Erena Velasquez, pretending to be the Wraith Civilization #crackpot #ufo #conspiracy

We are Wraith Civilization from the Pegasus Galaxy, and we are transmitting our message through this Universal Channel. We come with peaceful intentions. We have been observing the Human Race for a long time, and we feel now is the right time for our introduction.

We have common enemies such as Annunaki, Luciferiians, Orions, Reptilians and others. A while ago, they attacked our world to steal our main plant, which we drink to remain youthful and strong. The Galactic Federation and the Egyptian Civilization offered their assistance to defeat the enemy. Since that time, we have alliance with them and are open to return the favor anytime needed as a token of appreciation.
We want to clarify something about your Sci-Fi show Stargate Atlantis, where we were portrayed as a negative race, who feeds on humans, that is not true, we are actually plant eaters. Yes, we love to fight as a challenge to test our skills.
Your 3D Matrix portrays many things incorrectly to confuse and manipulate your mind. The Dark side, who is controlling your reality likes themselves to feed on human energies and eat your flesh. For example, the Reptilians use their mind to control the victim before they kill them.

We only get involved in wars or battles, when our world is in danger or someone needs our assistance in protecting their planet. The place we reside is beautiful, and it has a lot of different unique flora unseen by the human civilization. We love having pretty surroundings.

We are aware that humankind had been kept in the darkness about the existence of other beings in space. You are going to learn in the future that there are trillions of species in the Cosmos.



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