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Spain is bucking the euro trend of moving to the right for some reason. I have noticed increased feminist activity, LGBT activity (a record number of young spaniards – 15 % identify themselves as such, more than in many other euro countries), pro-immigration activity (large demonstrations in favor of migrants even though the country is under migrant invasion), a general move towards liberalism in society. Yes, there is Vox now, but that party is only getting 10 % support.

Something is wrong with that country. There is too much left wing activity, even though the country is under siege by migrants coming from Africa. This country is far from becoming another Italy.

Even before several years i knew that there is something wrong, and i wondered why is that. Social surveys indicated more liberal and pro-immigration views than in many other european countries.

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The “Don’t have children to help the environment” movement really seems to be taking off in France. I wrote one article about it before and thought it was just a curious foible, an amusing, if slightly crazed, example of leftist degeneracy. Then I mentioned it again was supported by a prominent politician.

But here, now, we have people not just choosing not to have children, but actually undergoing operations that will sterilise them for life – all to “help the environment”. Even if they escape their brainwashing at some point in future, it will be too late. Millions of years of evolutionary struggle end with their folly. Of course only white people are susceptible to these kinds of appeals, based on altruism. It becomes another weapon in the arsenal of white genocide.

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The French leftist site Mediapart has published an article calling for heterosexuality to be banned.

Given that heterosexuality is not a sexual orientation, but a system of domination generating and nourishing sexism, homophobia, transphobia, biphobia and other oppressions such as racism, ableism or classism;

Given that heterosexuality meant the abandonment of gays, bis and trans to AIDS, indifference to their death, the refusal to undertaken targeted prevention campaigns, the censorship of campaigns and the legitimation of the censors, waiting to grant rights;
Given that heterosexuality is a denialism [“négationnisme”, a word that signifies Holocaust Denial in French], rewriting the history of struggles to show kindly, brave heterosexuals fighting for the rights of minorities when they didn’t give a damn about them until we rubbed their noses in the horrors they created or caused to be created;

Given that heterosexuality, in France, is a woman dying every three days at the hands of her female companion, the refusal to speak of “feminicides”: it is also the resultant higher rate of suicide among young LGBT, a culture of rape and its impunity;
it is urgent that heterosexuality be banned.

There’s a lot more in a similar vein, too, but I won’t bother translating it all.

It’s a classic example of the pathologisation of normality within our civilisation.

The bio of the author, Mérôme Jardin, says he was a member of Act Up-Paris (1998-2013) [a gay campaigning group] and is a member of the CCIF [Collective Against Islamophobia], which is hilarious since I don’t think this
guy will last long after the Muslim takeover of France.

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Eric the Merchant is back. This time, Kaufmann has been accused of being part of the “academic alt-right”. This is the same Jew who did A/B testing to find out which propaganda messages were most effective in persuading white people to accept their own racial extinction. He even coined a new term for the dispossession process, WhiteShift , and wrote a book about it,

The Jew has been accused of having Alt Right sympathies by a Turk called Umut Özkirimli. This Turk wrote a book called “Theories of Nationalism”, which I read years ago. It was a review of various theories of nationalism, nearly all of which described it as an artificial identity, constructed through propaganda, built on myths.

The Turk now lives in Sweden where he tells Swedes they don’t really exist. He hails from one of the most nationalistic countries in the world, whose people have carried out a murderous process of ethnic cleansing extending across centuries and continuing even today. He is unable to live among his own countrymen because he fears they might murder him. But if Europeans say they don’t want his countrymen to come and live in their countries because they fear they might murder them, that, in his view, is illegitimate. According to Magic Soil theory, the natural viciousness of his countrymen will be instantly dispelled as soon as they set foot in Sweden.

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There was a strong Semitic element to Freud’s ideas in their obsession with scatology and sexuality, including the perverse ideas of parent-child sex which formed the cornerstone of his theories. Freudian psychology mainstreamed this kind of obscenity in our culture. The pathologisation of normality was another of the sinister effects of the Freudian movement. Normal, functional families were portrayed as afflicted by secret perversions. Those who favoured the maintenance of order and authority over the chaotic social experiments of the Left were seen as somehow “repressed” and dysfunctional. Freudian discourse can be seen as part of a long Jewish tradition, dating at least since the Talmud, which has framed the Goyim as impure, unclean and disease-ridden.

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Pushing white people to have fewer children to “help the environment” is a meme that has been around before. But it looks like they’re giving it another whirl.

Here’s Friday’s front page from the French newspaper Libération.

“Fewer children to save the planet?”


“Diapers or the ozone layer, do we need to choose?”

This is a pun in French. It’s also complete nonsense, since the ozone layer problem has already been solved.


The article references a similar piece in the Jew York Times.

It’s accompanied by personal commentaries like this one, from Gaëlle.

Personally, I don’t plan to have children in my life. I don’t like them but I don’t detest them either. The environment is a factor that reassures me about my choice. There are so many people emigrating because of climate change and, in parallel, they tell us that we need to continue to procreate, particularly for retired people. I prefer to welcome migrants than to have children with an uncertain future who will go on consuming ever more. They tell us: between now and 2040 it could all fall apart. Children are a chasm for finance and energy. When I meet people, I try to make the situation clear quickly by saying I don’t want them. I don’t see myself changing for anyone, nor putting my career in parentheses.


Of course these messages are only ever pushed upon white people, despite white birthrates being below replacement level in virtually every country where white people live. And white people will be the only ones who can come up with technological solutions to whatever problems exist. Are the teeming hordes of Africa going to help with environmental engineering?

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Ultimately, the #GiletsJaunes protests represent a revolt against slavery in reverse. France is being colonised by Africa and the French people have been reduced to the status of tax slaves to pay for the Africans. This is the underlying dynamic even if most of the Gilets Jaunes don’t grasp it yet. They are reacting to the symptoms, not the disease.

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Jews are busy rewriting our history to support and justify our destruction. America, the nation of “free white persons” has been reframed as a receptacle for endless diversity. European national epics, too, are being recast in ways that justify the obliteration of the actual European peoples.

For themselves, the Jews created fake history to justify their racial exclusivism. For us, they create fake history to justify our racial annihilation.

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History, distilled down to its essentials, is simply this. People want to live, secure and free, in a land of their own with others of their own kind. Outsiders come in and attempt to take their resources from them, whether of land or of movable wealth. Imperial overlords, ambitious to control as many resources as possible, develop ideologies that justify this intrusion into the natural order of people living freely and securely in their own land. They impose these ideologies by force on a trans-national basis, beyond the natural ethnic limits of patriotism. Patriots resist these ideologies and their forceful imposition and attempt to regain control of a physical space for their own kind.

Almost all of history can be made to fit within this simple paradigm. The only thing that changes significantly is the nature of the ideology used to justify disruption of the natural ethnic order. And, unfortunately, we have not escaped history. We are still living through it, forced to wrestle with the latest mad justification from the powerful for forcing people to live with others they don’t want to live with and having their noses rubbed in diversity.

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The second twist is Beinart’s inclusion of Biblical references to support his case.

Much Jewish sophistry intended for internal consumption contains lame Biblical references like these designed to lend the demands, which are fundamentally driven by Jewish ethnic self-interest, an air of moral plausibility and divine sanction. As with almost all Jewish sophistry, it falls apart on closer examination.

The three Biblical anecdotes Beinart cites to explain why Jews should be nice to immigrants are the episodes in which Abraham and his nephew Lot welcome strangers into their homes and one in which Abraham resides temporarily in Egypt. Here are the relevant portions of his article.

The worst anti-Semitic attack in American history occurred while Jews around the world were reading the Torah portion that tells the story of Lot, an immigrant.
Lot moves to Sodom, and prospers there. The Midrash says he becomes a judge. His daughters intermarry with the locals. Then one day, while sitting at the gates of the city, the assimilating immigrant sees two strangers approach. He asks them to “spend the night and bathe your feet”— the Midrash says he learned to welcome strangers from his uncle Abraham, the first Jew. Lot “prepares them a feast.”

But in Sodom, the natives hate strangers. “Where are the men who came to you tonight?” they demand. “Bring them out to us.” Lot tries to protect his guests. “I beg you friends,” he implores, “do not commit such a wrong.” For the men of Sodom, however, this just underscores Lot’s foreignness. He hasn’t really assimilated; he isn’t one of them. He’s a threat. “The fellow came here an immigrant and already acts the ruler,” they declare. “Now we will deal worse with you than with them.”

…As Parsha Vayera suggests, welcoming the stranger is among the most fundamental Jewish imperatives. Lot “baked unleavened” bread for the strangers who came to Sodom. The parallel to the exodus from Egypt is clear. Lot and Abraham welcomed strangers; Pharaoh oppressed them. And 36 times in the Torah Jews are reminded to be like Abraham and Lot: To remember the heart of the stranger because were strangers in the land of Egypt.

In Abraham’s case, the guests tell Abraham that his wife, Sarah, shall bear him a child, even though she is old.

In Lot’s case, the guests shepherd Lot and his family out of the city, Sodom, so they can escape its impending destruction.

According to Beinart, this proves that good things happen to Jews when they are nice to strangers.

Now let’s proceed to a critical examination of these claims.

First, Abraham had left his place of origin, Ur, and entered someone else’s country, Canaan, which, as their names suggests, belonged to the Canaanites.

Abraham and the Lord (the projected image of the Jewish tribal ego) planned to dispossess the Canaanites of their land.

“The Canaanite was then in the land”. This phrase, or variants of it, appear several times in the Biblical text. They, of course, imply that the Canaanites are no longer in their land at the time the Bible was written, because they have been dispossessed and destroyed by the Jews.

When Canaan experienced a famine, Abram and his wife “sojourned” in Egypt. Abraham told his wife, Sarai, to pretend she was his sister so he could pimp her out as a marriage prospect to the local Egyptian notables. (Genesis 12)

Both Sarai and Abram (their names became Sarah and Abraham later) were well treated by the Pharaoh.

The Pharaoh, however, found that his land was soon tormented by plagues. When he inquired into the reasons for this, he learned that Sarai was Abram’s wife, not his sister, and the “Lord” was punishing him for this. Even then, after discovering that the proto-Jew Abram had grossly and basely deceived him, the Pharaoh doesn’t harm him but permits him to go peaceably on his way, even allowing him to retain the riches he had acquired.

Let’s come now to the anecdotes in Genesis 18 & 19 where Abraham and Lot are nice to “strangers” and arrange for them to be given food and shelter.

Abraham knew that the guests were not normal guests, but were somehow mystical emissaries of God. He surely doesn’t deserve much moral credit, then, for choosing to be nice to them.

It’s not clear from the Biblical text whether Lot also knew his guests were mystical emissaries of God although there is a hint that he did. In any case, when he welcomes them into his house, the people of the town crowd round about, asking to have a look at them. Lot refuses to let them and, bizarrely, offers his daughters up to be gang-raped in order to protect the immigrants.

The townspeople decline this offer and insist on having a look at the “guests”. Their suspicion is entirely justified because the guests are there to destroy the city and, in fact, do destroy it the following day. The Jews welcomed in and sheltered the “immigrants” (angels) who ultimately destroyed the city, killing all of its inhabitants except the Jews.

All three of the Biblical anecdotes referenced by Beinart have the following elements in common:
* Jews enter a land that isn’t theirs.
* In contrast to what Beinart implies, they are initially welcomed and well-treated by the locals.
* In the course of time, the behaviour of the Jews arouses suspicion and anger.
* Jews then bring ruin upon the original inhabitants of the land they have entered. To the Canaanites they bring death and dispossession. To the Egyptians, they bring plague. To the inhabitants of Sodom (Sodomites!), they bring complete annihilation.

In every case, the local people who were nice to the Jews and accepted them as immigrants or refugees are ultimately harmed or destroyed by them and their vicious God.
Beinart thinks this proves that Jews should be nice to immigrants. I think it proves Gentiles should be suspicious of Jews.

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The Jewish strategy is to infiltrate the emerging patriotic dissent parties and perform a kind of kosher cleansing from within. And these Far Lite parties will be happy to go along. They will dutifully perform the appropriate purges to meet the requirements of kosher certification, sacrificing part of their membership. And for what? Their support from Jews will be statistically negligible.

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Look here to see if you are privileged or you are oppressed.


Do you know where all of this is coming from? It comes from jews. This is the strategy of Inversion, where jews turn things on their head. For example if a country is dominated by straight white people, this would mean that jews will have to invert the situation and put minorities over white people, gays over straight people, etc.

You see, all of this does not come from nowhere. It comes from jewish prioritisation of threats. Thus those who are potential threats to jews (men, straight, white, etc.) must be shown as inherently bad and thus must be brought down, while those who are not a threat to jews must be promoted.

All of this is well thought out, and generally (with small exceptions) coincides with voting patterns. For example someone who is male, white, straight or married is more likely to vote for the Right, thus they are a bigger threat. Someone who is non-white, divorced, LGBT, or disabled will be more likely to vote left, thus they are a lesser threat.

Not surprisingly, jews, who have enormous power in the US, are shown here as “marginalised”.

What you see here is how jews transform their ultimately selfish ethnic interests into ideology (identity politics left), with most people not realising that the modern “left” is nothing but a vehicle for jews to wage ethnic warfare against another ethnic group, while using various other groups as pawns.

The Left is simply a construct that exists to serve and further jewish ethnic interests in western environment, while hiding its real purpose behind idealism and lofty ideas.
One could even speculate that the left is not “real”, but just a masque for jewish interests, and would not exist if there were no jews.

The purpose behind it (in modern times) is to construct a coalition of minorities, or coalition of the “oppressed” in order to bring down the dominant ethnic group in their host society.

In the past, Left was about the workers vs the capitalists. The aim was to overthrow the gentile elites. After that jewish experiment ultimately failed in the Soviet Union, now it is about identity politics – coalitions of minorities vs the majority.

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The author, Carly Pildis, “an organizing and advocacy professional living in Washington, DC.”, welcomes the expected arrival of Muslim women in Congress.

She acknowledges they have made anti-Israel and anti-Semitic remarks.

Why, then, does the Jewess welcome these Muslims? Because it helps the Jews to beat down Whitey some more.

Beating down Whitey is the most important thing. Besides, the Jews are confident they will be able to work their magic on the new arrivals, “hypnotize” them you might even say.

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Muslims get upset when people say their religion is violent. Sometimes they get so upset that blow people up, run them over in vans or otherwise inflict gruesome deaths upon them. All this to prove Islam isn’t violent.

It’s a similar story when you accuse Jews of being disloyal to their country, “their country” in this case being defined as the country they are living in or whose citizenship status they hold. Sometimes they get so upset that they threaten to leave, or do actually leave, the country concerned. Thus proving they are truly loyal.

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Rule Number One for anyone confronting Jewish power should be: Never Agree to a Rule or a Set of Rules that the Jews Try to Get you to Agree To. This was the mistake that Jeremy Corbyn made in trying to fend off the Jews who were scheming against him. In an attempt to appease them, he agreed to adopt the Working Definition of Anti-Semitism Working Definition of What The Goyim Are Allowed to Say. For the foreseeable future, Jews will be using it to take out their critics.

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The trannies know they can get away with this now because they have the tyrannical force of the law on their side. If you laugh at them, if you demur at their claims to be what they say they are, they can get you hounded from your job or prosecuted for “transphobia”. Trannies are the new Jews. They destroy your life if you point out the absurdity of their claims.

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The claim that Golden Dawn, defender of Greece, the cradle of western civilisation, rejects “traditional western civilisation” is, of course, absurd, unless Jewish control over the goyim is now considered a “traditional” part of our civilisation.

But it seems kosher certification will now be available for far-lite parties that meet the strict ritual requirements: acceptance of the Holocult, trips to Yad Vashem, support for Israel, pro forma denunciations of “anti-Semitism”, and a resolute refusal to ask how it is that the catastrophe currently engulfing us came to be.

Unfortunately, most of what passes for Europe’s political patriots will be happy to meet these Semitic demands.

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A new Socialist government comes to power in Spain without any authentic democratic majority (having got only 22% of the vote at the last general election). The first thing they do is throw open the country’s borders and accept hundreds of unwanted African invaders on a ship rejected by Italy. The second thing they do is cook up a law to criminalise the speech of their political opponents and vilify their historical memory.

After this law has been passed it will be impossible to state the truth in Spain. So let me state it now: It was the Left that attacked democracy in Spain, not the Right. Franco was a response to the Left’s attempts to suppress, criminalise and even murder their political opponents. And had he not acted, Spain would have been engulfed in a Soviet-like tyranny.

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A couple of weeks ago, the Jewish press was all excited about the fact that one of the male contestants in the new series of Love Island was Jewish. Now I’ve never actually watched Love Island but I gather it involves putting some men and women on a island and filming them as they decide who should have sex with who. This isn’t something I’d usually blog about but I do find it interesting that the behaviour of this Jew has apparently provoked indignation and rejection from everyone watching the programme. It has been characterised as a combination of deceit, manipulation and moralistic posturing, all of which conforms perfectly to what are usually called “anti-Semitic tropes”. Read about it in full on the Daily Mail here.

Here, in microcosm, we see the story of the Jew throughout history. He enters a new environment where is completely unknown and is treated like anyone else; but soon his outrageous behaviour makes everyone despise him and want to be rid of him; in the end, the Jew is ejected by people who decide they can no longer put up with his underhand ways. Afterwards, the Jew smears the memory of the people he lived among, saying they were prejudiced against him for no reason.

Now this Love Island apparently has some voting-based exclusion process, so probably the Jew will be forced out soon. I wonder how long it will be before we hear the first bleats of “antisemitism” from the Jewish press.

The Love Island people probably don’t even know he is a Jew. And since some of them apparently don’t even know what Brexit is, it’s extremely unlikely they are read up on the finer points of the Jewish Question. That’s what makes this interesting. They have settled on a set of anti-Semitic tropes to describe him without even knowing he is a Jew, thus proving it is Jewish behaviour that generates antagonism and not pre-existing prejudice.

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Chinese woman surprised there are no white guys in Paris

"When I go to Paris, there is someone who stole my phone. . You know, I was so surprised because what I imagined is Paris is a very romantic city, so probably a lot of white guys is there. But, but! It’s actually all black people there! "

Watch the reaction of the brainwashed white guy she is talking to. He doesn’t want to hear these incorrect thoughts, playing to the camera as if he knew a commissar of political correctness was watching him.

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When the “far-right” FPO came to power as part of a coalition government in Austria, Israel, acting at the behest of local Jews, chose to boycott FPO officials. Netanyahu is now apparently reconsidering this. But “Austrian” Jews are demanding he stick to the status quo.

We sometimes get so used to the Jewiness of Jews that we lose our capacity to be surprised or angry about it. We just factor it into our perception of the way the world is. We accept that Jews will act as a deterritorialised nation violating the basic norms of loyalty that we would expect to apply to any other group of citizens. Here we have Jews conspiring with the government of a foreign country to undermine its relationship with the government of their “own” country. Our failure to be indignant about this is a form of Jewish privilege.

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Most European cinema is made with government subsidies. This makes it particularly pernicious since it is resistant to commercial imperatives. Fortunately, most European films are so bad no one wants to watch them. Hollywood is a different story. There the Jews are in control and have diabolically weaponised the art of story-telling against us. We can at least hope for a consumer revolt against them there since they’re operating in the private sector. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but in the last few years there may have been signs of goy rebellion as Alt Right consciousness spreads and Jews have jumped the shark by laying the propaganda on too thick.

It would help fan the flames of this goy revolt if we had an Alt Right equivalent of the IMDB where you could get a quick deconstruction of the propaganda content of the film before watching it. One reason Netflix shut down their review option, I suspect, was that white people had started pushing back there in the comments.

The reviews/analysis on the site wouldn’t need to be too in-depth. A quick take would often be enough.

For example, for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”.

Jew producer Rem Bergman (Israeli). Reckless young white man rebel gets lots of people killed by evil, white-skinned imperial baddies. Purple-haired, feminist-type white woman takes charge and reprimands him. But she is clueless and doesn’t know what to do. A negro and fat Asian chick come up with a plan to save everyone. The negro is a coward but the Slope encourages him to man up. A young white chick goes to an old white guy to learn wisdom. He is weak, feckless; given up; thinks he is useless and doesn’t care anymore. She persuades him to try again. He teaches her stuff. In the end, the white chick, the negro and fat Asian bitch and a “diverse” crew of helpers confront the evil white imperials and defeat their plans.

Obviously, this would have to set up on a platform that was resistant to censorship, open to input from unknown outsiders, with some kind of approval process for entries to exclude infiltration by the Left. Sort of like the “far-right” Wikipedia equivalents.

Ultimately, a people defines its self-image through the stories it tells. By hijacking the apparatus of our collective dream manufacture, the Jews have been able to sap our spirit and warp our sense of right and wrong. An Alt Right IMDB would let us set up our very own Culture of Critique through which we could begin the process of deprogramming the Matrix.

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Just as minarets mark out the conquered territory of Islam, public menorahs symbolise the ascendancy and triumph of the Jews. The menorah lighting ceremonies and Hanukkah messages from western leaders are a kind of ritual of submission performed for the pleasure their masters.

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Chess, in fact, provides one of the clearest refutations of the Equality Cult dogma that men and women are identical except anatomically.
Generally, two main excuses are given for the disparity in male and female achievement in almost all spheres.
1) Women are denied access to the induction/training process that ultimately leads on to great achievement.
So women may not be taken on as apprentices by the great master painter, or are not inducted into the “old boys’ network” in some profession. Denied knowledge of the “tricks of the trade”, they can never equal the achievements of men.
2) Women do actually achieve on a par with men, but their achievement is not recognised.
This argument expects us to believe that, throughout history and still today, there have been a host of great female poets, composers, painters, etc. who remained completely obscure because prejudiced men refused to recognise their achievements.
Neither of these arguments can apply in the case of chess, however.
Great chess players are generally self-taught. They learn by studying old matches. They don’t sit as young paduwans at the feet of some grandmaster who shows them all the tricks.
This refutes argument 1.
And chess competitions are generally open. There is an objective ranking system based on results and there are tournaments where anyone above a certain rank can turn up and take on a grandmaster. The grandmaster will walk round the room, making moves quickly, playing dozens of people at once. If some female chess genius appeared, she could turn up, beat a grandmaster and make a name for herself. There is absolutely no way that prejudiced men would be able to prevent her abilities being recognised.
This refutes argument 2.
We’re left with the conclusion that men and women are actually different from one another. Men are better at some things and women are better at others.

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There was a National Socialist party in Britain in the 60s. The Jews wanted it shut down and its leader (Colin Jordan) imprisoned. It couldn’t be done under existing laws so they demanded new ones. And got them. After the Jew Frank Soskice was appointed Home Secretary, Jordan was soon imprisoned for wrongspeech. (see a fuller account of this here)

It is no exaggeration to say that thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of British girls have been raped, enslaved and tortured as a result of these “hate speech” laws; because the people who knew about were too afraid to speak.

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Judaism and Islam are as similar as Protestantism and Catholicism. They are two branches off the same tree. As ever, the Jew is ally of the Muslim. The fact that the leader of the “French” Jewish organisation CRIF has the surname Kalifat speaks volumes in itself.

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The quest for knowledge, the passion for discovering objective truth, seems to me the most fundamental characteristic of Europeanness, one that we can already see apparent in the Ancient Greeks. Aristotle, for example, wrote a book that was just an objective description of all the animal species he knew about. No philosophy, nothing abstract. Just the facts. That’s Europeanness right there, thousands of years ago.
Ultimately, it was our civilisation’s passion for investigating objective truth through science that took it to global dominance. And it is our current fixation on the subjective – on psychology, emotion, motivation – that will be our downfall. Unless we can cure ourselves of it.

Rational debate about our future has become impossible due to the charges of impure motivation that are immediately flung at anyone who attempts to engage in it: racism, islamophobia, antisemitism, etc. Implicit in these charges is the idea that impure motivation invalidates everything a person says. The criterion of objective truth is disregarded.

We should never forget where this curious notion comes from: the Talmudic legal system and its obsession with the purity of a witness’s motivation.

More generally, non-Europeans, have played a critical role in pushing the obsession with the subjective upon us. The Jewish pseudoscience of psycho-analysis cast a long shadow over the 20th century, one whose influence is still with us today even though its “science” aspect has now been utterly discredited.

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Firing weapons into the air in celebration is a common practice in many Mohammedan countries.  In fact, it regularly kills quite a few of them.

Disruptive wedding vehicle convoys are another Muslim tradition. Supposedly, whenever the great Prophet Mohammed got a new wife or sex slave, he and his pals would ride their camels crazily around Medina, knocking over market stalls and throwing spears randomly into the air.

Of course, thanks to mass immigration, this ancient Muslim tradition can now be witnessed throughout much of Europe.

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Prejudice is a mitigation strategy for a problem you didn’t know existed. You didn’t know it existed because it was confronted and resolved by your ancestors before you were born. And their solution was passed down as folk wisdom across the centuries. It is what you call your prejudice. Instead of trying to erase it, you should honour it as you would a great work of art or monument to a hero of your tribe. Because you can be sure that much suffering went into the finding of that solution. If you insist on dismantling the bulwark against harm that your prejudice represents, the harm will soon arrive unimpeded at your gates. And you will flail around desperately looking for a solution, wondering what caused this sudden new evil to emerge.

Honour Your Prejudices. They exist for a reason.

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For centuries, all Europeans living around the coastal Mediterranean lived in fear of pirate raids from Islamic North Africa. Muslim ships could suddenly descend on some hapless village in the dead of night, kill half the population and carry the rest off in slavery.

Something similar is happening now. North Africans are again launching maritime raids on Europe. And our governments are just standing by and letting it happen. Worse, they are actively facilitating it.

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Jews like to claim publicly that only Nazis consider Jewish identity to be racial and not religious. But anyone with any familiarity with Judaism or the culture that is spawned can see that at its heart lies an obsession with genetic purity, meaning that the prominent role Jews play in “anti-racist” activism is perhaps the most monstrous hypocrisy the world has ever seen.

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Everywhere on earth where Muslims contact into contact with non-Muslims, they engage in systematic violence against them. It is irrelevant whether these Muslims who engage in this violence are a majority or minority of the populations they came from. The pattern exists and it is universal.

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But what parent would threaten to drown their child unless allowed to invade another country? In most of these cases, the baby is not related to the person dangling them over the side. The reality is that children are being kidnapped specifically for use as props to facilitate the invasion of Europe. They know that Europe’s elites are mugs happy to shed real or fake tears about invader children and willing to offer advantageous treatment to any adult invader with a child.

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"Clearly, Spencer et al. feel that being white should determine one’s political beliefs. That, of course, is identity politics, the notion that race and/or gender are what defines a person’s politics. This has been a divisive force in our country as the high priests and priestesses of identity politics on the left have encouraged minorities to think of themselves as members of their race and not as Americans. Conservatives have rightly criticized that, and we should criticize the Alt-Right for encouraging whites to do the same."

Telling Europeans that they should just quietly deplore identity politics and ignore their own ancestral origins while everyone else obsesses about their is a de facto demand that Europeans practise unilateral disarmament in the ethno-war while brown people work on their H-bombs. It’s a strategy that can only result in extinction.