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I've wondered the same thing before. Back in the day, it was nothing for girls to be married at 14, 15 to men 5-6-7 years older so why the outrage in this day and age when girls that age date boys in that age range? I guess I'm just a believer in the saying "age ain't nothing but a number".

This is my thing. If a 15 yo girl is caught having sex w/an 18 yo boy the boy could be arrested but if she were doing the same thing with a 17 yo boy then nothing legal can be done :dunno: So what's the difference in ONE YEAR in the boys age? I don't get it. During the R. Kelly drama I asked the same thing. Looking at the tape, it's obvious the girl was no virgin so my thing is if she were doing the same things she was doing w/R with a 14 year old boy then what?

I don't advocate pedophilia (I actually don't think KIDS should be having sex period but that's a whole nother topic). But I just can't grasp if they're doing it ANYWAY what difference does it make who they're doing it with?



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