Queen An-Ra via Erena Velazquez #ufo #magick #conspiracy voyages-of-light.com

I am Queen An-Ra, the leading Council of the Planetary InterGalactic Coalition, which already reached over 1000 Galactic Civilizations. They desire to live in peace and harmony without a long lasting Galactic Wars. Anubis leads the fleet, and he is helping some of them with their urgent matters.
I was ready to help your civilization to evolve and not to get enslaved by the Dark Entities. You were not ready to accept my assistance, as you were not interested and instead you were following false Gods. Now, you can see the results of the wrong choices made by your human civilization. You ended up being controlled, and you are told on how to live your lives. When Cleopatra was ruling Egypt, humans were blessed and lived good lives. Your history portraying her as a power hungry and a corrupt person, that is false information.

I send my daughter to your planet to help prosper and advance your civilization in a right direction to higher dimensions. During her lifetime Egypt experienced incredible growth and development in many areas even things like soap, toothpaste, and beauty treatments were created. She accepted her task to help humanity to go in a positive direction.

Sometimes, I landed on with one of my spaceships on the pyramid, which were built with the purpose as a landing place. The teleportation and communication device in a form of a ring was given to Cleopatra in case, she needed our assistance or wanted to come back to our reality. The ring was made from gold, and it had a red stone. Her desire to fulfill her mission on your planet was stronger than her caring for her own safety.
Darkness is portraying historical facts purposely incorrectly to hide the real facts about your planet’s age and truthful events that happened on Gaia. Also, Cleopatra didn’t take her own life, actually she was poisoned by the Dark Minions. After her physical death, I took her human body out of this reality, as I didn’t want for humans to find her body.



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