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So if natural disasters are sent by God to punish us for legalizing same-sex marriage, what does it mean when a flood destroys the home of one of the biggest anti-gay bigots in the country?

That’s the question that should be asked of Tony Perkins, since he is now living out of an RV because a flood drove him and his family out of their Louisiana home, forcing them to escape in a canoe.

During a Family Research Council radio show on Wednesday, Perkins explained that once the water reached ten feet high his family loaded up in the boat and floated toward safety. They attempted to seek a place to stay but were denied by one shelter. So they sought refuge in the home of a former member of their church.

Perkins is also still trying to figure out why God would smite his home.

“We’re gonna look for what God’s gonna do in this,” Perkins said. “I’m asking those questions and I’m going to see.”

Usually, it’s customary to feel sympathy for people who suffer losses due to flooding, but this is a special kind of irony that needs special commentary.

As we all know, conservative “Christians” are constantly telling us that whenever there is an earthquake or a hurricane or a flood that it’s punishment by God over homosexuality or abortion or some other social issue that has them all in a tizzy, especially when that natural disaster doesn’t affect them personally.

Now, the idea that God is sending natural disasters to punish people is complete bullshit, but let’s just pretend for a moment that that is the case. The Perkins household just got severely damaged by a “flood of biblical proportions” as stated by Perkins himself, and they were driven out of their home.

So by conservative logic, that must mean that he is being punished for something. And since Perkins is an anti-gay bigot who wants to suppress women’s rights, one could easily surmise that God is sending Perkins a message to stop being a dick toward other human beings. You know, actually love your neighbor and treat others the way you want to be treated.

But Perkins will likely fail to see that message. He’ll just twist it to his own advantage. Because when it comes right down to it, conservative “Christians” think natural disasters are only sent to punish others, but when they are affected personally they believe it’s only sent by God to test their faith. In other words, complete and total hypocrisy.

The moral of the story, however, should be that conservatives should stop claiming that disasters are punishments by God, because there is a such thing as karma and Tony Perkins is learning that the hard way.

Sarah Palin,Jeff Stern, others #fundie addictinginfo.org

Apocalypse finally is here . . .

So when some UN vehicles were being taken for shipping overseas from the American manufacturer, a conservative motorist freaked out after seeing them on the road and immediately warned others on social media that a UN invasion is imminent.

“Can’t begin to tell you how many of these I passed today on 81 near Lexington VA,” wrote conservative Jeff Stern along with photos of the vehicles being hauled on trailers.

Stern saw the vehicles being transported along Interstate 81 around Lexington, Virginia, which some conservatives mistook for Lexington, Kentucky and thus ended up spreading the rumor of UN vehicles being spotted in both states. The Daily Mail decided to blow the story out of proportion and literally wondered if the UN was here in the event of economic collapse, which only created more panic among mentally unstable conservatives.

Snopes even contacted the maker of these particular vehicles and received a reasonable explanation for why the vehicles were being transported.

Unlike the Daily Mail, we contacted Alpine Armoring, the manufacturer named in their article, to inquire about the images. According to an individual with whom we spoke at Alpine, the vehicles seen in these photographs were purchased by the United Nations for use outside the United States. A number of defense industry manufacturers are based in and around Washington, D.C. (a region that includes Virginia) for obvious logistical reasons, and the representative confirmed that the trucks were ordered by the UN for use in locations abroad.

After manufacturing, the UN vehicles require transportation to their final ports of call inside the U.S., and driving them to those final embarkation points could potentially put several thousand miles on them prior to their being loaded onto cargo planes or ships, so the trucks seen here were loaded onto a flatbed truck and transported in that fashion. It is a reasonable inference that, depending on their route and final destination, the same trucks would be spotted in other Southern states (particularly if they were to be sent abroad via a cargo ship leaving from a Southern port).

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in RV park landlord Gene Baker, who admitted over the weekend that he evicted an interracial couple simply because they were an interracial couple .

“Me and my husband, not ever in 10 years have we experienced any problem,” said Erica Flores Dunahoo, who is Hispanic and Native American. “Nobody’s given us dirty looks. This is our first time.” Her husband, a former National Guardsman of more than a decade, is black — something that bothers the racist landlord’s friends, neighbors, and church.

In February, Dunahoo and her husband, Standley Hoskins, and their two children were set to move into an RV sace to save money and “get our life on track,” the lighter half of the interracial couple explained. On February 28, she gave Baker a check for $275 to pay for a month’s rent. This should have been the end of it — she paid her rent and inexchange she should have been allowed to stay. In fact, there were no problems that first day.

“He was real nice,” she said. “He invited me to church and gave me a hug. I bragged on him to my family.” Unfortunately, the next morning, Baker called her, fuming:

“Hey, you didn’t tell me you was married to no black man.”

Dunahoo told him that she didn’t realize it would be a problem. It is, after all, 2016.

“Oh, it’s a big problem with the members of my church, my community and my mother-in-law,” Baker told her. “They don’t allow that black and white shacking.”

“We’re not shacking. We’re married,” she replied, but Baker would have none of it, explaining that “it’s the same thing.”

“You don’t talk like you wouldn’t be with no black man,” the church-going “Christian” continued. “If you would had come across like you were with a black man, we wouldn’t have this problem right now.”

Baker maintains that he is not a racist, telling the Clarion-Ledger that he only refused to provide a space to the couple because of the issues members of his church and community had with a black man and a light-skinned woman “shacking.” He even says they would be welcome to attend his church. They just could not be members, because the church does not believe in interracial marriage.

To avoid future issues, he plans to completely close his RV park down just in case he ever encounters another interracial couple who wishes to rent a space

Alec Ndiwane #fundie addictinginfo.org

A Zion Christian Church prophet named Alec Ndiwane had a brush with death recently when his ability to see the future and fend off wild animals with the power of the Lord failed him at a wildlife park in Ghana. Ndiwane, while visiting Kruger National Park with fellow church members, went into a “trance” and began “speaking in tongues.”

The prophet threw caution to the wind and charged at a pack of lions who were happily chomping on an impala they had taken down. Ndiwane ran towards them, believing the dominion over animals granted by God to man would keep him safe. As he ran screaming towards the pack, several of the animals decided he looked rather tasty, charging towards him instead of running away. When Ndiwane realized there was some serious tonnage worth of teeth and claws headed his way, he miraculously snapped out of his trance and turned tail towards safety.

Not only did God not give Ndiwane power over the lions, he also failed to give him the speed to get away clean. A female lion got in a good swipe and ruined the rest of the trip, sending Ndiwane to the hospital with major damage to his glutes. While doctors assured him his left cheek would be intact, the right cheek apparently didn’t fare as well. Ndiwane was stitched up and spent the night in the hospital.

Herbert and Catherine Schaible #fundie addictinginfo.org

The most high profile case in recent times was that of Herbert and Catherine Schaible. The Pennsylvanian were jailed in 2014 for allowing their 8-month-old son Brandon to die a slow and painful death from diarrhea, rather than seek medical attention. They argued their religious beliefs stipulate that illness is a sign of ‘spiritual lack’, and only prayer can cure it.

The father, Herbert Schaible, defending their decision, said:

“We believe in divine healing, the Jesus shed blood for our healing and that he died on the cross to break the devil’s power,”

What makes the case all the more shocking, is that the couple were already on probation for the involuntary manslaughter of another child. Their two-year-old child died of pneumonia in 2009 after they refused to seek medical help.

The couple were found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for the 2009 death, and sentenced to 10 years probation. A condition of their probation was that they sought medical attention if any of their surviving children became sick. Yet, within that probationary period, the couple allowed another child to die from a treatable illness. This time, their eight-month-old son Brandon.

Billy Woodward #fundie addictinginfo.org

If you’re homeless in the winter, life can be tough. But in Williamsburg, Kentucky, things just became a lot tougher — if you’re a female. For those who don’t have anywhere else to go, Emergency Christian Ministries’ homeless shelter is the only place in town, and it just became a “men only” establishment. Why would this happen? Director Billy Woodward says that he decided to kick about 10-12 women out of the shelter based on the Bible.

Woodward claims that people at the shelter were having sex, though he provides no evidence of that assertion at all. The shelter previously had both men’s and women’s dorms, but Woodward says he made the decision to kick women out because some people may or may not have been engaging in the Devil’s Business.

The decision to throw women and (female) children out on the street just before the holidays was made two weeks ago — a decision Woodward justifies with the Bible.

“I don’t know if what’s happening, uh, if it’s a whole because they know it’s a men and women’s shelter, they say, ‘well, we’re homeless — maybe we can find somebody, a mate or something,” he explained, adding that “if they done it right, they’d be fine but they go overboard with it.” Woodward did not explain how they could “done it right.”

Woodward did not explain how they could “done it right,” but he does know that God doesn’t want him to rescue women and girls from dire circumstances because they might use their vaginas for evil. Asked if he would accept children, Woodward said, “Right now, no, because of the female factor.” He says that he will accept boys with their fathers, however, because they have penises.

WYMT reports that Woodward says he came to this decision “based on the Bible” because what he claims was happening “was sinful.” He says that he isn’t blaming the women because “it takes two” but he houses more men than women — especially after kicking every single woman out of the shelter. Currently, women are being directed to a shelter 30 minutes away. “We are not biased or prejudice whatsoever,” he says of his decision to exclude women and girls.

Last year, 38 percent — just under half — of the people housed at the shelter were women. Woodward says that he wants to house women, but would need to renovate the shelter to keep the women and female children from exercising their feminine wiles on the men.

Of course, he did not address the possibility of hot, steamy man-on-man sex or “solo play” — because the problem, obviously, is the female population.

Pastor Kevin Swanson #fundie addictinginfo.org

Calling Pastor Swanson anti-gay is an understatement. He has called being gay “the worst possibly abomination on Earth” and has openly advocated for the death of LGBT individuals in the past numerous times. There was even one occasion on his radio show where he joked about throwing rocks at people who are gay with a fellow Pastor. He somehow thought that was funny....

....Ironically, this wasn’t the most bizarre thing he said at the event. He seems to hate gay people so much, that if he found out his own son were gay, he would “cover himself in cow manure.” Wow. Really?

“There are families, we’re talking Christian families, pastors’ families, elders’ families from good, godly churches, whose sons are rebelling, hanging out with homosexuals and getting married and the parents are invited. What would you do if that was the case? Here is what I would do: sackcloth and ashes at the entrance to the church and I’d sit in cow manure and I’d spread it all over my body. That is what I would do and I’m not kidding, I’m not laughing. I’m grieving, I’m mourning, I’m pointing out the problem.”

Jeff Amyx #fundie addictinginfo.org

A Baptist minister and owner of a Tennessee hardware store is very concerned that “the gays” might handle his tools. Jeff Amyx, who owns Amyx Hardware & Roofing Supplies in Grainger County, Tennessee, reacted to the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision that the definition of “marriage” includes same-sex couples in pretty much the same way the rest of the conservative world did: with an immature and discriminatory action.

Amyx’s frustration with the Supreme Court’s decision took the form of an 8×10-inch paper sign reading in all capital letters:



Pat Robertson #fundie addictinginfo.org

During his show on Wednesday, Robertson read a letter from a concerned mother who wondered if her son’s mental illness was “God’s punishment” because she had an Ouija board in her house when he was young. Robertson replied that it’s possible because she invited demons into her home with the game, like a women he once heard of who watched porn and became possessed:

“I don’t know if God’s punishing you, but you can open the door to demons. There was one lady I heard about who was demon possessed, the demon was being cast out and the demon said, ‘I had permission.’ And permission was that this particular person had gone to a x-rated movie and had gotten all these sex things….so you gave the demon permission to come into your home when you had the Ouija board.”

State of Florida #fundie addictinginfo.org

After news broke that Florida’s Republican governor Rick Scott’s administration had forbid state employees from using the phrase “climate change” during official business, many conservatives claimed that people were overreacting. After all, they reasoned, Rick Scott wouldn’t seriously punish scientists for talking about climate change.

Oh yes, he would.

According to a press release issued by the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, a Land Management Plan Coordinator named Bart Bibler has already been suspended without pay for mentioning in his notes that climate change was discussed at an environmental meeting. His “Official Written Reprimand” cites things like “insubordination” and “conduct unbecoming a public employee.” The reprimand goes on to explain in detail that Bibler was being punished for giving the “appearance” that a meeting had been held to discuss climate change – a no-no in Republican Florida:

“I asked you to provide a summary of the meeting. You first provided a takeaway summary of the meeting, but had provided that summary in a document that used the agenda header from Ann Lazar, the meeting moderator, which gave the appearance that this was Ann’s official meeting agenda that included climate change.“

Later the letter asks Bibler to hereby abstain from inserting “any personal agenda or political advocacy into the work you perform” and to “remain unbiased and impartial, and focused on the issues at hand.”

If the violation is ridiculous, than Bibler’s punishment is doubly so. According to PEER:

As he was given the reprimand on March 9th, Mr. Bibler was told to not return to work for two days which would be charged against his personal leave time. Two days later he received a “Medical Release Form” requiring that his doctor supply the DEP with an evaluation of unspecified “medical condition and behavior” issues before being allowed to return to work.

Only in Rick Scott’s Florida can a man be deemed mentally unfit for agreeing with 97% of the world’s scientists on the state of the Earth’s climate.

Tom Kirby #fundie addictinginfo.org

He pointed out that the Mayo Clinic had created glow in the dark kittens in order to do AIDS research, when they crossed the DNA of cats with that of jellyfish. He went on to say:

“Y’know the mermaids in the ocean, that’s been around for a long time. I don’t think we should create them. But if they exist, that’s fine.”

After opining on mermaids, Kirby moved on to centaurs:

“Y’know I really don’t like centaurs. They really have bad attitudes most of the time and we’ve got enough people with bad attitudes as it is.”

“I think man has been trying to fly forever, [and it would be fine] if it’s a natural genetic mutation.”

“(w)e don’t want to laboratorily [sic] create the werewolf.” (but thinks we should leave the already existing werewolves alone).

Drew Walker #fundie addictinginfo.org

In his latest video, Walker makes it clear that he has the sads because liberals are being mean to him. Walker accuses those who accurately recount the content of his videos, and accurately portray him as a seditionist, racist madman, of “defaming” him, claiming that anyone who uses his publicly-posted videos is “breaking the law.” Of course, as with most of his beliefs, Walker is wrong.

Walker has claimed many times that he is not a racist, but he has no issues calling the President a “porch monkey” in his latest unhinged rant. Walker claims that liberals, who spend too much time attempting to “defame” him, only care about:

your freebies, your free phone, your free insurance, your free this and that that that f*cking piece of shit Obama’s giving you.

No matter what anyone says, Walker informs us in his ever-so-elegant manner, he will continue to be the same hateful and horrible person we have come to pity and mock. With a distant, glazed and confused, yet determined, stare, Walker said that liberals receive sexual gratification from pointing out his many, many faults:

“Sit in the corner and play with yourself like you always do,” he told liberals. “Guarantee every one of you liberal pieces of sh*t are out there whacking your f*cking pecker while you’re sitting there trying to defame me.”

Walker explained that liberals are “nothing more than a waste of human flesh,” adding that “patriots” like him get a “big giggle” over liberals’ more educated nature, and that “patriots” have “facts.”

Walker’s “facts” include a belief that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and is not eligible to be President, that POTUS is a Muslim, and that Sharia Law is creeping into America — a nation that is simultaneously becoming Communist and socialist as liberals subvert the Constitution because Benghazi.

“I will never change, I will never stop, and there’s nothing any of you libtrolls can do to stop me,” the man whose threats toward the President attracted Secret Service attention “a few times,” said.

Walker left us with a parting message:

All you libtrolls, eat sh*t and die. I hope you f*cking choke on the bone in your f*cking soup, and I hope the f*ck you get sh*t stains on your face from kissing that porch monkey’s ass named Barack Obama. F*ck that Muslim piece of goat raping sh*t.

“Got it?” Walker says at the end. “F*ck you, too.”

Saudi Arabian cleric #fundie addictinginfo.org

He says in the video:

“First of all, where are we now? We’re going to Sharjah Airport to travel to China by plane, [is that] clear? Focus with me, this is the Earth”, he says as he holds a sealed cup of water.

He says if the plane stops, “China would be coming towards it in case the Earth rotates in one direction. If the Earth rotates in the opposite direction, the plane would never reach China, because China is also rotating.”

A video is available on the website.

Scott Lively #fundie addictinginfo.org

Scott Lively, the infamous US pastor who instigated Uganda’s ‘Kill The Gays’ legislation says he isn’t ‘anti-gay.’

Lively, who is set to stand trial in the US for his contribution to human rights violations in Uganda, recently blogged about the evil liberal media’s attempt to make him seem like a bad guy, by referring to him as ‘anti-gay.’

According to Pink News, Lively wrote:

“Most irritating and misleading is that all or most of the stories identify me (often in the title) as ‘anti-gay pastor’, as if that were some sort of professional title rather than an editorial comment.

I strongly object to that characterization, which deliberately misrepresents my opposition to the mainstreaming of homosexual conduct as hatred of homosexual persons.

The term ‘anti-gay’ effectively mistranslates the pro-family motto ‘Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin,’ into ‘Hate the Sinner because of the Sin’.

“As such it is not an honest descriptor but a slur, and its use by the media is an act of complicity in a dishonest and manipulative LGBT political tactic.

“Much of what the public falsely believes they know about my views and actions in the culture war is the fruit of this tactic and similar manipulative spin by pro-‘gay’ journalists throughout the industry.”

Following his 2009 visit to Uganda, a government official was quoted as saying:

“We must exterminate homosexuals before they exterminate society.”

Lively posted an update to the ‘Defend the Family’ web page while he was still in Uganda, bragging of the impact his hate-speech had on the people there.

“my host and ministry partner in Kampala, Stephen Langa, was overjoyed with the results of our efforts and predicted confidently that the coming weeks would see significant improvement in the moral climate of the nation, and a massive increase in pro-family activism in every social sphere. He said that a respected observer of society in Kampala had told him that our campaign was like a nuclear bomb against the “gay” agenda in Uganda. I pray that this, and the predictions, are true.”

Shortly after, the ‘kill the gays’ bill was introduced.

Lively is being sued for his role in the persecution of LGBT citizens in Uganda. Incidents of persecution against gays in Uganda have been steadily increasing over the past half decade, since Lively and other right wing fanatics targeted the country as ripe for spreading their distorted gospel of hate. LGBT citizens are attacked, arrested, imprisoned and deprived of basic human rights, such as the right to housing and food and water.

Now that he’s being sued, he claims he’s not responsible for the suffering of the LGBT community, although he went to Uganda with the sole purpose of instigating hatred toward gays. The misinformation that he spread while he was in Uganda, a country in which more than half the population is age 15 or younger, led directly to the increase in persecution seen today.

Now that he’s being sued, he’s not bragging about the ‘nuclear bomb’ he set off in Uganda. In fact, he’s claiming that the rise in persecution of gays in the country had nothing to do with him.

David Moore #fundie addictinginfo.org

On Tuesday, GOP state Rep. David Moore introduced a draconian bill in the state legislature that would amend the state’s indecent exposure laws in a way that would turn Montana into a puritanical society that the Ayatollah of Iran would be proud of.

HB 365 makes it illegal for a person to knowingly expose,
any device, costume, or covering that gives the appearance of or simulates the genitals, pubic hair, anus region, or pubic hair region or exposes any device worn as a cover over the nipple or areola of the female breast that simulates and gives the realistic appearance of a nipple or areola while in a public place or visible from a public place without taking reasonable precautions to prevent exposure, and disregards whether a reasonable person would be offended or alarmed by the act.

In short, even wearing yoga pants in public would be outlawed. How do we know this? Because Moore specifically said so.

“Yoga pants should be illegal in public anyway,” he said according to the Billings Gazette after a committee hearing. Retired professor Walt Hill, who co-wrote the legislation, also made a statement.

“I want Montana to be known as a decent state where people can live within the security of laws and protect their children and associates from degrading and indecent practices. I believe this bill is written preserving that reputation.”

Alecia Penningtons Parents #fundie addictinginfo.org

We are in this earth, but not of it.

19-year-old Alecia Faith Pennington has spent her life so sheltered by her Christian fundamentalist parents that now, as a young adult, she is finding it almost impossible to prove to the government that she actually exists.

For starters, they gave birth to her at home, and declined to get a birth certificate or social security number. She was then homeschooled, and the family never took her to a hospital or doctor’s office.

As a result, this profound lack of documentation has meant that Pennington is a de facto non-entity. She is boxed out of nearly every aspect of social or professional life:

“I am unable to get a driver’s license, get a job, go to college, get on a plane, get a bank account, or vote.”

She is essentially stuck in a dizzying catch-22: You need documentation to get other documentation in order to get the first documentation.

Pennington’s troubles seem to lie squarely with her parents, whom are extremely religious and appear to reject engaging in many of the basics of society that many of us take for granted. Pennington says that she has since left home, unable to deal with her parents’ lifestyle any longer.

Link to video in original article

Pat Robertson #fundie addictinginfo.org

Robertson received an email from a woman who claimed that her grandson disrespects their Christian faith when they visit their daughter on Christmas and chose not to visit this past year.

“We declined going to our daughter’s house on Christmas this year because there is always an argument, hard feelings etc.,” viewer Karen wrote.

“One grandchild comes high on marijuana, cursing and challenging our faith. I correct him and have told my daughter to ask him to respect our beliefs, but he keeps it up. Our daughter say she is a Christian but will drink too much and offend her daughter and her husband. Were we wrong to not to attend another Christmas that leaves us upset or someone angry? I have shared my beliefs many times with them and am ridiculed by this grandson and son-in-law.”

Robertson’s immediate solution? Beat the child until he respects Christianity.

“Somebody take that kid to the woodshed and let him understand the blessings of discipline,” Robertson advised before predicting that the kid would end up in prison if a strong male figure didn’t start beating him right away.

Scott Lively #fundie addictinginfo.org

this week, while he awaited his fate at his crimes against humanity trial, Lively told Trunews that homosexuality should be considered “more offensive” than mass killings, because gay people caused the Great Flood that wiped out the human race.

“Homosexuality is not just another sin,” he said according to Right Wing Watch, “it is the sin that defines rebellion against God, the outer edge of rebellion against God and it is the harbinger of God’s wrath, that’s why the Scripture gives the warning, ‘as in the days of Noah.’”

Pastor Stephen J. Anderson #fundie addictinginfo.org

“And I’m going to tell you something. I hate Barack Obama. You say, well, you just mean you don’t like what he stands for. No, I hate the person. Oh, you mean you just don’t like his policies. No, I hate him,” Anderson said. The Faithful Word pastor added that the President deserves to die because of his support of women’s rights.

“Now, turn back to Psalm 58 and let me ask you this question. Why should Barack Obama melt like a snail? Why should Barack Obama die like the untimely birth of a woman? Why should his children be fatherless and his wife a widow, as we read in this passage?

Well, I will tell you why. Because, since Barack Obama thinks it is OK to use a salty solution, right, to abort the unborn, because that’s how abortions are done, my friend, using salt — and I would like to see Barack Obama melt like a snail tonight.”

“And you’re going to tell me that I’m supposed to pray for the socialist devil murderer infanticide who wants to see young children and he wants to see babies killed through abortion, you’re gonna tell me I’m supposed to pray for God to give him a good lunch tomorrow when he’s in Phoenix, Arizona,” he said to the congregation. “Nope, I’m not gonna pray for his good. I’m going to pray that he dies and goes to Hell…When I go to bed tonight, Stephen J. Anderson is going to pray for Barack Obama to die and go to Hell.”

Laura Ingrahm #fundie addictinginfo.org

Ingraham praised a Utah high school for not letting several girls attend a homecoming dance because their dresses were “immodest.” Ingraham stated that the teens looked much older because of their clothing choices, and in order to prevent things like objectification and date rape, we should “start with the way we appear in public.”

“These are still girls. There are probably young women, probably 9th or 10th grade. And at the same time we’re worried about date rape. At the same time we’re worried about misogynistic behavior or making comments about peoples’ appearances and bullying and all these other things. How about start with the way we appear in public. The way we treat people. How we speak to them. The language we use. And I’m sure a lot of these girls that dress this way, I’m sure they don’t know any better.

If we are trying to remind people that it’s what’s inside that counts, your heart, your spirit, the whole person. Let’s really ensure that the first thing a young boy sees in a girl is not her cleavage, or, you know, her pubic area because her skirt is so short.”

Michelle Bachmann #fundie addictinginfo.org

I believe that Phyllis Schlafly is the most consequential female woman in public policy in the last fifty years of the 20th Century. Had there not been a Phyllis Schlafly, I believe that we wouldn’t have seen a rise of the pro-family movement. Had there not been a rise of the pro-family movement, I don’t believe that there would have been a Ronald Reagan. Without a President Ronald Reagan, I don’t think we would have seen the ability to defeat the evil, and yes that’s what it was, Soviet empire and to bring a conclusion to the Cold War. Just as Ronald Reagan was consequential, Phyllis Schlafly was extremely consequential because she was a tee to tee up this president that we had.

Tucker Carlson & Clayton Morris #fundie addictinginfo.org

CARLSON: This is a sad story.

MORRIS: This is a very sad story. Get out your tissues this morning… According to leaked photos, the new Sony Pictures version of Popeye will look like this: Without the iconic anchor tattoo and the smoking pipe! Are they wussifying Popeye?

CARLSON: Of course, they’re wussifying. Nothing is scarier to a modern liberal than tobacco. If Popeye were driving around giving the morning after [birth control] pill to fourth graders, that would be totally fine. But smoking a pipe, a symbol of freedom and masculinity in America itself, the reason this country exists, tobacco, that’s like, ‘Oh, that’s outrageous. That’s a major sin.’

KOOIMAN: The thing with Popeye is that Popeye was designed for one reason because it had a nice message for children… Popeye taught you to eat your spinach… And if you smoke, you might get lung cancer.

CARLSON: No child has ever smoked a pipe because of Popeye.

MORRIS: I watched Popeye as a child and I never felt the need to smoke a corncob pipe.

CARLSON: Well, I did, because of Popeye.

Pat Robertson #fundie addictinginfo.org

My husband and I are in our 80s and have been tithing for many years. We both love the Lord and give willingly and our tithe is over 10 percent…but we never have an extra penny after our monthly bills are paid. Our old car just broke down and we had to borrow money to fix it. We both need dental work, but we can’t afford it. I constantly have to use our credit card to pay for medical needs… What could we be doing wrong?

In response, Robertson suggested they sell their belongings on eBay or go back to work. He also told them that God would grant them a blessing if they asked for one. The one thing he didn’t tell them is to give a little less of their income to church so that they can take care of themselves.

“There are many ways of making money, even at 80-years-old,” Robertson said.

Andrew Napolitano #racist addictinginfo.org

At the time that he was the president of the United States, slavery was dying a natural death all over the western world. It had just been expired by a legislation in England. It had just dies a natural death. That is, it was no longer economically feasible in Puerto Rico and Brazil. And the southern plantation owners were on the cusp of dying here. Instead of allowing it to die or helping it to die or even purchasing the slaves and then freeing them, which would have cost a lot less money than the civil war cost, Lincoln set about on the most murderous war in American history.

Over seven hundred and fifty thousand soldiers and civilians, all Americans, died. That’s more people killed as a result of American military action in one war than in all wars combined.

That of course spawned Jim Crow. That of course spawned the Ku Klux Klan. That of course spawned the need for a Martin Luther King.which was a good end result from that. But the so called freedom that Lincoln thought he was bringing, wouldn’t come about for another hundred and twenty five years because of its birth in violence and its birth in government violence rather than its birth in the natural progress of human freedom…

Lincoln soldiers, burnt court houses, robbed banks, raped women, destroyed crops, killed civilians and they were lauded for it as heroic. And they did this to their fellow Americans. This is hardly something out of which a myth or godlike stature you would expect to come. And yet it did because of the demonizing of the South.

Sons of Liberty #fundie addictinginfo.org

[This letter was sent to a mixed-race family the day after Christmas.]

Sons of Liberty




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If Congress wants to stop these tragedies, then it has to address the government’s own hostility to the institution of the family and organizations that can address the real problem: the human heart. As I’ve said before, America doesn’t need gun control, it needs self-control. And a Congress that actively discourages it–through abortion, family breakdown, sexual liberalism, or religious hostility–is only compounding the problem.

Detroit Police Department #fundie addictinginfo.org

Imagine that you are homeless in Detroit. You have an area where you know you are safe, where you can find food and shelter if you ask. Now imagine that a cop grabs you from the street, throws you into a van, drives you to the edge of the city or even a suburb and then kicks you out. That’s what the ACLU is accusing the Detroit PD of doing.: they filed a complaint with the Justice Department against the DPB this week.

The complaint comes at the end of a year-long investigation into claims that the department routinely drove homeless people to areas unfamiliar to them, leaving them to get back on their own. They will approach homeless people, especially in tourist areas like Greektown, force them into vans and drive them miles away, the complaint alleges. Sometimes the officers would even take what little money they had, leaving them with no recourse but to walk back to the city. Sometimes the homeless victims would even be left in neighboring towns and suburbs like Dearborn and River Rouge.

Speaking for the ACLU of Michigan, staff attorney Sarah Mehta told the local CBS affiliate:

“DPD’s practice of essentially kidnapping homeless people and abandoning them miles away from the neighborhoods they know – with no means for a safe return — is inhumane, callous and illegal. The city’s desire to hide painful reminders of our economic struggles cannot justify discriminating against the poor, banishing them from their city, and endangering their lives. A person who has lost his home has not lost his right to be treated with dignity.” (source)

The ACLU was contacted by the St. Peter and Paul Jesuit Church Warming Center, a homeless shelter. They told the organization about several homeless people who were “taken for a ride” by DPB officers. One such story came from Andrew Sheehan, a 36-year-old who used to be homeless but is now working at a grocery store:

“I had my back turned to him and I did not see him approaching, and the first thing he did was he kicked me. He didn’t identify himself as an officer and he kicked me and told me to get up. I asked him if I was free to go. He told me no.” (source)

The organization has published the stories of five homeless people who were kidnapped and harassed by Detroit police. You can read the stories here.

According to the ACLU’s complaint, some of the homeless who were taken had to walk many miles to get back to downtown shelters. This puts them in danger from a variety of sources, especially in the middle of winter.

The ACLU has asked the Department of Justice to investigate the allegations. They have also asked the city to issue a directive to police officers to desist this practice immediately.

This is unconscionable, but it’s not new. Removing the vagrants and undersirables from where the “regular” people might be upset by them is an old practice, according to Samuel Walker, a police accountability expert:

“This is a familiar story with a long history in policing. You do wonder what did this Police Department learn from the consent decree experience?” (source)

Detroit’s Chief of Police, Chester Logan, declined to comment, saying that he had not yet seen the complaint. The AP was also unable to get comments from Mayor Dave Bing or the city’s emergency manager, Kevyn Orr. Not surprising.

This bad economy has seen an uptick in the homeless situation. Yes, it makes some of us uncomfortable to see them, perhaps because we see more of ourselves in them than we would care to admit. But ignoring the problem won’t solve it and taking these people to the edge of town and exposing them to danger is not the way to handle it. Detroit’s police need to look inside and find their better nature before they get someone killed.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R) #fundie addictinginfo.org

We know al Qaeda has camps over with the drug cartels on the other side of the Mexican border. We know that people are now being trained to come in and act like Hispanic [sic] when they’re radical Islamists. We know these things are happening. And we need… It’s just insane not to protect ourselves and make sure that people come in as most people do… They want the freedoms we have.

Boy Scouts of America #fundie addictinginfo.org

[Survey questions about homosexuality sent out to Boy Scouts and their parents.]

Bob is 15 years old, and the only openly gay Scout in a Boy Scout troop. Is it acceptable or unacceptable for the troop leader to allow Bob to tent with a heterosexual boy on an overnight camping trip?

Tom started in the program as a Tiger Cub, and finished every requirement for the Eagle Scout Award at 16 years of age. At his board of review Tom reveals that he is gay. Is it acceptable or unacceptable for the review board to deny his Eagle Scout award based on that admission?

Johnny, a first grade boy, has joined Tiger Cubs with his friends. Johnny’s friends and their parents unanimously nominate Johnny’s mom, who is known by them to be lesbian, to be the den leader. Johnny’s pack is chartered to a church where the doctrine of that faith does not teach that homosexuality is wrong. Is it acceptable or unacceptable for his mother to serve as a den leader for his Cub Scout den?

A troop is chartered by an organization that does not believe homosexuality is wrong and allows gays to be ministers. The youth minister traditionally serves as the Scoutmaster for the troop. The congregation hires a youth minister who is gay. Is it acceptable or unacceptable for this youth minister to serve as the Scoutmaster?

David, a Boy Scout, believes that homosexuality is wrong. His troop is chartered to a church where the doctrine of that faith also teaches that homosexuality is wrong. Steve, an openly gay youth, applies to be a member in the troop and is denied membership. Is it acceptable or unacceptable for this troop to deny Steve membership in their troop?

A gay male troop leader, along with another adult leader, is taking a group of boys on a camping trip following the youth protection guidelines of two-deep leadership. Is it acceptable or unacceptable for the gay adult leader to take adolescent boys on an overnight camping trip?

The current Boy Scouts of America requirements, stated above, prohibit open homosexuals from being Scouts or adult Scout leaders. To what extent do you support or oppose this requirement?

Different organizations that charter Boy Scout troops have different positions on the morality of homosexuality. Do you support or oppose allowing charter organizations to follow their own beliefs when selecting Boy Scout members and adult leaders, if that means there will be different standards from one organization to the next?

What is your greatest concern if the policy remains in place and openly gay youth and adults are prohibited from joining Scouting?

What is your greatest concern if the policy is changed to allow charter organizations to make their own decisions to admit openly gay Scouts and leaders?

Do you believe the current policy prohibiting open homosexuals from being Scouts or adult Scout leaders is a core value of Scouting found in the Scout Oath and Law?

If the Boy Scouts of America makes a decision on this policy that disagrees with your own view, will you continue to participate in the Boy Scouts, or will you leave the organization?

Linda Harvey #fundie addictinginfo.org

“How do you feel about open homosexuals tending to your child in a health care setting? Do you think these folks provide good role modeling at a time when your child is very vulnerable? I was thinking about this recently when I heard that Children’s Hospital in Columbus has a homosexual employees group called NCHARGE, which stands for Nationwide Children’s Hospital’s Advocates Representing Gay Employees. The meeting minutes of this groups reveal that they participated in last June’s gay pride parade, that they participated in a health expo on adolescent health this summer and that they’re concerned about same-sex partner benefits. They’re also planning to be identified with rainbow lapel pins.

But let’s say your eleven year-old has broken her leg rather badly and needs to be in the hospital a few days, which would you prefer: a nurse who’s proud of her lesbianism, who has rainbow identifiers on her work clothing, or a nurse who does not?

I would like to suggest that parents think long and hard about this. If you want your children to admire people who proclaim a homosexual lifestyle, they’re involvement with your child during a hospital stay is sure to be an influence. And let me be clear that folks involved in these behaviors can be certainly competent workers but they are tacking on to their workplace identity one that is highly offensive to many people and can be erroneously influential to children who won’t, or shouldn’t, see the whole picture of how this behavior really manifests itself.

Here’s what parents can do: select your pediatrician very carefully, first of all. There are a few homosexual doctors treating kids, there are far more nurses, LPNs, technicians and other health care workers in these lifestyles so you may want to consider writing a letter that you file with your pediatrician that should your child ever be hospitalized, you do not want your child to be treated or cared for by one of these members of the Children’s Hospital gay employees group except in the case of an emergency situation. But for routine in-hospital care where contact with your child would be required, your values should be respected.”

destiny #fundie addictinginfo.org

(Regarding the Fruitland, TN church which assaulted a pastor's gay son and his lover on his father's orders)

gays have their own churches they dont need to mock christans with perverse lifestyles and I know about their churches because my gay dad forced me to go to one with him…gays are very sick…and no where does the bible say that lifestyle is right or that he would bless the gays if they got married…gays need to just shut up live their lives and stop causing trouble for themselves. so if they didnt want to get beat up they did have other choices.

Grace Fellowship Church, Fruitland, TN #fundie addictinginfo.org

No one would be surprised to learn that there are right-wing Christians in this country who disapprove of homosexuality. Neither would it come as a surprise that in rural parts of this country, Christianity and homosexuality when brought together, can create a highly combustible mix.

But who could imagine the hate and rage that would motivate a Pastor to instruct deacons and members of his congregation, Grace Fellowship Church in Fruitland, TN. to physically attack a couple arriving in the church parking lot last Wednesday?

The fact that one of the gay men attacked happened to be the Pastor’s own son, Jerry Pittman, Jr., no doubt contributed to Pittman senior’s noxious edict. According to Pittman Jr., after hearing his Dad yell, “SICK’EM!:”

“My uncle and two other deacons came over to the car per my dad’s request. My uncle smashed me in the door as the other deacon knocked my boyfriend back so he couldn’t help me, punching him in his face and his chest. The other deacon came and hit me through my car window in my back.”

The attackers also verbally assaulted the couple continually with anti-gay verbiage which continued even after a Sheriff’s Deputy arrived on the scene. Bystanders and other congregants made no effort to stop the assault. For that matter, neither did the Deputy Sheriff. Once the barrage of punches ended, the Deputy refused to let the two victims press charges.

Jerry Pittman Jr. and his boyfriend, Dustin Lee, have since filed charges against two of the men who beat them as well as Pastor Jerry Pittman. A hearing has been scheduled in Gibson County Court for Tuesday, October 4th.

One can’t help but wonder if Pastor Pittman really thinks Jesus would back him up on this assault?

Linda Harvey #fundie addictinginfo.org

Linda Harvey, the founder of Mission America, says that LGBT people don’t exist. She made the comments during her weekend broadcast while she was attacking the Gay, Lesbian, And Straight Education Network.

Harvey was particularly perturbed by the GLSEN Sports Program which works towards “creating and maintaining an athletic and physical education climate that is based on the core principles of respect, safety and equal access for all students, teachers and coaches regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.”

Harvey believes there is no need for such a program because according to her, there is no proof that LGBT people exist.

Harvey: “There’s one big fact that’s not backed up. There is no proof that there’s ever anything like a gay, lesbian or bisexual or transgendered child, or teen or human. One of the other things you’re gonna see as I mentioned is a big campaign GLSEN’s gonna roll out this year calling for ‘respect,’ respect! Not just for people, but for homosexual lifestyle. The PR campaign to hold up gay as a good thing: the lifestyle, not the person, because there are no such humans.”