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(Part 2)

She refused to accept defeat and fought autism. She religiously kept to her medications in spite of their side effects. We all wanted a cure, so that she can chase her dream and live a normal life like every other child. But the more she takes these medications, the more her school grade drop. She couldn’t concentrate and we noticed that her memory was being severely adversely affected. Each time we went back to the hospital, her medicines were changed to a different one. Seems like, each change of drug brings about change in side effects. After about 6 years on Abilify , Geodon , and other medicines, it seemed the autism started to increase in frequency. I had to make effort to reduce her medicines with plans to eventually stop it all. We found an alternative treatment in homeopathy, which was better than her English drugs. Gradually, I reduced her drugs, and her autism were no longer as frequent as it was as when she was on conventional drugs.
With our little breakthrough with homeopathy treatment, we made further search for natural cure. Fortunately we saw testimonies about herbal medicines which cure autism. We saw a lot of claims though, contacted them and didn’t get a useful reply. Lucky for us, we finally got a reply from Doctor Williams, he directed us to his blog where we saw a lot of information about his herbal medicine . Without further delay I made a purchase for her, I switched her over to it. We had great breakthrough, that in 3 weeks, her autism reduced. After 1 months as Doctor Williams promised , all autism symptoms stopped. It was like a miracle for us. since all this days now Lesia became autism free. Her story is quite lengthy, I hope it also help someone out there.for more information you can email Dr Williams on drwilliams098675@gmail.com

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Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth. By simply not mentioning certain subjects... totalitarian propagandists have influenced opinion much more effectively than they could have by the most eloquent denunciations.

Aldous Huxley

The American Main Stream Media obfuscates, spins and lies as a part of it's job to support the Fascist designs of the Progressive left.

Hence, while cites are literally still smoking from the fires lit by the BLM/AntiFa Fascists they support, Chris Wallace asks the most transparent "When did you stop beating your wife?" question in the history of this country. His insistence that Trump demand that the Proud Boys not engage in violence, while the legions of Brown Shirt-BLM-AntiFa shithells have literally been in the streets, violently attacking people, buildings, business' and the Rule Of Law for the last 3 years and especially the last 3 months, is the ultimate, gas lighting of the American people.

The evil Triumvirate of the DNC, the 4th Estate and the Deep State want to "Burn it down", in order to rule over the ashes of what was once your hopes, dreams and economy.

Fuck these people, they are literally devils.

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[Submitter’s note: this is not a joke. I repeat, not a joke. Again, NOT A JOKE. This is on his profile.]

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David J. Stewart
Interests: preaching the King James Bible, playing musical instruments, finding a fairly attractive Christian woman to marry before Jesus returns

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At one time a Negro couldn't even look at a white woman without risking getting lynched. Now we have a Negro sitting between a white woman's legs on the cover of a magazine that is asking why America fears a black planet. Everything that America stood for and valued has been turned upside down, defiled, and destroyed. I wish the old segregationists could see America now. Never in their worst nightmares could they have imagined such a future. I wonder if white men will ever even try to fight back.

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"underage girls is illegal, how am I going to have sex then without ending up in jail? answer me that question."

I will try to answer it for you. This very much depends on your age and location. In some areas of the world it would likely be too risky to try something like that and then you must travel to Asia. In other areas the risk of somewhat lower.

If the risk isn't very high like in some areas of America, try creating a facebook acc as a teen and fill it up with content. Have 100s of fake friends if need be. Then start messaging teenage girls. Look for apps that are for teens that want to create "friendships". Go to some school forums or local forums/facebook groups for teens. Be resourceful in trying to play a teen. I've heard of cases of in their 20s and 30s actually attending high school classes for a semester. Not in some African country but United States !

Also, do you hate modern Western women? Do you believe they should have no rights and that they're just worthless sluts? Eivind might not agree on this as his years long relationship might have softened him but I know that the tastes of modern Western women are irreparably broken and that the only thing they deserve is to be used and that laws should not apply to them.

Have you read my text on limited political pedophilia? It states

"I am a limited political pedophile.

What does this mean?

I am not attracted to female children below the age of 12, but I would still have sex with a modern Western female even younger, even a toddler.


Because I hate almost all modern Western women and don't care what happens to them. I know they will all become worthless sluts who will fuck the dirtiest men around (actual omegas - http://www.coalpha.org/Misuse-of-terms-l...95159.html) and that they will reject any male who will be interested in a serious relationship, let alone marriage. They might marry a beta when they're 35 or so just so he can feed their disgusting omega spawn but even then they'll fuck dirtbags who will still have them.

I don't care what happens to almost any Western female toddler (excluding women from sane groups in the West, like Amish, Mormons, Mennonites or Orthodox Jews). Would I get hard on 3 year old female toddler were I to get one? I don't know, I honestly haven't been with one before. But even if I could not, I'd still try to lick its vagina or something like that, just for experiment. I suspect it would be easier with some developed girl who is like 11. I have no doubt I'd be attracted to her and would fuck her well.

The point isn't attraction. Were I attracted to below 12 jailbaits I'd be sure I could get it hard even for a 3 year-old, but I can't be sure of that right now for reasons I've mentioned - a) I am not attracted to them now b) I have never been with somebody who is, like, a toddler.
The point is something else completely -as a modern Western female, you have no rights in my eyes. You are lost, broken, tainted, worthless. You will never be anything than a public urinal. You have no capability of being a good wife or a mother.

On the other hand, I'd never act in ways I described with a female from a non-feminist country !

So in that sense I am a political pedophile, in a limited sense (I am not a political pedophile toward non-feminist women). "

This is why I am for violence even against women younger than 12, though I am talking about it from a moral perspective and not saying anybody should go and do it now (for safety reasons). If you apply this view you will lose sight of the non-existent moral reasons for not treating such women violently, but it will sharpen you to avoiding criminal charges. It will ultimately be a good thing. These women deserve nothing better.

If you employ the mindset I have as limited political pedophile to women older than 12 as well you will no longer have moral qualms about raping them. So maybe that would become an option as well.

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bold is mine

Gally, I will reply to you though my goal isn't so much for you to read it, as you're a delusional idiot, but to make an intelligent reader, somebody who really wants to learn about this stuff, see why you're wrong and misrepresenting a lot of what we believe.

"Being anti-masturbation and anti-porn has NOTHING to do with fighting against feminist anti-male sex laws. "

Jesus, what idiocy ! Of course they don't have nothing to do with it. You're right. You know what it has to do with? Actual improvement in male lives. Making it easier for healthy, reasonable males to get women. Which masturbation actively impedes by making them less motivated to do so. But the fuck would you know about any of that?

That's basically the reply to that entire paragraph of utter bs. Let's go on...

"You're validating their whole enterprise. The whole feminist movement has been a response to the ever greater range of sexual alternatives for men to the average woman on the street (and women are getting more and more average by the day, at least in the West). "

You have no idea why and how feminism comes about. Today's males have far less sexual choices than those in 1970s, when there was less feminism. Another thing that's a waste of time to discuss with you.

"How the hell can you seriously rage against feminist anti-porn laws when you agree with the feminist junk science basis for them?"

Which "junk science" are you rambling about? Feminists were never against masturbation, in fact they deem it to be an acceptable "solution" as their idea of a nightmare is whites having any kind of sex. But this is also something you're too stupid to get.

"You also completely fail to see what's going to be happening in the next few decades."

No, in fact you do. Your idea of robots replacing women in that women will not happen. And I'll tell you why. There's several reasons. First of all, the technology won't develop. In late 1998 people believed they'd have robots as servants and various other stuff by 2018. We don't. We have been stagnating technologically since around 2000 and your fantasies simply won't happen. Chances are that technology will decline, not improve with times.
Other issue is that there's still a lot of shame connected to using such technology.

But there's one reason that is much more crucial - men and women still want to be with each other. I still meet women 13-40 with my online ads, because modern Western women, as messed up as they are, still are looking for somebody to control them and own the shit of them, to put them in their place. You won't replace this and the male need to do so with any robots and virtual reality.

And there's a more important reason as well- why would we want to do so? Can you marry a robot, have a child with a robot? No? So what is the point, anyway? Why live in a virtual reality and knowing you'll never procreate? You think men like fschmidt, Nathan or myself would have kids if we did so? Why don't you just take drugs or kill yourself if you don't want to live in the real world?

"This is the last thing men need in the face of the tsunami of anti-porn based feminist sex puritan laws."

No. This would be a blessing, which he understands full well as he's not as dumb as you are. It would make thousands of men get off their asses and take women.

"'I'd go as far to say as you're as much of an enemy to men as feminists are at this stage"

No, he's just not a delusional idiot like you.

"And given all the work you've done for the last couple of decades, includes bravely standing up to the Norwegian State, that's a real tragedy."

Standing up to delusional idiots like yourself, who pretend to be their friends (unlike the less perverse Norwegian state) is also quite brave. As I told you, he's just not a delusional idiot like you.

"yet if you can point to one single pro cannabis legalization activist (let alone 'the leader') who actually promotes the idea that smoking cannabis is harmful and should be avoided, then I'll apologize to you and become a 'Male Sexualist'."

No. Another thing you get completely wrong. An actual comparison would be "find me a cannabis legalization activist who actively promotes harmful chemical alternatives to pot that are known to destroy people's lives". And that is what masturbation is - a shade of actual sexuality, nothing. A dangerous tool that makes you complacent and unlikely to seek out actual sex. If you think being a male sexualist is about helping males jerk themselves off in dark rooms... Well, I'll just say that getting rid of that would be the first step to not being an idiot.

"We're struggling to get more than a dozen followers out of the 3 billion men on the planet affected by feminist sex laws"

But feminist sex laws would collapse quickly if men stopped jerking off. Because, guess what? You are not a hebephile. There's no such thing. All sane men would sleep with 12 year-old girls and younger. And they'll be much more motivated to so when they don't jack off. When millions do it regularly, and they will when boys are discouraged from masturbating, it will be easy.

"Islamic minded anti-masturbation incels who crave spending their lives with a HB4 just when AI sex robots and virtual reality sex are becoming real??"

No, no, no, no.... Just no.

Everything wrong and stupid. The problem with the term incels is lookism and cultism, which didn't exist when I was in charge more, as I explained in my June article. This is directly connected to their takeover of the term after July 2016, Also, you miss the real point. Incels aren't meant to be popular or liked, of course feminists will hate them. The point is to promote actual solutions, which don't have to do with looks but are extremely contrary to feminism (finding non-feminist wives, rape etc). When men who call themselves incel seek actual solutions then the term will be seen more seriously. The idea that you will get a political solution in Western countries is pure idiocy. I just want to help men improve their everyday's lives. Politics is a waste of time and these countries like Norway will collapse like all countries which adopted their policies did.

It's your stupidity and idiocy and listening to mainstream media that you believe incel is some political term or whatever. It isn't. You're a fucking incel.

My goal is simply to improve the lives of men, not some great political solutions you dream of.

I already addressed the robot thing. Your assumptions about the state of technology and human nature are wrong.

If I chose robots instead of women I'd never have a daughter now, for example. Or several girlfriends or willing sexual partners, not to mention less willing ones.

Also, I'd like to address some of the shit you said before, some of which I painstakingly translated..

-Eivind's ideas on women being the owners of sex don't mean that men can't reject sex. They just mean women forcing it on them should be very lightly punishable. If I don't want chocolate that moment and somebody force feeds me some delicious chocolate am I some great victim? That's nonsense ! And Eivind did say that in cases of harsher violence these women should be charged with assault. But for giving somebody chocolate, which is how men see women's sexuality? Of course not. Another thing you'd know if you weren't a brainwashed house negro.

- No, male fetuses masturbating in wombs aren't a problem. Males usually develop first serious interest at women at around 12-14. Besides, their penises are usually too small to be properly masturbated before around 10-11-12, so they masturbate them the way clitorises are played with before that age (at least that is my experience). So such males don't develop penile sensitivity and can be successfully directed to have sex with rl girls of similar age of slightly younger/older. See how stupid and clueless you are?

Also, remember just one thing, Gally. Sperm doesn't ask. It doesn't ask if you're worthy enough, if you achieved this or that, if you have this or that level of consent or respect. It just impregnates. Think about that. So impregnate somebody. Do your role in the world.

I was attacked for saying I should have killed 12 year-old girls with C4 and burning rubber tires around their necks, but guess what? THIS IS WHAT MODERN WESTERN WOMEN WANT. What they don't want is anybody of IQ above that of a goldfish and any respect. This went down the drain from the first moment they got basic "rights" like suffrage, which are nothing but privileges that enable the destruction of society.

Oh, and another thing. Regarding islamic minded incels, you're completely wrong, as usual. Those in such communities who are most islamic minded, like myself or fschmidt, aren't even incel anymnore. Most actual incels, at least by my definition, are lookist fools who know nothing about history or wqmen's nature, want to have consensual sex (and nothing else) with dirty Western sluts who get raped regularly anyway and don' give a fuck about it, and then they're are angry when this fails.

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"Well parts of wise sociology is harm-reduction.

Say we have a person who is attracted to minors, and we construct the two opposing choices between 1) telling him that he is a monster and is going to offend sooner or later, and 2) telling him that he is a perv and lots of people are pervs and to stay clean off of minor-sex"

Neither of these is any harm reduction.

You explain why proposition nr 1 is wrong but what you should understand is that nr 2 is much, much worse.

- Calling somebody a "perv" would actually offend a sane person much more than the word "monster". A "perv" means... what? It sounds like a bunny dropping of a fifth rate mind.

-What do you care what lots of people are?

- Staying clean of minor sex is a horrible idea. First of all, bad/evil laws are there to be broken. And these laws are the epitome of evil so they should be broken, just like many German laws from WW2 should have been broken.

- The sole idea that somebody will abstain from sex due to laws in insane. It shows a fundamental misreading of human nature. You are like those idiots who tell incels to just "forget about women", while forgetting themselves that no incel would exist if their forefathers had "forgotten about women". A good advice to pedos should be- offend, offend, offend, as much as you can ! It is no offense at all. Of course one needs to worry about his safety as well as cops and many brainwashed civilians really enforce and believe in these laws but no sane human being will give up on sex due to laws. Horrible, abominable laws in that.

- You also forget the very important and ever present racial issue here. Most people who believe in these laws would also like to enforce laws in which you'd be hunted down and killed just for being white. They are dangerous, insane and shouldn't be listened to.

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Regarding all this "paedophilia" crap I more and more see the idiotic argument that every adult is automatically in a position of authority over an teen.

What nonsense !

The idea that adults always have a power over a teen in sexual relationships is an ridiculous lie. If you have a teen of about 13 with some intelligence and a needy guy of, say, 25, with not much success with women, guess what will happen? Once she gives him pussy she basically has all the power over him.

SHE WILL PROBABLY LEARN HOW TO CONTROL HIM, believe it or not. She will learn she has something he needs badly and will use that to her advantage. The guy literally has to do what she asks for sex, she makes him buy her stuff and do stuff for her, and at any times she can withhold sex and manipulate him that way.

The idea that HE is somehow in charge is so absurd and unrelated to reality that it boggles the mind. Even if he had some sexual experience before her and she had none it doesn't matter at all, since doesn't stop her from realizing the power she has and using it like a pro.

I have seen this first hand, from an experience my, um, "friend" had :D

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2000 years ago I lived as Jacob who people call James, and was known as the Brother of Yeshua/Jesus. Many times myself and the other disciples were sent back into the world to guide true seekers in TheWay. Visit my web sites and behold the Truth that the Church has been concealing from you. The Kingdom is Spiritual, and can only be entered by those who are themselves Spiritual.

Those who pick up their own cross and walk in TheWay, are able to enter the Inner Kingdom and learn directly from the Lord. While Jews and Christians ignore Yeshua's words that the Kingdom will never come upon the earth, because it is within you -- and you must overcome the Laws that enable you to bring about the next stage of birth that permits you to enter into the Inner Kingdom -- this reality that Yeshua stated remains true.

As one who has myself walked in TheWay -- and spent many lifetimes re-entering this world to guide other sincere seekers in TheWay -- I am here as a witness and guide to others who seek the Truth and the Kingdom.

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Well, Eivind, I congratulate you on your final victory. Predictably, all those idiots who chastised you when you were arrested and celebrated when your detention period was initially extended in July 2012 are now completely silent.

But what can you expect from such vermin? The amount of lies and hysteria they can produce is truly astounding, kinda like this nutjob in the comments who claimed you were under suspicion for murder in 1999 Norway when you didn't even live there at the time. But this is probably some of the less crazy shit they said. I remember liberals saying you were the author of Emma's posts, then that got your girlfriend because you bought her since she's a destitute Russian or entire campaigns to get you off University because your beliefs about rape somehow meant you are a rapist. These people have no knowledge of the material world. Their fantasies and incorrect nonsense is all that exists for them. They are dangerous, they are maniacs and they hate you because you're white, straight and male. They don't give a fuck about any rape or age of consent or whatever.

The groups they find immune to criticism could rape their mothers, sisters or daughters and they'd be ok with it. The groups they find immune to criticism can rape newborns, it's all ok to liberals since these groups can't be criticized since they lack privilege. You have to understand that to a liberal actual definition of rape is any rape a straight white male has at any time. They are self-hating freaks and monsters and they will get what's coming to them very soon. They have already basically stopped reproducing and turned women over to groups like Muslims and they have no biological or ideological future. Nobody wants a pathetic mangina who asks for consent over and over again every millimeter. Women want men who do what they wish with them, it is in their nature. Consent is a very useful concept within an environment of patriarchal civilization. Today it's a gone concept. You cannot have consent as something that is demanded of just one group of people and liberals actually believe that just one group of people has to think about "consent". And even when they do get consent they still hate this group !

Liberals have no chance with any of these women and they have only decreased their chances by making the women in their countries basically a monopoly of the Muslims. And in the end these same Muslims will destroy the liberals who cherish them so much and that is a good thing. Western world has forfeited its future. It is gone. It can no longer be saved.

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I just add this 4 all the feminist motherfukers:

Here the way to go: if she can bleed, she can breed. (yeah, your OWN little princess, precisely)

@ eivind: about rape you were right 8 years ago and you are now even more.

Allah Hafiz.

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You pointed out an intersting poin that actually does not exist: my fault, sorry.
I forgot to point that Saudi Arabia has an huge problem with spinsterhood. So, saudi men have already the chaches to get women.
In my opinion is a law manufactured just against men like me, who decide to live their life following a law that is noth the one of their contries, to make impossible for us to get decent women even if we move there.
In other countries like Pakistan, where men are weakened by western propaganda through satanic sluts like Malala, the feminists managed to pass the very same law of the west, like aoc at 16.
Since in Saudi Arabia it is not possible because local men would rise up, alhamdulillah!!!, they managed at least to ruin the lives of oppressed desperate western men who were getting ready to move.
It's the war on western men.

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Men who are exceptional natural pickup artists don't have those skills magically kick in at the age of consent, you know, like dimwitted feminists believe. The qualities that make some men promiscuous in adulthood obviously also tend to make them more attractive to women and hence sexually active in adolescence. So you should logically expect a boy who is having sex with women at 12 to also get more women than his peers later in life. Only an utter moron or a feminist would conclude that the latter promiscuity was caused by early "abuse," which of course isn't abuse at all but rather an expression of superior fitness, the same alpha traits that make men incredibly successful with women later as well. Blaming promiscuity on early sexual experiences, and pretending it is bad, makes as much sense as saying Bill Gates became a billionaire because of childhood abuse. And that the rest of us should be so glad we weren't abused, because then we would go out and become billionaires, which only someone abused would do, and easily could do just because he was abused...

The notion that superior fitness can be caused by "abuse," and statutory abuse at that, arbitrarily defined into existence by feminist legislators, is mind-bogglingly insane. Yet this is what feminists literally claim. Please try to do some independent thinking before accepting their harebrained theories.

caamib #sexist blogger.com

"No is because you don’t actually feel sorry for these people. To things like you stories of horrific assaults are just wank material for you."

I do feel sorry for people who get unjustified sentences due to maniacs like you and I don't wank on stories of horrific assaults. In fact, even as late as 2013 I COULDN'T GET IT UP WHEN A WOMAN I COERCED INTO SEX WAS THRASHING BELOW ME WHEN I TRIED TO PUT IT IN HER, despite the fact that 1. she came to my home 2. we already arranged what prize she should be given 3. she even blew me to get me hard to finally put it her 4. we even joked around later that day. This changed drastically later but what you don't understand is that most "horrific assaults" done to women today is caused by feminism, which made decent men unable to get consensual sex. That's why they must resort to rape - because consensual sex in the West is basically impossible to get unless you're really, really evil. There's exceptions but they're extremely rare.

" Hell one of your pedophile friends on you Wordpress blog asked a women victim to detail her date rape"

And what is wrong about this? Unlike maniacs like you, I don't fetishize rape to be some greatest crime and trauma on Earth. Oh, wait, neither do you if the rapist isn't a white male, and you'd let your mothers and sisters be raped by classes you see as underprivileged. But let's get back to this. This woman was under no obligation to reply so what? Btw, you know who also asks this of women who claim to have been raped? Institutions like courts do. Another thing you'd like to do away with !

"I made sure to spread his profile around to people who are willing to contact him and tell him what he outta do."

Where? To my e-mail? Nobody is even sending me any hate mail these days. Everybody knows I just get a kick out of it.

"Because of people like you I have the job that I have, out of all the hundreds of kids I’ve seen only 36 were abused by “child molesters.” "

If that's true I'd fear for the safety of anybody working with or being around such an insane, hysterical person. Adults, children, whatever. You are the ones with skeletons in your closet, I am probably not talking metaphorically. Just look at your post.

" The rest were attacked by pedophiles, pedophiles who caused lasting physical and mental injuries. Injuries so horrific some adults don’t even recover let alone a 3-year old who is repeatedly raped."

This isn't what Eivind is talking about, but now that you mention it I'll be honest - I'm not sorry. Regardless if kids were male or female, not sorry. I hate 99,9 percent of modernist Westerners and want only the worse for them. If some get abused, traumatized or even killed I don't care, no matter what the age. They would or are to grow up as bad, bad people. You are a grown up Westerner and you're a bad person. And so will/would they be.

" Pedophiles who drove 15 of these kids to kill themselves, deaths that I personally witnessed..... I’ve witnessed countless other suicide attempts by crazed victims who want their nightmares to stop....t. She killed herself when she was 10 years old not too long after I walked into an old run down shed after hearing her screaming and crying and telling the two pedophiles raping her to stop. Because of your kind she’s dead. I held her while she died and I will not forget that. I was 15-years old when she died, I still have the clothes I was wearing when she bled out. Her blood is still soaked into them and some days I have to struggle to not break down sobbing at that memory."

Holy shit I laughed so hard at this. This story continues here and here



Also, how does a 10 year-old kill herself so efficiently? Tell me more about it. Or those 15 suicides you've witnessed.

" Your kind is a blight that must be purged. If only Hitler had killed you all, if only he could’ve killed you all, if only he didn’t target Jews and Romanis."

So aside from being utterly psychotic you also lack basic knowledge of history and think 2017 world was just like 1937 world ? Had Hitler gone after pedophiles (not that me and Eivind are that) he'd kill no more than couple of hundred of people at best even including countries he conquered, at even that's probably an overstatement. He'd have to kill just convicted ones who were convicted due to actual crimes the kind of which you describe and there were really a few people like that in 1930s. It was notoriously hard to even track who is homosexual without special lists at the time and many of the names were people who were set up for some reason while some gays were protected as long as they were useful (Ernst Röhm being a prime example of this).

". I hope someone finds you and kills you and each and every one of your baby raping friends too. "

I have never raped a baby nor has any friend that I know of. I think same goes for Eivind... You, on the other hand...

"Your kind is one without remorse or sympathy, you’re incapable of understanding right from wrong or caring about the pain you cause others."

... support blacks, Muslims or any other group you think lacks privilege raping and killing even newborns because they're Sacred according to you and cannot be held accountable. I know this and you know this. I know it in the way you write phrases like "far-right" or how you mention Trump. At the same time you want white males to have no fair trials, no hearings, just off to prisons with them. So why don't you just admit what you're all about? Because, believe me, I know what you're all about. I know you. You cannot pull the veil over my eyes. I will never stop fighting you because I know what you are. Don't forget that.

"People like you destroy lives."


"What makes you think you deserve anything good in life?"

Nothing, given that I never said this. What makes you think white males will go along with your idea that they must be exterminated but Sacreds can do as they like? What makes you think modern Western women deserve not to be raped by them?

"’m not a religious man, religion is false. But if Hell is real I hope you burn there, I hope you suffer every imaginable horror and humiliation both known and unknown."

Funny, exactly something I think about you and your kind.

" The day is coming when we’ll be able to openly kill your kind again. I can’t wait for this to happen."

There was never a day when you could have killed "our kind", given that people like me and Eivind were a majority even 50 years ago in most places. Hell, I mentioned 14 year-old eight graders with fuck buddies around 12 years ago. Nobody had a problem with this. It was seen as normal. That you equate those like Eivind and me with people who rape babies while you actually support babies being raped, just by appropriate groups of people, is why you're such a laughingstock.

No, pal, the kind of people who it will be legal to kill again soon are your kind. Liberalism didn't appear for the first time in history and always ended up with slaughter of liberals, before or after they destroyed the society which nourished them. You will be exterminated by Muslims you so worship and people like me.

You are guilty of most vicious crime in the history of the world, and that is feminism. I know what it did to me and many of my friends. There will be no forgiveness.

fschmidt #fundie blogger.com

Hi Eivind, I hope you liked "Sex and Culture". I scanned it and made it available on the internet.

Regarding the "Emancipation of Women", it is important to realize that this is only fully possible with government intervention or in a state of pure anarchy. The reason is simple. Women generally do not want to be responsible for supporting themselves and their children. They want men to help them with this. Most men are willing to do this in exchange for the woman's sexual fidelity. So in a libertarian society, female chastity and stable marriage would be the norm. An oppressive government frees (emancipates) women from having to make such a commitment by having absurd labor laws and divorce laws that favor women and effectively force men to provide for women. A state of pure anarchy is basically governance by thugs. In this case, the biggest bullies rob from other men and then women exchange sexual favors with these bullies in exchange for support. This is basically the state of nature in primitive tribes.

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I wish a ultra-right-wing government would just go start kicking down feminists doors, and start shooting thm in the fucking head. Like anyone is going to complain, if you shoot a fucking lesbian hag in the head.

If Hitler did what he did, but instead of killing a bunch of Jews, he killed a bunch of man-hating feminist lesbians, he’d be a fucking saint.

Seriously, though, the government is monitoring us like pedophiles. We know they’re monitoring us blog as child porn sites. So why not find out where these people live, kick down their fuckin doors, and shoot em in the head, and just get it over with.

Make every single one look like a suicide. It’ll be like a mass, ‘Oh my god, all the feminazi lesbian hags realized what they did, and killed themselves’.

And nobody will give a fuck…nobody.

It’ll make the world much, much better. Trust me

caamib #sexist blogger.com

(talking about a news report in which a suspended policeman is charged with reading erotic stories involving underage girls)

Does the article say anything about how old the "children" (girls?) in the stories the guy read were? I mean, the story is simply sickening even if they were newborns, given that these are just effin stories, but it would be even more infuriating if they were like 15-18. That would just be one of the craziest, sickening and most hateful things I've ever seen, maybe even the most sickening one.

I remember using SMS flert services back in mid 2000s. At least several times I've ran into 14 or 15 year-old girls who were very, very sexually active. One openly bragged about having a "fuck buddy" while being an eight grader and wanted to meet me as well. Of course, things have changed a lot since then here and become a lot more hateful as well.

Eivind Berge #sexist blogger.com

I also remember very clearly my own prepubescent sexual desires, which started further back than I can remember since my very earliest memories consist of lusting after girls and women around age four. If there is such a thing as childhood sexual innocence, it only pertains to knowledge rather than desires. I would call it ignorance, and it's not something worth idealizing. For example, as a prepubescent boy I was too ignorant to know that there was nothing wrong with the angle of my erect penis (I thought it pointed too high to fit in a vagina and was supposed to stand 90 degrees out), but I sure as hell knew I wanted to fuck women, and I *know* I would have benefited from actually doing so instead of the masturbation I was confined to. Criminalizing representations that "sexualize children," then, becomes a desperate attempt to suppress facts -- facts which most people must know deep down since they lived through it. Feminists use the police state to enforce a lie, which is very naive and would be comical if the consequences weren't so ghastly.

Eivind Berge #fundie blogger.com

I also remember very clearly my own prepubescent sexual desires, which started further back than I can remember since my very earliest memories consist of lusting after girls and women around age four. If there is such a thing as childhood sexual innocence, it only pertains to knowledge rather than desires. I would call it ignorance, and it's not something worth idealizing. For example, as a prepubescent boy I was too ignorant to know that there was nothing wrong with the angle of my erect penis (I thought it pointed too high to fit in a vagina and was supposed to stand 90 degrees out), but I sure as hell knew I wanted to fuck women, and I *know* I would have benefited from actually doing so instead of the masturbation I was confined to. Criminalizing representations that "sexualize children," then, becomes a desperate attempt to suppress facts -- facts which most people must know deep down since they lived through it. Feminists use the police state to enforce a lie, which is very naive and would be comical if the consequences weren't so ghastly.

Anonymous #fundie blogger.com

Don't give up. The Feminists and the Conservadads (portmanteau of "conservative" and "dad") are not even two sides of the same coin, but really the same side of the same coin. They are indistinguishable in all but name when it comes to the topic of "child" (that is, older than 11) sexuality. Feminists are self-interested manipulators of the male protectionist instinct, and their Conservadad counterparts are males whose protectionist instinct, the instinct to protect "women and children", has been turned against the healthy (hetero-)sexuality of young people, that is: against the naturally-occurring sexual attractions, and the sexual relations ensuing from those naturally-occurring sexual attractions, between any males regardless of age and any females who are "young", the usual case being that the male is "older" (16-22) and the female is "younger" (12-15).

The issue is, frankly, one of imagination. The Conservadads have a constrained imaginative ability, so they can't even imagine that it's possible for a 12 year old "girl" to sexually desire a 18 year old male, and to relish in every millisecond of a healthy sexual relationship with such a man. They think that forcing young people to be sexually frustrated and to masturbate in loneliness for years is better than to allow them to explore their sexual appetite and be empowered by it. That's because they think sex itself is inherently "sinful" and unhealthy. These people are clueless and have the arrogant audacity to claim the "moral high ground" even as their anti-natural ideology brings nothing but pain and frustration to innocent people.

Normies are sheeple.

True2God #fundie blogger.com

There have been these women accusing Donald Trump of sexual assult. If Donald Trump is guilty and it was such a horrible experience, I would find it very bizzare that there were no consequences for Trump. No getting arrested, no being forced to make things right with his victims, nothing. Even though most people take the side of a women claiming to be sexually assulted.

Women lie about sexual assult a lot more than people think. Trump most likely did NOT sexually assult those women. He doesn't seem like the type. I'd be shocked if he did it and IF he did it, it wasn't as bad as people think. I won't say sexual assult is okay but it's not as bad as people think.

About one of those women, Trump said, "She would not be my first choice." I'm not saying these women were ugly but at the same time are these women the sexiest, most desirable women in the world? What do these women have that the women Trump has been with don't have?

Some people claim Trump admitted to sexual assult in 2005. No he didn't! He said "they let you do it". They let him do it! He didn't threaten them with a gun or in any other way. And again, look at the women Trump has been with. What he said in 2005 was rude but people are blowing it out of proportion.

holocaust21 #sexist blogger.com

The problem is the general public haven't heard your message. They only hear the feminist message so they believe feminism. Even people who end up taking a more MRA stance are brought up and indoctrinated under feminism so they will take a lot of feminist dogmas as being facts when they are infact lies.

You need to get your message out there to all of Norway (and the world, for that matter)! Make yourself into a brand like Milo Yiannopoulis (but less of a twat). What I'm trying to figure out is how the fuck he does it. I get the impression he has some inherited wealth and "hangs around a lot of really rich people". I'm not sure how he pulls off the latter part though. I think he also earns a lot through ad revenue on Breitbart. But in any case how does he attract so much attention?

Eivind Berge #fundie blogger.com

Going to prison is an excellent networking opportunity for MRAs, in my experience. I have befriended all sorts of criminals and who knows, maybe some of them will support the Men's Rights Movement in the future.

Eivind Berge #fundie blogger.com

My country is now so morally repugnant to me that I have nothing left in common with it and fully define myself as a Quisling. No other word is strong enough at this point. I used to feel like a rebel, but now I feel like a full-blown traitor because the chasm is so deep. I look into the abyss and see only hate, and I become hate. This is not the country I grew up in and not the kind of society I want to live in. Just when you think it can't get any worse, they come up with new aspects of sexuality to criminalize, and the man-hating hysteria is always directed at the new target with undiminished strength. The goal posts keep changing but the hysteria always remains, and the media never relent on their hateful propaganda against men. Who would have thought that women who regret taking nude pictures of themselves would be the new rape victims? Yet, that is where we are at. When revenge porn has gained the same legal status as child pornography, the feminist abuse industry will simply move on to the next hysteria, which will be added to all the others in a cumulative fashion. I can't imagine what the next hysteria will be, but I do know this: They will NEVER be satisfied. As long as there is a mangina willing to fight for them, they will wage war on male sexuality and female too.

Anonymous #racist blogger.com

I think this is going to be one of those elections where the exit polls will surprise the media.

I think a lot of Whites will say they are voting for Clinton but vote Trump when they are in the booth.

The only two groups that Democrats can count on are boomers and college educated Whites that don't live near Blacks and haven't figured out that paint theory is a lie.

Eivind Berge #fundie blogger.com

Evo psych is confirmed every day in our lives. Particularly when it comes to sex differences in sexual mentality -- these differences are some of the most robust findings in all of science as well as obvious personal experience -- and nothing else can explain them. If these sex differences were culturally constructed, there would be exceptions, but there has not been a single society where sex were perceived as a male resource rather than a female one in all of history. Among all cultures everywhere, men want to be promiscuous and women want to be picky and no reasonable person acts as if women can be sex offenders. That entire charade is a feminist lie that no one actually behaves according to in their personal lives, but since feminists control the police and the courts, it is sometimes enforced. And this enforcement is always seen as bizarre and unfair, because once again, humans instinctively know that females can't commit real sex offenses, only victimless ones constructed by odious feminist ideology

holocaust21 #fundie blogger.com

For example, it used to be that loads of blokes would bang 15 year olds, but now it's non-existent, so people think the feminist laws are scientifically correct - normal men don't have sex with 15yos. In reality it's just because of the violence inflicted by the law over decades.

???? #racist blogger.com

As a huge Hulk Hogan fan, I was seriously disturbed by his comments about how he would accept his daughter having sex with a negro as long as it was a wealthy negro. That is offensive and disgusting and as a father I can't even imagine saying anything like that. Is a billionaire negro any less awful than a homeless crackhead negro? Of course not.

And he spent 3 MILLION dollars on her music career!? WTF!? That should tell any sane person that she lacks the talent required for a music career. She can dance, play piano, and sing (not very well) and she is an attractive young blonde white girl. It doesn't take 3 MILLION dollars to start any type of career, much less in music. She had ONE hit song (a negro song with a negro rapster) and then her career tanked hard. THEN she decided that Country music was her passion. And ziltch happened there. She dates negroes, she has negro friends, she makes negro music and only wanted to identify with white culture as a last resort after falling to become rich in negro "culture".

So F her. She seemed nice in that Hogan tv show but her personal decisions and actions have sickened me.

As for Hulk, he has an estimated worth of nearly 10 million. That is a VERY small fraction of what he would have had he not gotten divorced and his drunken son had not killed a guy drunk driving, but I'm not feeling too sorry for a guy with millions in the bank in his 60's when i know so many people struggling to get by and who will never be able to afford retirement. He should sell everything but his Hogans Beach Shop club/restaurant/memorabilia and spend the rest of his days relaxing on the beach and porking his new wife thats half his age. He should also continue to sue everyone he has even half a reason to, including Gawker and WWE.

But his being ok with his daughter mating with a negro IF its a rich negro is stomach-turning.

??? #fundie blogger.com

Wanting to destroy the carving on Stone Mountain and replace it with a carving of Martin Luther King is no different than when they want to rename streets, schools, and parks (that they had nothing to do with planning, funding or building) after negroes. No doubt they expect whitey to not only remove the current carving and replace it at whitey's expense but they probably expect white people to carve the damn thing as well. Then they can rename it and claim, "IT OURS NOW! DIS BE A BLACK WORLD!".
I suggest they carve a giant skinny crack whore on the mountain face and change the name to Stoned Mountain. The crack whore can be holding a giant EBT card and be surrounded by 8 fatherless chilluns. She'll be standing on a sidewalk and there'll be a carving of a car with 22" rims with gang bangers hanging out of all the windows with guns blazing away as they do a driveby. Two "homies" and a 5 year old dead nearby. Can't forget the negro beggar in bedraggled clothing with his hand out saying, "Scooze me, suh. Kin I gits a dolla?"
Now that would represent the black community in a realistic fashion.

Carolina Cicero: #fundie blogger.com

2015 = 1934
America = Germany
Blacks = National Socialist Workers Party members
Justice Dept = Gestapo
Charleston church shooting = Reichstag fire
YT = Jews
#blacklivesmatter = "We are coming! WE ARE COMING!!!"

Or am I just hallucinating?"

???? #racist blogger.com

If you let them take your Confederate Flag away you're done; you're toast. That's an early sign of genocide. They're targeting you specifically; taking away your rights. Keep an eye on this issue as BRA (Black-Run America)will use this crisis to ban it as a symbol of "hate".

Mark my words.... battle lines are drawn

South Flordia #fundie blogger.com

The confederate flag is a symbol of our history. Saving southern heritage is not a hate crime. Negro fatigued here since Zimmerman case. Notice how I don't mention skittle ridden big thugs name? He doesn't deserve the recognition. If you could only see the ignorance that goes on here by the nogs. Some 19 yr old female called 911 on her drug dealer because he took her $5.00 and didn't give her the drugs. The 911 call was so funny, telling the dispatcher I just want my drugs!!! They found flakka in her pocket and arrested her. Flakka is killing them here 16 dead in the last week. I say go to the ghetto and hand out free flakka! Population control for sure

????? #racist blogger.com

#1. A turd from the motel where MLK was shot, from MLK himself when he was shot.
#2. Depictions of African negroes cutting up an negroe body for cannibalism with the correct tribal shreeks, ooks, and eeks being played on tape.
#3. A genuine slave whip from a plantation and a notice that the whip was one of the few ways for a human to get a negroe do to any work.
#4. A set of chains used on African slaves to make sure that they did not escape from their owners on the plantation.
#5. Pictures of negroes living in mud and cow feces huts in Africa, shown as an attempt to make the negroe child understand that the African negroe had architects.
#6. A display showing mud hut living negroes without TV, lights, AC, Telephones, cars, Aircraft, Computers, Running water, Plumbing……..(Nothing like da truf!)
#7. An exhibit where a gorilla, negroe, and human skull are compared for similar elements.
#8. A taste of roast cannibalized negroe, the blood and milk milkshake favored by the Massi, and grubs will be served to shuck young negroes seeking their African culinary achievements.
#9. A display of brains demonstrating brain size and what race has the smallest brains of all so called humans.
#10. An axe handle that was given out by Lester Maddox, and the fire hose Eugene ”Bull” Connors men used to subdue unruly negroes.
#11. EBT cards and how they drain working people, Section 8 housing vouchers……..
Now here is a museum that all young negroes can admire and feel welcome in.

Sheila #racist blogger.com

Pat - libraries USED to be a good place to keep away from blacks. However, in a real-world demonstration of Bernice's point about a museum having to be totally redefined to interest blacks, libraries have been totally redefined - and they're now filled (at least here in the Dallas suburbs) with blacks, Indians, and Asians. Not studying, not reading, no - they're all on the COMPUTERS. I was rather surprised, in one local library, to discover a "quiet room" where people weren't supposed to talk or use their cell phones. Imagine that! Even the damned librarians now practically shout (of course, every last one of ours is originally NOT from Texas - they're all former New Yorkers or from New Jersey or Chicago or California.

????? #racist blogger.com

was watching the hockey playoff game last night, and they aired a commercial that showed famous hockey playoff moments over the years interspersed with shots of the cheering crowds.

They had grainy 60's/70's crowd shots, and I started thinking, "Someone in the NHL ad department probably went through hundreds and hundreds of hours of footage looking for a black person to show in one of these old hockey crowd shots". Alas, one could not be found, and all the smiling faces in these old clips were white.

But as the clips got more and more modern, and a black person (player or otherwise) still hadn't been shown, I couldn't believe it. But of course, we get jerked back to reality at the end as they showed three successive clips of hockey crowds, each of them with a single black person featured prominently. Who knows how many man-hours the poor NHL ad intern had to put in to find this extremely rare footage? The only real surprise was that they didn't include a single clip of hockey's black superstar, PK Subban, in the commercial.

Why go through what must have been extraordinary effort to include footage of a few black people in this ad? It's not like a random black person seeing the ad is suddenly going to check out hockey, nor are the handful of black hockey fans out there likely to tune out hockey if they don't see a clip of another black hockey fan in the commercial. Could the league be wary of SJWs going after them for not featuring enough "diversity" in their ads, or does the FCC actually have a quota system in place for any ads looking to get broadcast nationally?

CAL Snowman #racist blogger.com

I used to love going to Dodger stadium with my dad as a kid. We would go every opening day and I would get some of the players to autograph my little Easton glove (I still have that glove in my attic). We would get Dodger dogs, peanuts and nachos and everyone would have a great time. Over the years the majority White crowds began being replaced by un-civilized, low IQ, mouth breathing brown alien invaders. Loud cussing (especially in the vicinity of women and small children) and fighting became staples of every single Dodger game as the brown invaders have no civility nor manners. You can't even tailgate at Dodger stadium before a game anymore because the stadium authorities don't want the mexicans to get drunk and rowdy and tear the place apart. For me, it wasn't the africans that ruined the game, it was the mexican invaders. It really amounts to the same thing though, sub-human 3rd world people make it impossible for White people to enjoy nice things. I live less than 30 mins (by LA traffic standards) from Dodger stadium and I will never step foot in that stadium ever again. The mexicans absolutely love the "Doyers" to death and I really can't explain why. The Dodgers haven't won a world series since 1988 and they were pretty crappy for most of the 1990's and early 2000s. My theory is that much like africans, anything that White people love has an instant attraction for blacks and browns (except for showering, acting civilized and fine art of course).

Mexicans may not be as in your face violent and confrontational as the africans in america, but their presence here is just as destructive and their numbers will soon dwarf the numbers of africans in america. If the beaners were really hard working and thrifty people then CA wouldn't be the number 1 welfare state in the nation.

chattanooga gal #racist blogger.com

I have to admit, I wish they wouldn't let blacks just take over EVERY sport. I remember being dismayed when the Williams sisters started playing tennis. my first thought was " oh no, another sport that will turn into a nogfest"

Groidimore The Uglyful #racist blogger.com

Let us just face the harsh cold fact that baseball is a thinking man's game replete with strategy and tactical decisions. Clearly this is not a game for an African latrine and human shithole like Groidimore.

OTOH, basketball, wherein jumping like tree monkeys and non stop crotch scratching are at a premium is far better suited to these nit-picking Mau Maus.

BTW, all you caucasions who love basketball would be better off going to the zoo and studying the real thing - and they don't even need white coaches!

SerpentSlayer #conspiracy blogger.com

[Comment on a neo-Nazi blog suggesting that the image of the Devil was based on Odin]

Fascinating article, it makes you wonder how much the Christian image of the devil was based on the allfather. His status as a horned god, who is both terrible and wise, who carries a spear (easily becomes a trident) and who is the nemesis of the Hebrew god.
They have done so much to defame the lord of sorcery, I can only imagine he incites terror into the enemies followers. At least those that understand the relevance of magic and of realms besides this one.

Our biggest advantage may lie in the fact that we are essentially a small community of sorcerers and a mass of our bravest folk against a mass of material minded and greed ridden atheists led by black hearted zealots who rely on the destruction of all symbols to counter the magical threat.
Even now the sight of the hooked cross has them shrieking in terror, especially when the symbol is upon the person or regalia of somebody of healthy mind and spirit enough to bear it.

???? #racist blogger.com

My beautiful white neighborhood started to have light infestations on Halloween; it started with a few idiot parents letting their kids bring along a Negro friend. Did you know that blacks don't know the "Trick or treat" and "Thank you" routine? Did you know they really scowl if you make them say it? And did you know they really, really scowl if you don't give them the candy bar they want? A few years of that and many homes on our main street quit giving candy so the neighborhood kids have to hit the cul-de-sacs for their loot. And that seems to have gotten rid of the dark ones because they're either too lazy to walk cul-de-sacs (many are hilly) or their mammys can't get their ghetto cruisers turned around in the cul-de-sacs. Either way it's restored sanity and safety - for now.

Stay safe everyone and save the good candy for the good kids.