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Hours after Bardella’s National Rally (RN) party scored big in the European election this month, four men in Paris assaulted a teenager at whom they hurled homophobic and transphobic slurs

The four, who were found guilty and sentenced after the attack, told police they were RN party members and members of the violent far-right GUD group, the Paris prosecutor’s office said

While the interior ministry says it does not have consolidated numbers on such incidents, they offer a snapshot of what rights groups say are a rising number of assaults motivated by race, religion, homophobia, transphobia and political allegiance during campaigning for France’s snap election

The RN says it has no links to violent far-right and neo-Nazi groups. It did not reply to a request for comment about the spate of incidents since the European election[…]
“We’ll smash you, Bardella will win, and it starts now,” Green party activist Olivier Richard recounted the two young attackers as saying. They headbutted him in the face in Bordeaux as he carried pamphlets for the left-wing New Popular Front[…]
“They were sure they were going to win and could do what they wanted. This situation is terrifying”[…]
Political tensions have long intensified ahead of votes in France. But rights groups and activists say something has shifted this time, with violent individuals holding far-right sympathies seemingly feeling emboldened[…]
Michael Colborne, researcher for Bellingcat on transnational far-right networks, said that if the RN was to take power, young men could feel empowered to ‘take matters into their own hands’”[…]
Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has warned of the potential for “extremely strong tensions”. He announced this week he had shut a number of far-right groups, including the GUD[…]
Reuters spoke with four activists and politicians with the NFP left-wing alliance who have been physically or verbally assaulted by RN supporters while campaigning ahead of the vote on Sunday

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The reality is military service is a little different than regular life with men in close quarters during training and service. Transgenders are 1-2% of the population. I know some want to be included but for the sake of everyone else just let it go. I would love to be a pilot but get headaches when flying. There are plenty of other people who can be pilots; the military has plenty of people.

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A court has found a Swiss politician guilty of racial discrimination for comments made on social media following a fatal shooting at a St Gallen mosque in north-eastern Switzerland in 2014.

Sion district court said on Thursday it had given the parliamentarian Jean-Luc Addor a suspended fine of CHF18,000 ($18,700) for his remarks that contravened the Swiss racial discrimination law.
Minutes after a man was shot to death in a St Gallen mosque on August 22, 2014, Addor, a member of the House of Representatives for the rightwing Swiss People’s Party, wrote “On en redemande!” (“Let’s have more!”) on his Twitter and Facebook accounts, the court said.
The court rejected the arguments made by Addor’s lawyer, Marc Bonnant, that his client’s comments on social media had used a form of irony.
It said Addor’s remarks had “given the impression that through their religious affiliation, members of the Muslim community were people whose life was worth less”.
The court added that the “discriminatory message was objectively created to reinforce or support a hostile attitude towards the Muslim community”.
In reply, Bonnant said the court’s decision proved that “radical Islam instrumentalises the Swiss justice system” and showed that the “Sion judges apply sharia law without knowing as they forbid criticism of Islam”. He would not confirm whether his client might appeal.

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If the experiment creats tremendous heat inside earth then it will get dissipated all around the area.
Effect of this heat can result in melting the substance and creating volcano, big void, earthquake etc. Scientists views on the consequences of experiment are not made public world wide.

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ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) - Over a quarter of Ethiopia's HIV/AIDS patients on drugs are not taking their medicine because of logistical problems but also due to religious beliefs, the head of a treatment body said on Tuesday.

Over 40,000 of Ethiopia's 156,360 HIV/AIDS patients on the life-prolonging medication have discontinued treatment "due to problems of transportation to hospitals," said Dr Ygeremu Abebe, the director of the Clinton Foundation in Ethiopia.

Some however stopped taking the anti-retroviral medicine on the prompting of religious leaders who encouraged them to take "holy water" instead, he said.