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The OP dances daintily around the real issue. Certainly some adolescent MtF is the result of autogynephilia. This can set on with staggering rapidity. Where I live, there are many ado AGPs and they are not shy. In many the 'change' took less than a month and in some, less than a week. Until we find out what actually triggers autogynephilia, we cannot formulate strategies to counter it, other than one-to-one counselling. There are not enough sceptical counsellors. (I am one.)

However, the OP rightly suggests that something else is going on and there is. It appears to be a form of autoandrophobia, the fear of being a man, or the hatred of the idea of being a man. This is evident from the statements of subjects with this condition. What the OP dpes not do, spectacularly, is even ask why this autoandrophobia exists. She does not point to decades of anti-masculine propaganda pushed out by Hollywood and the MSM. She does not mention the teachers deliberately punishing boys - for being boys. She does not discuss the literally billions of anti-masculine online comments, some of which have been rehearsed here, which basically say 'woman good, man bad'. This is only a tiny selection of the vast amount of anti-masculine hate-speak we live under - and mostly, promulgated through social media, conventional media and education.

No, not all men are rapists. No, not all men start wars, though they die in them. No, not all men are violent criminals. No, not all men are abusers. In fact, nearly all men are decent, kind, courteous and protective. Yet the opposite message is hammered out, day after day. And where does it come from? It comes from feminism and the relentless anti-masculine campaign its leaders have carried on for 50 years now.

If you want to save these boys, you have to destroy feminism. Otherwise, sacrifice them on the altar of a bitter, jealous, man-hating cult and then, please, stop complaining and trying to divert the blame. That's your choice and we shall know you by the decision you take.

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QAnon and other well known forms of internet and social media triggered radicalization arise from online echo-chamber communities. Reddit forums, Twitter, transgender Discord communities, and even chat during online gaming are rife with gender indoctrination. Trans activists and older trans women are often the source of the information our boys get online about all things trans. Older trans women coach younger boys online into taking hormones as young as possible so that they pass, and stay youthful and childlike in appearance. Our boys are told slogans, and are taught to not question or believe anything contrary to the ideology. These people tell our boys that detransitioned people are evil. They tell our children to run away from home and join glitter families because parents are abusive transphobes for even questioning what is going on. They tell our sons that the only solution to their problems is to medically transition. These influencers steep our sons in trans ideology and create a system of online indoctrination that is not that different from any other form of radicalization happening today. If you don’t believe me or think I am exaggerating, I suggest that you visit a few sub Reddits like r/MtF, r/asktransgender, or just find the twitter account of a trans activist or two and you will quickly see what I mean.

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This is the logical conclusion of the breakdown of "traditional," gender roles and the patriarchy. You give the left an inch, they'll take their mile.

The left is a force of disintegration and chaos. Traditions of every kind are what they seek to destory and all our traditions are interrelated and interlocking.

This is a tough reality to accept. But "women's liberation," and gay marriage open the floodgates. And we won't close these floodgates until we restore things to way they were. Maybe not precisely as they were, but something close to it.

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My teenage daughter has decided that she is “trans”. So have all her friends. Not some of them. Not most of them. Every. Single. One.

She had never heard of trans, and had no signs of gender dysphoria, until she was moved to a new, cool trans-friendly school by her unsuspecting, politically liberal parents. There she met a group of geeky (or dare I say nerdy?), smart, slightly (but not very) gender nonconforming, artsy kids. As I understand it, they all discovered “trans” together. The old “cis” friends were swiftly discarded in favour of this exciting new peer group.

Exploring “trans stuff” online with friends is a source of great interest and excitement—a real social event. What’s not to love about 245 gender identities, complete with their own unique flags? Then there are those cool neo-pronouns. Forcing your out-of-touch old parents to refer to you as “ze” or “ey” (how do you pronounce that again??) in the name of “inclusivity” is just too delicious to resist. The manga, the cute avatars in computer games, the blue or pink hair—all part of the fun as well. Mocking the outgroup (in this case so-called “cis” people in general and the dreaded TERFs in particular) is also good for a laugh—especially if they happen to be your parents as well.

There is even a special vocabulary with lots of new terms—deadnaming, misgendering, sex assigned at birth, and much more. If these concepts need to be explained to your uncool parents (accompanied by eye rolls of course), so much the better.

Bonding with friends, searching for their identity and place in life, working out their sexuality, separating from family—these are all normal developmental tasks for teens. For many, youth subcultures can be a natural part of that. Some are harmless. Some, like drug use and extreme dieting, not so much. But in the case of the latter, sensible adults usually intervene to help steer the young people in the right direction. Not in the case of trans.