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RE: MPD, FBI, ATF Joining Forces to Crack Down on ‘George Floyd Square’ Crime

“Some people will see this as disrespecting George Floyd,” the neighbor said.


There should be a 21-gun salute every night where Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were murdered.

Even their parents said, "Oh, our son/daughter HATED white supremacists!" It's gotten so bad that families of white victims do the "He/she wasn't racist" routine to save face. White people are so brainwashed into thinking that if they notice injustice being specifically done to them, they feel bad for noticing it and bringing it up. How can you save a people that are more worried about offending their attackers than saving themselves?

(Fed Up)

So now they want the police! They rioted all summer long burning everything in sight saying kill the cops, but now they want them back! The irony!!!

If I were a cop, I'd sure as hell take my sweet time responding to an emergency call. They want less policing and I'd be most happy to cooperate.

If my recollections are correct, just half a year ago, the same 'neighbors' were rallying and screaming and squeaking and carrying hand-made thingies with 'Defund the Police!' scribbled all over. They got what they wished for - ENJOY!

I really don't care what happens to any of those cities up there. Those Yankees and their carpetbagger brethren have been denigrating the South for generations. Now let them taste their own medicine. Life with the Negro sometimes just cannot be helped, like stepping in manure while walking through the pasture on a dark night. But admiring, cavorting with, and socializing with them is like stepping in the manure, then laying down and rolling around in it.



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