Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #conspiracy #magick #ufo #wingnut

America is a Satanic nation founded by the Freemasons
Who worship Lucifer

They hide the previous Tartarian civilization
By destroying their buildings and falsifying construction dates

They use religion as a control mechanism
All Christian Muslim and Jewish religious leaders are Freemasons

If a pastor has become influential but is not a Freemason
And refuses to comply
They will become like Tim Remmington of Coeur d’Alene Idaho

Who was met by a so called lone gunman as he walked outside the church doors
He was shot 7 times and was said to have survived
But was killed and replaced by a clone

The mind controlled shooter was able to fly back to Washington DC
Where it is said he was apprehended

All who have a big following whether it be a pastor a celebrity or a politician are Freemasons
But they are now mostly all dark entities from the high places in synthetic or cloned bodies

As it is written in the Codex of Magica
You harvest your followers

When one is a fan
They inflame their existence and increase their power

While they enslave your consciousness and harvest your soul energy which is your spiritual imprint

The masses esteem celebrities and give the halo effect as they appear on the big screen

An X or a folding of the arms on the chest which is called the Resurrection Pose
Is a symbol for rebirth
And their consciousness will be uploaded into another body

When Joan Rivers was admitting that Michelle Obama was actually a guy
There was an X in the background
And she was soon thereafter rebirthed into another clone body

Clones have trigger words implanted
A trigger word for the clone of the newsman Al Roker is Holy Ghost
Which will cause him to be immobile and stare blindly into space

All rappers who want to become big must join the Freemasons
When they become famous they are cloned

They are then killed and a dark entity in one of the rappers cloned bodies
Becomes the star and the fans now worship a reptilian pretending to be the former rapper



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