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I've wondered the same thing before. Back in the day, it was nothing for girls to be married at 14, 15 to men 5-6-7 years older so why the outrage in this day and age when girls that age date boys in that age range? I guess I'm just a believer in the saying "age ain't nothing but a number".

This is my thing. If a 15 yo girl is caught having sex w/an 18 yo boy the boy could be arrested but if she were doing the same thing with a 17 yo boy then nothing legal can be done :dunno: So what's the difference in ONE YEAR in the boys age? I don't get it. During the R. Kelly drama I asked the same thing. Looking at the tape, it's obvious the girl was no virgin so my thing is if she were doing the same things she was doing w/R with a 14 year old boy then what?

I don't advocate pedophilia (I actually don't think KIDS should be having sex period but that's a whole nother topic). But I just can't grasp if they're doing it ANYWAY what difference does it make who they're doing it with?

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(Regarding the missing child Jaliek Rainwalker, and the suspicious behavior of his adoptive parents)

This is the exact reason why white people have no business adopting black children. They take out all their pint up racism on the child. Reminds me of that white lesbian couple that killed all those black children in Portland. Those “parents” had no electricity or running water?! And was getting $1500?? How the hell did they get approved as adoptive parents??!! Because they were white and can do no wrong. I really wish our people would get their stuff together so their black children won’t end of like one of these tragedies.

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Why is the trans lobby so powerful?

These people are: Anti-science but they have the medical field by the neck. Misogynists who fight to undo generations of feminist progress but they have women's rights groups by the neck. Lesbiphobic but they have LGB groups by the neck. Poll after poll shows that the trans ideology is unpopular with the public but they have politicians and journalist by the neck. Research paper after research paper proves that trans women have a significant advantage over women in sports, and yet the have the sports field by the neck. Even the ACLU, a Civil Liberties Union have abandoned their core principles of freedom of speech and sex-based rights to kowtow to the trans ideology.

What is going on? The math isn’t mathing. These people are at war with truth and they are winning.

They've brung kids into the equation. They're afraid that trans kids will kill themselves so they play along. They feel this is the best treatment for suicidal trans kids.

That’s a good point and I used to think that too, but evidence has shown that suicide rates are the same before and after sexual reassignment.

During the Obama administration, they did a huge study to see if it should be covered under Medicare and they concluded that there wasn’t enough evidence to support that it benefits patients.

“Based on a thorough review of the clinical evidence available at this time, there is not enough evidence to determine whether gender reassignment surgery improves health outcomes for Medicare beneficiaries with gender dysphoria.”


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RE: Biden Picks Transperson Rachel Levine to be Assistant Health Secretary

Once again, use the negros and then promote agendas that already have a strong financial and political backing and do nothing for said negros because we are viewed as monolith.

They are determined to have black people go back into the shadows and stop voting or not voting democrat.

Gay and trans people have a bigger voice in politics than black people. I haven’t seen anything about the upcoming administration doing anything to help repair the black community. If you aren’t going to give us reparations then at least give us periods where we are tax exempt and we get to pick the years.

They were floating the idea of having this person as Surgeon General so thank god that didn't happen.

I don't know what the Assistant Health Secretary does but hopefully they can't push this agenda of drugging up and mutilating children in the name of trans rights.

I’m a republican but voted for Biden. This and the illegal immigration thing has me tight. Lmao. I knew it would be fuckery but damn lol

It’s just weird having a delusional person hold a high position. They are trying to normalize this nonsense.

Biden is getting side money from these wealthy white Trans identified men so they can push transgender medicalization on children and change the language on women's health. All boundaries set to protect women and children will be diminished. I won't be surprised if this results in mixed hospital wards just like in the UK.

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Women in domestic violence situations are not usually innocent women. They highly utilize police services just for attention only to change their minds once the cops actually try to do their jobs. They alienate their family. They sometimes goad their abusers into beating them because that is what they equate with "love". And they often put their children in harms' way to be physically, emotionally, and sexually abused as well by the abuser. They are not innocent victims.

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(in response to an article about a trans woman who says that there are times and places where sexual objectification is fine and that, in those places, she WANTS to be objectified. For extra fundie points, note how many of them have ironic names.)

PhenomenalWoman: (because you're mentally ill)

OrganizedJen: They need to get some mental help. You are not a woman. That is why you are not objectified like we are.
They know you're a fucking man!

ashbee: Only a man would say that.

YoungBougieBlac: These people need mental treatment. [...] I'm tired of them including "people of color" in their arguments. Stop comparing trans and being black period full stop

wecarealot: Because you're a fucking man. Of course men think sexual objectification is fine because they're usually the ones doing it. And in this case, this person wants to be objectified because they feel they're a woman inside even though they're biologically male.

Corgi: Trans women stay wanting to believe that they are no different from people born female. Everything regular women find harmful and degrading they find empowering because it validates their identity. We all know they need constant 24/7 validation.

LazyDaisy: it's even worse because here you are, a marginalized identity putting forth this image and promoting this culture that's rampant among transwomen that them being sexually desired makes them "accepted" or even coveted in society and that somehow they'll replace ciswomen because they're sought for sexually. No. Get help, now. You're only doing a disservice to yourself and other transwomen by promoting your sexual objectification as something positive.

cosmiclatte: They're weird as hell. Literally everything bio women can't stand they love and envy us for. Most women hate being cat called because it's rude and they know that there's a possiblity they could be sexually assaulted but trans/non binary people that are jealous of females see it as a sign of admiration.

Unnie: This person is clearly MALE because only MEN don't find an issue with viewing women as sex objects.

coolgirlia: Only a man would think that the essence of being a woman is being sexually oppressed.

BambiGambino: Everything about the trans-movement advocates for violence against women and the silencing of our issues because they're transphobia and offensive.

LaDela: it doesn't surprise me that a mentally ill male-bodied trans "woman" would feel this way. Most of them feel this way. People like this are a danger to the public and especially to biological women.

talkign2much: This "wanting to be sexually objectified" is male thinking. He can't deny his maleness. He's a damn fool. Why did I bother reading this mess? I need a shot of mango juice to calm down and forget about reading about this fool.

Dr.Girlfriend: How is he qualified to talk about women's issues when he can't even get pretending right?

80sIcons: Women do not like being objectified. But he's a man and has no idea on what it's like to be a woman.

JenThePen: Only a man would say or think this.

Duckieee: only a biological born male would think this is acceptable. You might have the female body parts and pronouns but you still clearly have the mentality of a man.

Terry Mcginnis: I'm not surprised that a man thinks it's okay to look at others as sub-human and see only value in a person's look. This is why I subscribe to terfism.

locacoca: This just in: men don't know what objectification is, never have, never will and also they don't know anything about feminism.

These wypipo also think their argument is valid if they stick 'white, cis, able-bodied' in front of everything then woc and disabled women must think "Oh they must be right" because we have no critical thinking skills whatsoever.

BotswanaB: He wishes straight men would objectify him like they do with real women.

Fetty Queen: Of course she wants to be objectified. She may have cut her dick off but she still has a male brain and men think this type of behavior is a compliment.

GeorgeSorrows: These people don't realize that biological sex is not just a matter of chromosomes. Sex has such a heavy influence on human physiology and that includes BRAIN physiology. IN GENERAL men and women don't process their environment the same way. That is, we may get to the same destination, but our pathways there will differ. This is not a matter of personality and socialization but a matter of BIOLOGY. Transwomen will still think like men.
The SRY gene expressed on the Y-chromosome makes SRY protein which is expressed in the testicles and in the BRAIN. Male brains differ from female brains
This is a FACT

IngaLou: Spoken like a true man! It seems like I never hear all these dumb things from transmen.

But I'm sure that's just a coincidence, right?

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David Golson, the man who was accused of swiping a Snickers bar from a Brooklyn 7-Eleven last year and was stripped, bitten and detained by store employees, is suing the Flatbush establishment and the building owners in a lawsuit filed in Bronx Supreme Court.
Despite his repeated requests to be released and his claims of innocence, defendants through its employees pulled, hit, bit and stripped plaintiff of almost all of his clothes with the exception of his underpants, shoes and socks the lawsuit states, according to Courthouse News. "All of this was being recorded on the store's video surveillance camera, which shows that plaintiff was not resisting but merely pleading to be released even as his clothes were being torn off of his body

Someone stole my Iphone & if I had found them I would bit & kicked & much more. I hate theives so he should have kept his hands off of the merchandise.

Is it terrible that I find this hilarious...I hate a thief. He got what he deserved, yes the biting was extreme but I bet he won't try to steal from another 7-11 again.

He shouldnt be stealing, I dont feel sorry for him

The biting was a bit extreme but if I was on the jury I wouldn't grant him one dollar

What they did is ILLEGAL. Even if they did suspect him of stealing, concealing alone is not proof of theft. You actually have to allow to customer to walk past the cash registers and out of the door before you can attempt to legally detain him.

Dude's hand barely brushed up against the handle before they ambushed him and publicly stripped him. Oh, and plus the biting? For a $1.50? Yeah, they're going to lose. Phantom Snicker and all.

Are we really taking up for a thief?

In the end, had he not been trying to steal none of this would have happened

I hope you're not a small business owner (with this mindset)

We can agree to disagree but I hope this guy doesn't get a dime

I'd obviously be a bias juror as I've had my car and home burglarized before so I have no sympathy for a grown able bodied man trying to steal a candy bar

So what if he got bit......DONT STEAL

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White men are obsessed with legalizing their degenerate ways.

Sadly, and unfortunately, it will come a day when this nonsense is legal in some way shape or form.

The type of sexual relations that is considered statutory rape, or pedophilia in this country is legal in other countries. In japan for example the age of consent is 13.

White men successfully lobbied for, and got beastiality legalized in canada.

The sad part is, theres no end in site. White men will keep trying to impose their demonic will on the world. Because they cant help it, diviance is intrisic to them.