Aero #transphobia #homophobia

They already believe that crossdressing men and troons have the right to rape lesbian women and straight men, or in the very least, sexually harass them. Their victims deserve it anyways, they’re transphobes for refusing. When presented with things like the SuperStraight meme, they always ask, “But what if the transwoman passes really well tho?”

They don’t ever stop to consider that the mere deception itself was enough to repel would-be partners, even in the unlikely event that they “passed” initially. That even if their partner was OK with having sex with men larping as women, that the fact that they would lie about something as important as that means they would have made a shitty partner anyway.

Making fun of people for supposedly being “gay” for being entrapped by some disgusting pervert in a dress is a big part of their rape culture. But to them, it’s funny because he deserves it for being a meanie homophobe/transphobe, dontcha know. Gays and trannies are allowed to engage in punitive rape against people they don’t like, dontcha know.
If all this shit makes you too paranoid to date anyone, hahaha, suck it loser. Eat our girlcocks, UwU.



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