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( @MarkCollett )
Elon Musk gets his first real taste of Jewish power.
The ADL click their fingers, and the advertising money stops.

( @whoohoo001 )
@MarkCollett "...They're trying to destroy free speech in America..."
Who's (((they))) Elon. Say it. Say it.

( @dangitdan911 )
@whoohoo001 @MarkCollett Kanye, David Icke and others have said it and the world knows it. But since jews control everything they do just snap their fingers and the world bows.

( @MaxOverdrive )
Musk hasn't fired this guy.
Twitter still being controlled by an Israeli homosexual.

( @spud11 )
@MarkCollett All of Elon's money, vast though it is, is as nothing compared to jewish power and influence, which if it could be monetized, would be in the trillions. The only way this can possibly change is if the people rise up and smite the jew, as has been done 109 times before.

( @Stray31 )
@spud11 @MarkCollett jews should be completely genocided off the planet they have attempted this bullshit over and over the only way to end this problem is to put an end to jews



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