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South African Anti-Apartheid Campaigner Archbishop Tutu Dies Aged 90

I wouldn't want to be in this guy's shoes as he stands before the judgement seat of Christ. He helped turn South Africa from a prosperous, stable, and safe nation under minority White rule to a crime infested, poor country that can barely keep its stuff together. Shame on him and shame on those who are bemoaning the loss of such a moronic, incompetent leader.

(Herr Gruber)
He should be celebrated for his achievements you've listed, yet again when blacks are in charge of the hen house, it turns to sh1t. When are people going to admit the truth and stop hiding behind cliches..?

(Starshine Rose)
You have that right. A beautiful country ruled by sanity can go from order to chaos by something that can't rule itself but takes and destroys, rapes and murders, complaining how oppressed it is. It never stops. It's isn't human that does this but something else.



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