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[this quote is from January 2021]

Headline: KMJN: Trump Clears Out Pentagon Defense Policy Board — “The Trump administration has removed several members of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board in what some are calling its parting shot at some of the top leaders of the nation’s foreign policy establishment.”

A “parting shot,” eh? We shall see about who will be “parting.”

Included in Trump’s Thanksgiving Massacre were the untouchable holy icons of Globalism -- Madeleine Albright (cough cough) and — (pinch me, am I dreaming?) — Henry Frickin’ Kissinger (cough cough)! Yes, that's right — the legendary “German-born” Globalist Secretary of State that President Richard Nixon privately mistrusted but could not touch, was dumped like the sack-of-seditious shit that he is by Donald J. Trump.

Other big names “whacked” from the entrenched Kosher Commie Policy Board were former House Republican leader Eric Cantor (cough cough) and former Demonrat Rep., AIPAC agent, 50% Newsweek mag owner, and multi-millionairess Jane Harman (cough cough). It was like the baptism scene / multiple mob hit from The GodFather — but it’s just firings now, not actual killings. Although, we pray, the killings of Deep Staters will happen later.

* Headline: The Independent (UK) (November 27, 2020):
Trump Pushing Through Dozens of Last Minute Policy Changes – Including Use of Firing Squads

Let’s kill em’ all Trump. Let’s kill em’ all. Now, while you got the muscle.

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Its all tied together. The US Fed Govt is based on the Central Banking System which is upheld by the debt slavery that the corporate government structure enforces.

For example, the State of Kansas is a private, for-profit corporation _registered_ with Dunn & Bradstreet:

The following is the Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S® number for State of Kansas:
D-U-N-S number: 073132748

So, if a US State is a for-profit corporation, where do their profits go?

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The People are rising worldwide. NZ has had enough and people take to the streets every week. Today [14 Nov] in NZ is the day that unjabbed nurses, teachers, etc., can no longer come to work. Chaos is about to hit and further weaken NZ's neofascist Davos-educated elite.

Hold Fast.

Husband your interests with a terrible resolve.


We caught them all.

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Donald Trump is truly a threat to our way of life

However, our way of life was a rapid slide into slavery

He is pulling us out by the heels, kicking and screaming

Those who see the light are helping the cause, because the optimum result requires all of us, together, to mop up the mess and rebuild

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many people try to undermine religious exemptions [to COVID vaccine mandates] with excuses about fetal cells in other shots

1, i didn't consent to those, my parents did

2, that's not even the biggest issue i have

i see this whole thing as cult like, sacrilegious and frankly golden calf tier horse shit


The cult aspect is why I can't see myself giving in an getting tested unless I seriously believed I had it and was getting tested prior to treatment by the cultists - and I do not trust their cult to treat it. Morally, I think it would be better to die at home than to allow myself to be sacrificed to their god.


Amen to that, I totally agree. But can you clarify:

> giving in and getting tested
giving in to the mandate and getting tested weekly in exchange? That's what I'm facing at work

> getting tested prior to treatment
as opposed to getting tested after treatment?


What I'm referring to is the "options" being given to people who are fighting the mandates in their workplaces. Receive their baptism by accepting the vaccine into your life, or accept their alternate sacrament of regular "testing" (with tests we already know don't work) to potentially help increase the numbers of (false) positives for the unbelievers (unvaccinated) to prove their faith is justified. And in many cases, wearing their religious garb (face diaper, which also does not work and arguably makes you more likely to incubate a respiratory virus) if you refuse to receive their baptism.