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ABOUT SUB (BlackPillFeminism)

Misogyny, male violence and female pick-me behavior are biology. Equality is a lie. Feminism is a scam and failed movement. We are heading towards misogynist dystopia and there is nothing we can do about it. Take the blackpill, sit back and enjoy the ride to hell.

This is not a debate sub. Posters arguing against the basic premises of BPF will be banned.

No excuses for women who do stupid shit that hurts all women. We hold women accountable for their actions. We WILL say mean things about not just moids but also pick-mes, e-thots, tradthots etc. If this upset you, leave now.

BPF is doomerism + evolutionary biology. A pessimistic, un-PC space for women to talk about the things we are not allowed to say anywhere else.




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