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If SCOTUS ends up overturning gay marriage on a federal level, do you all think that would be the catalyst for the LGBT movement to get their shit together again? Since they'd actually have a hill worth dying on.

It's not just marriage. As far as I can tell it's both sex (at least for gay men) and marriage if they were to overturn Lawrence v. Texas as well as Obergefell v. Hodges.

Considering monkeypox (and aids) has shown that gay men won't stop being sex fiends even at risk of disease, the T would be vastly overshadowed in an instant if sex and marriage for the gays were to be struck down. I'd even argue that some of the trans talking points could probably be weaponized against the LGB if someone was so inclined. If men can get pregnant and have vaginas why do you need to be sticking your dick in the ass of another guy?????

Queertardation reaching new levels.

Is it worth dying on? It's basically meaningless for gay people, there's no children unless some help from the opposite sex is involved.

Civil partnerships were that hill and it wasn't enough.

Not to mention that a lot of gay couples don't take it seriously much less so than straight people...they are basically taking the piss out of normality.

I await some salty fag telling me I don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry I already know and yet I still think it.



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