Peppermint & TwoXChromosomes #transphobia

EXCLUSIVE: Leading womb transplant experts say it's 'medically possible' for transgender women to have natural pregnancies - and they hope to offer procedure to trans couples in years | Daily Mail Online

( Peppermint )
There's always the comment that goes like this "I have no problem with transgender people living as they wish..but...." Let's just say NO. I don't agree with them "living as they wish." We're usually if not always talking about MEN and "living as they wish" means intruding and destroying the rights of women, children and in this case unborn humans. NO WAY.

These horrific experiments and unnecessary procedures should be along the same ethical lines of cloning humans. And to that end any attempts to have humans gestated and/or born from jars or men's bodies should be against the law. It should be considered undesirable and not ever the best start for any human being on the planet.

And I would go on to say, it should NEVER happen unless a "womb" from a woman who is willing to give birth is no longer available on the planet. And to further deconstruct that I mean we have 0 humans being born everywhere for whatever reason. Even then we might want to reconsider continuing the human race at all. And I hate to say this but it sounds like we need to go there.

Humans do not ever need to be born of men and its not something we should want especially for the humans involved. The imaginary "needs" of a man should not ever be considered over the baby in this case. These men need to get some real mental health already. Children have suffered enough!

( TwoXChromosomes )
You know, I started writing a book about a dystopian future 40 years from now in which everything in the world catered to these sick weirdos. This was one of the items on my list of fucked up shit that would hopefully never happen, but would in my dystopia.

It took exactly TWO years for my dystopia to become real...



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