfully questioning “what if?” for the rest of your life.

Motherhood is the most wonderful blessing and most incredible journey of a woman’s life. Being a mother is something to be proud of, delight in, and yearn for.

Abortion is not birth control but democrats have normalized it so much that it has become so.

Over 63 million people have been murdered in the past 50 years from abortions.

Abortion is genocide and none of their screams are heard when each of them are slaughtered in their mother’s wombs.

These precious little ones can not fight, can not defend themselves, can not flee the abortionists’s weapons of choice that they use to brutally murder them.

Calling this ongoing genocide “healthcare” is an abomination and political lie that democrats use in order to manipulate women to vote for them and continue the child sacrifices that enable democrats to maintain power.

There is nothing more evil.

Republicans must stop being afraid to stand up to democrats disgusting lies about abortion.

When Republicans boldly speak the truth and present solutions to help women in crisis into motherhood then we will win on this issue.

Many voters vote for candidates and the party that offers solutions and help to solve the problems people are facing.

Producing ads that graphically show the truth of an abortion as a baby is being ripped apart or dies lying on a cold metal trey gasping for air after being ripped out of its mother’s womb is the truth America needs to see versus the democrat’s never ending ads lying to women that baby murder is their right.

Too offensive? No not for America and definitely not for democrats.


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It’s Wednesday evening, and Mulhall has come to the Hub in Kilkenny to hear controversial South African pastor, Angus Buchan. Prior to the event, some 40 people marched to the gates of the venue to protest the fact that Buchan has preached in the past that homosexuality can be cured through prayer.

Rosemary Parle from Kildare and her friend Hilary Anderson from Lisburn describe themselves as Disciples of Christ. They have arranged their holiday together especially to coincide with Buchan’s appearance in Kilkenny. Why?

“It shows how much God loves Ireland. That’s why Angus is here, because God wants us to hear good news, among all the bad news,” Parle explains.

“Unfortunately, Ireland has become so liberal in its thinking that we have strayed from the teachings of the Lord and taken on a humanistic view instead. A homosexual lifestyle goes against the covenant of marriage.”

Even though marriage between same-sex couples in Ireland is now legal?

“That’s not marriage,” Parle says. “Marriage is one man and one woman. Their bodies fit together. I’m sorry to sound crude, but it’s true.”

A group of friends have come from Carlow. Before Buchan ever takes the stage, Maria Doyle says she has already got everything she came for.

“We’re meeting our family,” is how she puts it. “Say someone went away to Australia, and then they came home. The whole family would come together to celebrate. That’s what it’s like here.”

What do they think of Buchan’s views on homosexuality? “Homosexuality is a sin in God’s eyes,” her friend Julie Power explains. “Not the fact that two men love each other. The act. Sex together.”

By the time the event begins, the Hub, which has seating for 1,400 is full, including several children. Buchan jumps on stage and bellows, “I love the Irish, I really do! You are the most passionate people I have ever met.”

The crowd go mad. Camera phones flash.

“The Bible tells me to love my wife,” Buchan says. “I love my wife. If I love my wife, she will gladly submit to me.” He says this twice. The crowd roar.

These are some of the other things Buchan says:

“Abortion is legalised murder.” (This gets the loudest cheer of the evening.)

“You must discipline your children, and children, you must respect your parents.”

“Believers go to Heaven, not good people.”

“I will pray tonight that God will give a baby to all those people who can’t have babies, I have done this all over the world.”

Every sentence ends in a shout. In between cheering, the audience are totally silent.

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Top Ten Anti-Christian Acts of 2014

2014 was another wild and frustrating year for American Christians as the threats to our liberties and values are increasing. Here are the results of our online poll of the Top Ten Anti-Christian Acts of 2014. It’s not as predicable as you might think.

Rather than getting lost in the trees and not recognizing the forest, lets look at the larger trends revealed in the poll, and they are disconcerting.

Political correctness about social issues, (sexual deviancy and abortion) has been institutionalized publicly and privately. Biblically faithful Christians and their institutions are being pressured to compromise their values and accept arbitrary, tyrannical, secular ethics or feel the wrath of politicians, the courts, the academy, the media, and business.

Churches are being coerced to subsidize abortions, a pastor is on trial for telling the truth, ministers are bullied by a tyrannical mayor, and Christ is continuing to be blasphemed on network TV.

This is a sobering set of facts, but ones that ought to stir us to action, not resignation. As we pray and act, we do so in faith that God can turn us back to him. The means He uses our bold, counter-cultural voices of Truth. Christ calls us back to reality and to respect for His ordained institution of marriage and the sanctity of life created in His image and freedom to declare the whole counsel of God’s Word.

Share this list with your family and friends. We MUST engage in concerted prayer, evangelism and seek FIRST God’s Kingdom and His righteousness. America is ripe for either God’s justice or a heaven sent revival.

1. Christian colleges are now facing a new threat to their institutions... allow homosexual behavior or be stripped of accreditation. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges is threatening to strip Gordon College, of their accreditation unless the college accepts “homosexual practice” by it’s students.

2. Federal Judge, Michael Posner, ignored Supreme Court precedence and allowed a frivolous lawsuit to move forward against American minster, Scott Lively. Lively is a minister and an attorney and was invited by the Ugandan legislature to help them create laws to protect their society from the homosexual movement. Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), hauled Rev. Lively to US Federal Court under international law accusing him of “crimes against humanity.”

3. Annise Parker, the lesbian Houston mayor, ordered city’s churches to turn over sermons, any e-mails, text messages, and other communications that talk about homosexuality, gender identity issues, or Annise Parker herself. The pastors were targeted after organizing descent against a rbill passed by the city council that allowed transgender individuals to use the bathroom of their choice. After news spread throughout the Country, Parker’s attorney’s dropped the subpoenas.

4. HGTV canceled a new program, “Flip It Forward”, because of the stars support of traditional marriage. The series followed the life of two brothers, David and Jason Benham, as they helped struggling families buy fixer-upper homes and transform them into forever homes. Both brothers have been vocal about their support for traditional marriage.

5. The Girl Scouts USA introduced family planning into their curriculum in partnership with Planned Parenthood. The Girls Scouts also tout the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, as an “eloquent woman”.

6. California churches are now required to cover the costs of abortions as “basic health care.” The state legislature is trying to exploit a “loop-hole” in the national healthcare law for the pro-abortion agenda.

7. Mozilla CEO, Brendan Eich, was forced to resign from the huge tech company he founded after it was discovered he donated $1,000 towards legislation to uphold traditional marriage in California. Proposition 8 was a ballet initiative in support of traditional marriage that was approved by a majority of California voters, but was later ruled unconstitutional by the California Supreme Court.

8. American tax dollars are still being used to pay for abortions. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) in Washington, found that at least 1,036 plans use your tax dollars to fund abortion-on-demand.

9. A California male high school teacher returned as a woman from spring break. 56 year-old married father, Gary Sconce, has been a teacher at the rural Yosemite High School for 24 years. But after a letter was sent to the parents, he returned from the break as “Karen Adell Scot.”

10. “I only wish the Virgin would’ve had an abortion,” was belted out in a song by musical guest, Kristeen Young, on CBS’s The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. “The song,” according to Young, “is about the centuries of religious persecution of women.”