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Recently, I saw a statistic that 3% of Chinese families don’t have a father in their homes. 4% of Indian families (India) don’t have a father in their homes. 23% of American families don’t have a father in their homes. 6-7 times more American families don’t have a father in their home than in China or India.

Why do I bring this up? I believe for many young Americans; Barack Obama is a father figure.

I believe Obama is a CIA-created character, and I don’t think it’s that big of a stretch to believe he was at least partially created to be a father figure for young Americans who were desperately in need of one. He may not physically be in their homes, but he was in their homes every night on the television. He was, in the eyes of many, the perfect dad—calm, cool and dare I say, caring.
If not for Obama’s presidency, we probably wouldn’t have men using women’s bathrooms, or children mutilating their own bodies because they believe they were born in the wrong body, or transvestite drag queens reading pornography to children in public libraries, or as much racial tension, or athletes taking a knee during the National Anthem. Actually, if Obama was never created by the CIA, what would we even be talking about today? Imagine someone going into a coma in 2007 and waking up today: would they even recognize the world they now live in?
When people say the Covid mandates and the Trans, LGBTQ+, and woke policies in general are straight out of Nazi Germany, they aren’t exaggerating. What we are currently experiencing was used 80 to 90 years ago to create the Nazi Party. There is very little difference between the two.

The purpose of the Hitler Youth and the indoctrination that is happening to the youth of America today is to steal a generation away from its parents and grandparents. The Deep State, through Obama, understands that children are more easily molded than older adults. Children can be effectively shaped through propaganda, fear and fear of being ostracized.



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