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His4Life #fundie

(in response to Anon-e-moose saying his best friend is a long-time Church of England Christian)

Church of England? Are you kidding me? That "church" is a liberal cesspool. As far as I'm concerned, Church of England congregations, with their openly homosexual pastors, are just giant cruise ships floating happily along on their way to the lake of fire. I hope your friend enjoys taking it up the party hole from Satan when Jesus casts him out for his refusal to stand on principle and defend the gospel.

In His Love,

His4Life #fundie

[Profanity for Jesus?]

No, the U.S. Supreme Court has RULED that Atheism and Secular HUmanism ARE religions. They are legally recongized religions, and the U.S. Military even has a special logo that atheists can put on their tombstones in the cataglogue of religious symbols, including crosses, Jewish stars, Islamic symbols, etc.

We have freedo m OF religion not fredom FROM religion. Get the fuck out of our counry if you don't like the way we live here. Go back to fucking Mexico or Pakistan or whervr the fck you people come from!!

His4Life #fundie

The treat of tripoli is BULLSHIT. I read it in school. It says NOTHING about American not being a Christian nation. Furthermore it is NOT a law, a constitutional amendment, or a bill of rights - it just reperesents the OPINION of one author and the congressmen who signed it at that time. It has NO legal bearing on ANYTHING in America, ok? Don't believe me, go to court and plead your case fromt he Treaty of Tripoli. they will look at you and laugh because the treaty of tripoli is a historical document, NOT a fucking law!

His4Life #fundie

(about Stephen Hawking)

I won't be a regular contributor to the board anymore, but wanted to see what was going on after I learned of the spinach man's sad passing. I'm sorry to hear he expired, Moose, and I sincerely hope the little munchkin repented and got to know his awesome God before he crossed over into the afterlife. If not, well... you know. Boiled spinach, right?

His4Life #fundie #psycho

{Moderator’s note: this comment is 8 years old}

Filin, interestingly enough, it does not mention apes in that passage. "Beasts of the field" are more like cows, oxen, etc. I don't recall anywhere in Genesis where it mentions God making humanoid creatures other than man.

It does, however, mention that fallen angels entered into the earth and copulated with human women, producing distorted human hybrids. I believe this is where apes, monkeys, and other humanoid animals come from and God will promptly destroy them in the end. So yes, all of your prized monkies will burning in hell with you, as evidence of "evolution." ;-)

His4Life #fundie

[re: Nicholas Cage in new Left Behind movie]

Also, Cage is not a Christian actor by any stretch. He is a disgusting occultist who wants to be buried in a pyramid. Ghost Rider was one of the most satanic films in recent history and he starred in both of them, portraying a demonic creature collecting unsaved souls to send to hell.

His4Life #fundie

He is like Obama. This Pope is anything but a Christian. He is pro-homosexual, pro-climate change, pro-abortion and extremely shady due to his jesuit background. I know he has not explicitly endorsed homosexual unions or abortion but he is paving the road for the Catholic church to eventually embrace these things and he knows what he is doing. My kids refer to this man as "Pope Poophole the Great" due to his love of homosexual lifestyle choices.

In His Love,
Apostle Dorie

His4Life #racist

[[In response to a quote stating that segregation was a good thing.]]

Hey jackass, white people and jews have been in control of this country for two hundred years, and look at the cesspool its become. Hell, even Obama is half white and that explains a lot. Black Americans have been some of the most moral, productive citizens in this country up until white people and jews took control of their culture and hijacked it into liberal secularism. Now its effed just like the rest of the country and black families are broken, addicted to drugs, and left in poverty. thanks for nothing, asshole. and you want t oblame US?

His4Life #fundie

[...] I am skeptical of mainstream theories about dinosaurs. In large part I believe the dinosaur craze is a cultural thing started by Europeans. In black households, dinosaur figurines, movies, etc., are not as common, and my children certainly did not grow up with dinosaurs in the household.

Dinosaur "science" is largely a European trend. Outside of Europe, dinosaurs were unheard of until Europeans spread the theory to others. Africa is the birthplace of the world's oldest civilizations, yet we have no records of Africans ever encountering or speculating about dinosaurs. Why is this?

I do believe there were other large creatures in history though - just not the giant lizards we have been taught to believe in. The large lizards are from European mythology and are based on dragons. The Bible has a different explanation:

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

- Genesis 6:4

These horrific abominations were produced when angels mated with humans and they are the reason God sent the flood to destroy them and their offspring. I believe the large bones turning up all around the world are evidence of this event.

The Fluffy Post #announcement

I have a bit of a different post today. One of the things I've wanted to try and do is to give at least some kind of voice to the community beyond snarky comments. I know there's a great deal of experience out there on this site and I'd like at least some of it to actually get heard. As such I'm proposing a Community channel within this blog. Community members could submit articles and so long as it passes basic scrutiny I'd post one or so a week. Opinion pieces, stories, letter to the editor kind of things or anything that contributes to the FSTDT community. I know there's interesting discussions on here and some epic take downs hidden in the comments, we had one just the other day over here where a commenter by the name of Jaye does a point by point take down of one of the odder recent submissions. What I'm offering is the chance to do so in it's own main page spotlight, and not necessarily in response to quotes.

I'd have relatively few requirements on submissions, but I would hold final approval. Given I'm willing to post something by His4Life with relatively few reservations it'd take a fair bit to get rejected out right. However, what I don't want to do is start one, get all of one post and then have it peter out. So I want to know just who if anyone would be interested and if enough people are I'll setup the base rules and a submission process. So make some noise in the comments here if you're interested writing. WTF! the quote if you think you'd be interested in reading.

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