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On the morning of Wednesday, March 30, movie superstar "Bruce Willis" (who, according to testimony from a trusted personal source of ours who knows Willis, went missing in 2019) announced that he will no longer be acting due to aphasia -- a brain disorder affecting language abilities. Two days later, movie superstar "Will Smith" -- in the aftermath of a fake slapping incident on an imposter "Chris Rock" at the Oscars-- announced that he is resigning from the Academy, which means no more movies for Smith either.

Though there are many other suspected cases of disappearing stars replaced by CGI technology and/or imposters (Tom Hanks, Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, et al), Willis & Smith now fall into the category of lost stars whose personas have actually been "cancelled" under some pretext. Three other really big names who have been cast aside (publicly, that is) just in recent months are queer TV talk show hosts Ellen DeGeneres (needed new challenges) and Wendy Williams (Graves Disease) --- and obsessive anti-Trump movie star Alec Baldwin (said to have killed a woman on set with a prop gun).

Something is afoot with all these queers, commies, cultists and adrenochrome drinkers who sold their soul to the Hollyweird system -- and it's got Q's name -- er, initial -- all over it if you ask this reporter.

This phenomenon of falling stars isn't just limited to Hollyweird, nor did it begin in just the past several months. Over the course of the now 5-year old presidency of Donald Trump (and yes, we do believe that he is the acting president until such time as he can return in a public way) the ever-growing list of fallen-from-grace, resigned, or suddenly dead A-List stars (and plenty of B level players too) from the intertwined Deep State worlds of entertainment, news and politics is astonishing to behold. Putting aside the ones who are still being "deep faked," and focusing only on the ones who are "gone gone" --- meaning, written out of the script of the movie we are watching -- or stripped of their status or position but still free and alive -- here's a list of some of the once unassailable A-list players that have, in one way or another, now been removed from the field of play, in a public way.

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Jewish war drumming always starts with the gentle tapping of an appeal for "humanitarian" aid. Then it escalates to a louder beat for "sanctions" and arms shipments. And finally, for the frenzied gran finale, an all-out rock & roll heavy pounding for war-war-war. Fortunately for us goy cannon-fodder, Zelensky won't exactly turn out to be the "Churchill" which the Tablet writer yearns for. Yes, Zelensky does indeed possess many of the same "heroic" traits of Winnie the Poop (Globalist puppet, vulgarity, corruption, substance abuse, dishonesty, sexual degeneracy, warmongering, incompetence etc) -- but the big difference this time around is that global All Judah -- in spite of all the fake images and crisis actors, and in spite of the intense agitation -- will NOT have its World War III because Trump and the Patriots --- and Putin -- are in control, not them.

Thank God for that, because if the usual suspects had their usual blood-lusting way, the whole world would have already been on fire by now.

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It's not so much the removal of Confederate General Robert E Lee's statue 'per se' (a high fallutin' $10 term for 'in itself") that we find so offensive; but rather, the phony pretext behind it -- namely, his undeserved vilification as a "racist" ™ as well as the real reason behind it -- namely, the Marxist conspiracy to denigrate the heritage of southerners in particular, and all White people in general.

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Nikola Tesla -- the greatest scientific genius of the 20th Century -- warned us about crackpots such as St. Albert Einstein, St. Stephen Hawking et al and their exclusive use of "long and daunting" mathematical calculations (and today, computer models) to "prove" imaginary theories shaped from pre-existing, prior assumption bias

Hawking's hyped up 1988 "masterpiece:" A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes, sold more than 10 million copies and inspired a documentary film by Errol Morris. Cha Ching! Cha Ching Cha Ching! It is interesting to note that there are quite a few secular cosmologists who refute Big Bangism and Black Hole-ism, yet their books, like those of "climate change deniers ™," don't get the puff-up treatment. Big Bang and Black Hole "deniers," -- no matter how impressive their credentials -- are also denied access to the major science publications as well as the pop-science media.

As a black-listed historian, I can sympathize with the brave souls of science who persist in debunking Einstein and Hawking, but can't get a fair hearing in the science sections of the Judenpresse.

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If, purely for the sake of argument, we were to accept Einstein's stolen "Theory of Relativity" ™ as mathematical proof that space is "curved," time can be "dilated," and nothing can ever exceed the speed of light, the fact remains that none of Einstein's "discoveries" ever had any practical application. So why is he so endlessly hero-worshiped whereas his contemporary applied scientists -- great men whose work has improved and even saved countless lives - such as Roentgen (X-Rays), Tesla (commercial electricity, wireless technology and so much more), Marconi (wireless technology), Fleming (anti-biotics), Carrier (refrigeration & air conditioning), von Braun (rocket science) and so many others remain unknown in the popular culture? Need we even answer that rhetorical question for you?

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Like all demonic foot-in-the-door projects, the organized Faggotry movement of 30+ years ago started out not with a radical demand, but rather, a honey-coated plea for a wee bit of "tolerance" ™ which went something like this: "You don't have to accept our private lifestyle choice. All we ask of society is to be left alone in our bedrooms and not subjected to abuse or intimidation." Most normies at the time -- although repulsed by "the sin that dare not speak its name" -- thought that to be a reasonable position, as long as the butt-buggery and gerbil-stuffing (don't ask) was discreet and hidden from children especially.

Indeed, back in the day when these characters respectfully kept their anal acts "in the closet," or at least on "the down low," your anti-sodomite reporter here never had any problem with frequenting the quaint (yet a bit queer) old river town of New Hope, PA with the wife and two young small sons in tow. Although my New York-trained, state-of-the-art "gaydar" could sniff out a pair of em' with 99% accuracy, it wasn't a big problem as far as I was concerned because, in the eyes of a child, a pair of these fruits just looked like two otherwise normal buddies or brothers going out for lunch, or enjoying a beer and some fishing from the banks of the Delaware River dividing Pennsylvania and New Jersey. There was no smooching, no hand-holding, no cross-dressing, no toned bodies prancing about in bulging pink "speedos," and none of this ubiquitous rainbow flag bullshit either. My little ones were none the wiser -- though we kept an extra close eye on them nonetheless!

Today, however, the perverted "pride" in New Hope, and so many other places, is "in your face" 24/7 --- which was the true destination of the "tolerance" ™ movement all along!

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You see, the Jewish Supremacists (both "Left" and "Right") understand very, very well that races and hybrid-racial sub groups absolutely do exist. And -- because genetic similarities will naturally serve to bind members of one race / ethnic group closer to one another than to other groups -- it is critical for Aryan Whites to be subjugated and blended out so that "the usual suspects" can bump off their chief rivals for "supremacy" and cohesively rule in perpetuity over a raceless mixed mass of slaves. Understand that, and the contradictions start to make sense.

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Globalism did not "now emerge." The documented and provable aspect of the Globalist conspiracy pre-dates Hitler's rise by about 150 years (Illuminati, Jacobin clubs, French Revolution, Frankurt Rothschilds etc). And it was this network of generational Globalists who waged war against NATIONALIST Germany precisely because the "Nazis" were fanatically anti-Globalist (Hitler referred to the One-Worlders as "international hyenas.") The idea of "Nazis" -- who were all dead, imprisoned or hiding in fear -- somehow later "morphing" into today's leading Globalists is preposterous on its face.

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[this quote is from January 2021]

Headline: KMJN: Trump Clears Out Pentagon Defense Policy Board — “The Trump administration has removed several members of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board in what some are calling its parting shot at some of the top leaders of the nation’s foreign policy establishment.”

A “parting shot,” eh? We shall see about who will be “parting.”

Included in Trump’s Thanksgiving Massacre were the untouchable holy icons of Globalism -- Madeleine Albright (cough cough) and — (pinch me, am I dreaming?) — Henry Frickin’ Kissinger (cough cough)! Yes, that's right — the legendary “German-born” Globalist Secretary of State that President Richard Nixon privately mistrusted but could not touch, was dumped like the sack-of-seditious shit that he is by Donald J. Trump.

Other big names “whacked” from the entrenched Kosher Commie Policy Board were former House Republican leader Eric Cantor (cough cough) and former Demonrat Rep., AIPAC agent, 50% Newsweek mag owner, and multi-millionairess Jane Harman (cough cough). It was like the baptism scene / multiple mob hit from The GodFather — but it’s just firings now, not actual killings. Although, we pray, the killings of Deep Staters will happen later.

* Headline: The Independent (UK) (November 27, 2020):
Trump Pushing Through Dozens of Last Minute Policy Changes – Including Use of Firing Squads

Let’s kill em’ all Trump. Let’s kill em’ all. Now, while you got the muscle.

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See the pattern here? It's as unmistakable as it is shocking. Remember now, Trump and the NSA patriots have got all of the dirt on all of the "elites" --- PLUS ... the dirt which Epstein & Maxwell had collected on "elites" is also in The Donald's hands now.

Trump, out of strategic necessity, has also played this "Godfather" game of "pump & dump" with many lesser, though still once-very-powerful, Deep Staters (Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham, Janet Yellen, H.R. McMaster, Rex Tillerson, Gina Haspel, Chris Christie, Anthony Fauci, Deborah Birx, Andrew Cuomo, Justin Trudeau, Theresa May, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Maricon (not a typo, Spanish for queer), Al Gore, Bill Gates, Israel Lobby, et al).

But ... but... muh Jared Kushner....But ... but... muh Jerusalem Embassy (sighing, shaking head, palm to face).

Up next on the Don's hit-list? Sulzberger? Zuckerberg? Spielberg? Soros? Schwab? Rothschild? (Benjamin de Rothschild of France recently died of a "heart attack" at 57) Not even the biggest Khazarian Mogul seems invulnerable now. And this could never have been achieved without Trump blowing strategic kisses at "our Jewish friends" and reminding everyone of his "Jewish grandchildren." Ah, ya can't put the stink of the "anti-Semite" ™ label on Teflon Don, can you now -- eh Hymie? Unfortunately, Trump's necessary play-acting alienated many Sunshine Patriots who still don't "get it." But they will, in due time.

Well played, Don Trumpeone. Well played.

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Looking back, it's interesting to observe how the story of the origin of "The Great Awakening" was actually mentioned in Planet Rothschild, Volume 2, on page 233 -- only this author did not realize it while writing about it! Here's the relevant excerpt:

"The VENONA Project was a secret collaboration of U.S. and British intelligence involving the decoding of messages sent by Soviet Intelligence, mostly during World War II. Although unknown to the public, and unknown even to Presidents FDR and Truman, this information concerned critical events concerning the early Cold War.

The intercepts, not made public until 1995, will not only confirm the treason of the Rosenbergs, Harry Dexter White, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and Alger Hiss, but also implicate high-ranking officials in the US Treasury, State Department, the OSS (CIA), The Manhattan Project, and the White House itself." (emphasis added)


There it was --- right under my nose all along. The US Army Signal Intelligence Service -- the forerunner of the National Service Agency -- was monitoring these Deep State sons-of-bitches. And long after the program was exposed by a Red rat who had embedded in the U.S. Army -- the Military Intel White Hats and their successors (who know everything!) have been watching and waiting the whole time. Only at the 11th hour, when all seemed lost as we approached the seemingly inevitable "President" Killary Clinton in 2016, did they make their move with Trump as front man, and Q as spokesman.

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A Godless world gone mad! Rugby player Verity Smith (UK) barrels over "her" female opponents. (What the heck are young "ladies" doing playing such a rough sport anyway? They should be figure skating or something like that --- or maybe learning how to cook, bake, sew etc.)

St. Sugar: Not as rare as you think, Boobuss. Venuss and Sserena Gorilliamss, Casster Ssemenya, Andrea Petkovic! Look em' up!

Editor: All trannies who have "excelled" at their sports.

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Albert Einstein vs Joe McCarthy
An excerpt from "St. Joseph of Wisconsin"

"Einstein advised Russell, as he did others, to refuse to testify but not on the grounds of the Fifth Amendment. In this May 28, 1953, letter Einstein wrote that although invoking the Fifth Amendment was not "unjustified," the McCarthy hearings were not the circumstance it was meant for. "The 5th Amendment was adopted," he wrote, "in order to make it impossible for the judicial authorities to bring the accused to confess through means of extortion." He continued, "In the present cases, it is not a matter of violent extortion of the accused," but rather a "matter of using people as tools for the prosecution of others that one wants to label as ‘unorthodox.’"

(continued) "Invoking the Fifth Amendment was problematic, Einstein wrote, because "the individual is offered no legal middle ground for him to defend his actual rights." In closing, he pointed to a more "revolutionary" tactic—"non-cooperation, like Gandhi used with great success against the legal powers of the British Authorities."

Advising Communists to engage in contempt-of-court is itself contempt-of-court; and an act of treason. But Globalist agents puffed-up to the stature of Albert Einstein have long been above the law and beyond reproach.

Einstein the Red later made headlines by counseling fellow Jewish-Communist physicist Al Shadowitz to refuse to provide testimony at the McCarthy hearings—not by invoking the Fifth Amendment, but by asserting that any questioning of his loyalty or affiliations was a violation of the First Amendment

Again, Einstein, in advising Shadowitz to engage in contempt of Congress, himself committed a crime – or, at the very least, a subversive act which ought to have gotten his sloppy ass deported out of the United States. But ugly Albert was too much of a cultural icon. The Time Magazine “Man of the 20th Century” was untouchable.

December 16, 1953 Communist physicist Al Shadowitz (cough cough) became a celebrity of the Left when he, on Einstein's treasonous advice, contemptuously cited the "free speech" clause of the 1st Amendment, instead of the 5th, in order to thwart McCarthy.

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No marriage, eh? How then, can a society without the God-ordained institution of marriage -- hence, without fathers -- manage the natural results of unlimited, uncommitted male-female intercourse? Have a look at America's inner cities (and, increasingly, America's White suburbs too) and see. Not too good.

In this coming "New World" without families, who will be responsible for the children that don't get vivisected or saline-burned in the womb? How many "baby-daddies" should a "liberated" woman accumulate? Who is responsible for which set of children? Loony libtards may not be able to answer those question, but Marxist Masha and her malevolent minions have the solution --- the all-mighty totalitarian state will "care" for them from "cradle to grave!"