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Dear FSTDT members, we have something to discuss!

We've been having requests to add tags for biphobia, and if I recall correctly, also intersex phobia (interphobia) at some point. What do you think should be done about it?
There are several possibilities, and they have their positive and negative sides.

The original requests, if implemented, would result in new tags being made to cover particular sorts of bigotries and prejudices that might not align neatly with the existing tags (#homophobia and #transphobia).
Obviously, there’s the aforementioned #biphobia and #interphobia to add, but further tags might be called for if need be (like #enbyphobia for bigotry against non-binary people).

Now, on the plus side, this would be a pretty precise way of labeling these bigotries; it would also be more inclusive and prevent a message (even if unintentional) that we don’t care about the groups of people affected by them.
It’s not just that these bigotries exist; it’s also that bisexual, intersex etc. erasure does as well. That means that these groups of people often get overlooked in the discussions about the LGBTQ+ community and the problems its members face. And when such a lack of visibility and care by others are a daily reality for you, seeing it apparently happen on a site and community that matter to you can be hurtful and tiring.

On the other hand, one frequent submitter noted that they’re concerned about tag bloat, that is, an excessive and rising number of tags. Indeed, if you look at the tags we already have, there are quite a lot (22 as of this moment), and if there are too many, it can make submitting quotes more difficult, especially for our most prolific submitters. You might also remember that the previous version of our site had just three categories for years (‘fundie’, ‘conspiracy’ and ‘racist’), which got extended to four when ‘sexist’ was added.
There’s also the fact that there have thus far only been a few posts that would specifically qualify for the new proposed tags.

A possible alterative solution, one which the mod team is currently most in favor of (but let us know if you disagree, nevertheless!) is to unite all these tags (the two existing ones, as well as any proposed ones) into a single #queerphobia tag (another name is possible, for instance #heteronormative).

The good aspects of this choice would be that it prevents tag bloat, and that it would sidestep the need to introduce new tags for different strains of queerphobia in the future (as they’d be included in the new super-tag by default).

The problem is that, while neat and simple, that solution would kind of go against the spirit of the requests that prompted this discussion in the first place. What was requested was more recognition and precision, not less.

Also, while many of the fundies we quote aren’t very discerning in their general bigotry against LGBTQ+ people, there are those who only target specific subsections of it and not others — examples of that include many TERFs, or those members of the LGBTQ+ community who target other groups within that umbrella (e.g. there are gay & lesbian transphobes and biphobes, or enbyphobic transgender people). A single #queerphobia tag seems somewhat inadequate to cover that sort of nuance.

In essence, it seems that here we have a conflict between different needs and aims: on the one hand, user friendliness and simplicity — but on the other hand, better precision and the recognition of the identities and struggles that people, some of whom are our members, hold dear and are affected by. Thus, we decided that this is not something the moderators alone should decide on, but something that concerns the whole community, and that everyone should have a voice on.

Please cast your votes in the poll, and feel free to discuss the options (and propose new ones if you think they’d be better). Both the poll and your responses in the comment section will be considered when the final decision on the solution is to be made.

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How to settle the issue of queerphobia-related tags? (multiple options allowed)

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Keep things as they are (tags would be #homophobia, #transphobia)
average score: 2.60 out of 5 votes
Add a #biphobia tag
average score: 3.86 out of 7 votes
Add an #interphobia tag
average score: 4.33 out of 6 votes
Unite all the aforementioned tags into a single #queerphobia tag which would cover all of them
average score: 3.67 out of 6 votes
Single tag, but call the new tag #heteronormative instead
average score: 3.20 out of 5 votes
Some other option (please specify what it would be in the comments)
average score: 2.33 out of 3 votes


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